NOTE: ASR Discussion now happens on Facebook!

PLEASE NOTE: ASR discussion formerly hosted on the ASR main site is now taking place on two official ASR Facebook Groups:

ASR & Friends Group:

ASR Official Group:

Why the change?
The board made an important and needful decision due to a litany of challenges the old site suffered from, including our available site tools being wholly ineffective against advanced spam-bot fake registrations. Please contact us if you have questions.

How does this affect me?
Your former site login no longer works, unless you are a Rumblings Newsletter author, or an elected member of the ASR Board. However, you no longer need to login here for ASR discussion. Please consider using the Facebook groups instead (see above). The new ASR site provides functions necessary to our main site, such as how to join ASR, ordering items from the ASR Store, etc, but not discussion.