It is with great anticipation that we look toward BTSM 2021! This annual event was birthed out of compassion and faith, and has been a mainstay event throughout the last several years for the ASR Ministry. Each year the focus of prayer and supplication, taking our needs before the Lord, and Binding the enemy of our soul and our communities has brought a tremendous amount of understanding within our ministry and beyond. Each year many have traveled great distances to participate, and each event has given great encouragement and strength. This coming year is no exception…and it is our desire to take BTSM to the next level!!

Mark your calendars and set March 5th and 6th aside and plan to participate in Bind The Strong Man 2021!!!

Much more information will be to come, but we have decided to make several changes…the first is that we will have, not only one location, but, five locations across the United States, and we are looking at locations internationally. All of these will be on the same dates with the same theme at each location. Our goal is to bring it close enough for everyone within ASR to participate….and, we do believe that it will impact your life in a great way.

Please set these dates aside and we will share more information in the upcoming months!!

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