Docs, Forms, Waivers, Legal, etc:

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ASR-Bible-Study-Acknowledgement-by-Pastor (PDF, 103 KB).
Info: This is a way of encouraging the teaching of more Bible Studies by ASRs.

ASR-Bible-Study-Guidelines (PDF, 110 KB).
Info: Guidelines for the above-mentioned program to encourage Bible Studies taught by ASRs.

ASR-Chapter-of-the-Year-Criteria (PDF, 44 KB).
Info: Learn how to have your local ASR chapter qualify and be considered for the Chapter of the Year award.

ASR-Funeral-Honor-Guard-Detail_General-Instructions (PDF, 51 KB).
Info: Helpful tips for how to organize and conduct an Honor Guard to show tribute and last respects for a fellow ASR who has passed on to Glory.

ASR-Motorcycle-Ride-Run-Release-and-Waiver-of-Liability-Agreement (PDF, 54 KB).
Info: This is a waiver (a type of legal form) that is suggested for use by all ASR chapters / groups hosting an official, organized run. Suggested use: Download, print it out, and have all riders and passengers sign it before the ride. This is intended to increase your chapter/group protection from liability in case of any accident or injury during the ride.

ASR Travel & Expense Fund (info for ASR members) (PDF, 86 KB).
Info: Please donate to the ASR Travel & Expense Fund, a separate account to help our national board members to fulfill their many duties. This fund is independent of all other ASR accounts and disbursements require pre-approval from the Travel Advisory Board. Click above for more details about this fund.

ASR Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy (info for ASR national board) (PDF, 81 KB).
Info: This document establishes policies and procedures for the reimbursement of travel and expenses incurred during the conduct of outreach and other approved travel for a Board Member of the Azusa StreetRiders. Click for full details.

ASR Travel & Expense Report Form (for ASR national board to submit) (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, 19 KB).
This spreadsheet form provides an easy way for a Board Member of the Azusa StreetRiders to document the needed details of a request for reimbursement.