Get Excited About Bind The Strong Man!!

Traditionally, BTSM has been a fantastic kickoff to the yearly events. And, this year will be no different!!

We are excited to inform everyone that BTSM 2021 will be in three locations…Price TX, Jonesboro GA, and Whiteland IN…for your convenience! Please plan to be at one of these three locations as they all have been well planned out. You can find details on the Facebook ASR Friends page for the location you are closest to. This event is not limited to ASR members, or even motorcyclist. It is sponsored by Azusa StreetRiders, but open to all who desire to see God move in their lives, churches, and region. We cannot bind the enemy if we have not first been properly prepared…and this event is planned out to lead us into a closer walk with the Lord and empowered through the Holy Ghost to Bind The Strong Man!

All three locations will have the same theme and format and we have made every attempt to keep this unified as one event, just in multiple locations. The following is a short breakdown of the itinerary subjects addressed…

7:00pm – Welcome and Worship

7:30pm – Session #1 / “Repentance is Personal” (20min teaching/30min prayer)
We all need repentance. It’s a moment by moment conditioning of the heart.
Finding this place takes real searching of the Holy Ghost. Personal flaws and
Attitudes that keep us from being unified with others.

8:20pm – Session #2 / “Repentance for Others Sake” (20min teaching/30min prayer) There is a need for personal evaluation to find those things which cause dis-unity with others. Repentance is both vertical and horizontal. We tend to focus Only on our sins against God, but, we need the Spirit to illuminate those areas that break down unity within the body and repent (turn away) from them.

9:10pm – 10 minute break

9:20pm – Session #3 / “Under the Blood” (20min teaching/30min prayer)
As things, circumstances, situations have been revealed and brought to our
Attention, it is now time to be intentional with placing it under the Blood of
Jesus. Not only for forgiveness, but to fully turn away.

10:10pm – Session #4 / “Pleading the Blood” (20min teaching/30min prayer
Forgiving others and praying for those who have fallen away or even that
Persecute us is an absolute. Pleading the cause of others and invoking the
Blood of Jesus upon their lives can and will change.

11:00pm – 30 min fellowship break

11:30pm – Session #5 / “Be Filled!” (45min with evangelistic focus)
No matter how long we have been born again…and have received the Holy
Ghost, we cannot bind anything without our lamps being filled! This session
Has a focus of being renewed in the Holy Ghost!!

12:45pm – Session #6 / “Be Led” (20min preaching/30min of praying for others)
Now that we have repented (personally and for others sake), been covered by
The Blood and covered others with the Blood, and have been renewed and filled
With the Spirit in such a way that we are empowered by the Holy Ghost to go…
Now its time to be led to others and pray for them. The heart of ministry should
Overwhelm each participant. Pray in the Holy Ghost…Spirit intercession.

2pm – Departure Although…this is not a set in stone time. If the Holy Ghost is moving. That is our goal and we will allow it to move as long as needed.

Saturday Lunch…recommending a time of breaking bread together for the purpose of binding together in unity, and being of one mind and in one accord. Although, some of the warmer climates or weather permitting may have a ride included. If you have any questions about the location you plan to attend, please feel free to contact these coordinators…Chaplain Clarence Earp (Price TX), Chaplains Greg and Sheryl Pray (Jonesboro GA), or Chaplain Mark Hardin (Whiteland IN).

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