Q1 Update from the Philippines

Hello Brother thompson,

Below is the ASR Phils update for Q1.. 2019

Can we acknowledge the new member here in the Philippines in ASR official website?

I will send you the names of new members this week also I only consider member once the applicant acquired the ASR official patch, but if they just acquired the reflectorized vest only (our philippines vest with orange & white stripes) they are considered provisionary member for 6 months. if they failed to acquire the ASR patch within 6 months, their membership will be void and they need to pay the membership again.

ASR update , Accomplishments & upcoming Activities

  1. Commendation of UPCI Vice President  Rev Art Martinez for the outstanding support ASR Philippines to the UPCI General Conference held in Cuneta Astrodome & Marikina Sports Center
  2. Successful turn over of the Motorcycle for the Missionary/Pioneering Pastor Recipient: Pastor Nomer Butial of QUEBIC District
  3. Newly Appointed ASR Adviser to replace the position of Bishop Celedonio Ompad
    1. Rev Arturo Martinez – UPCI Assistant Gen. Superintendent / UPCI Vice President
  4. Commendation of Gen. Roy Taguinod – Director General for Traffic Enforcement MMDA
  5. Releasing of ASR T shirt for members (exclusive for Members & spouse only)
  6. Monthly dues compliance.
    1. all monthly dues will be remitted to Pastor Marcos Prieto as he is the ASR leader in NELD
    2. all monthly dues will be remitted to Pastor Dennis Elardo as he is the ASR leader in NSLD
    3. all monthly dues will be remitted to Sis Sherry Gibas  in NCRD
  7. ASR Phils 56 members official count as of March 2019
  8. Welcoming of new members
  9. Implementation of Mandatory Health card for every riders
    1. Maxicare card Plan 600 for renewable for 1 year
      1. 15K for Emergency cases/Hospitalization
      2. 25K Death insurance

Upcoming ride activity Q2’19

  1. Leyte Ride & Promotion on AMD conference
    1. April 14  to 23, 2019
  2. QUEBIC youth camp promotion, c/o ptr Jhun Villaraza of QBD
    1. April 22, 2019
  3. Awarding of Adviser Certificate to Rev Lorenzo Reyes.
  4. SEC registration

Whats New!

  1. Launching of new Patch with caption “May I pray for you”
  2. New name patch for the new release of Rvest (embro type)
    1. Optional for the previous batch released of R vest.
  3. Standard arrangement of Patch & Flag on our ASR international Vest
  4. New member in WVD Pastor Jesreel Arcenio (Western Visayas District)
  5. New member in Central Luzon District Pastor Matt Pagcu
  6. NCRD sec 2 National Capita Region Sis Sydney Echavarai
  7. New Member in Masbate Bro. Emmanuel Verano
  8. New member in Cagayan de Oro Pastor Mark David Pestano
  9. New Member in New Southern Luzon District sec 3 Pastor Romualdo Cabarle( Filipino Missionary in Qatar/Bahrain/Saudi)


  1. A group of Apostolic Riders planning to join the ASR Phils..with 20+ members

    C/o pastor Matt of CLD


Rodante de Guzman
Philippians National Coordinator

2019 National Rally Registration is now Open

The Registration App for the 2019 National Rally is now available on the Azusa StreetRders Website under events. I will be posting in May’s edition of the Rumblings a detail outline of the schedule.


Due to the success at our 2018 National Rally in Jefferson, Ohio compliments of Brother and Sister Theodore in regards to the lunch & Dinner arrangements, the Chapter in Maryville, TN would like to offer a “Meal Plan” at this years Rally. This meal plan would cover Thursday & Friday for both lunch (for those on the ride only) and dinner, immediately following service on both nights and will be held in the event center at FAC.

I could go into more details of all the benefits of the meal plan  however anyone who attended the 2018 National Rally knows how nice it was to walk from the service and have a nice hot meal ready and waiting. Unfortunately this year there will be a cost involved. For those who wish to “go out” you are certainly welcomed to do so there are many restaurants in the area however you would miss out on some of the best fellowship were going to have at this years National Rally.

Due to the number of people attending I would strongly suggest you signup for the meal plan when you register. After July 25th the price of dinners will change to $20.00 for adults & $10.00 for children. In addition there will be only a limited number of “extra” dinners at the door available (I have been told by the ones preparing the meals they do not wish to have  a lot of leftovers). Furthermore those that choose not to partake in the “lunch” meal plan(s) must bring a lunch with them if they want to eat. The venue for the lunches will be at a park or roadside picnic bench with limited or no access to any location to buy food. (Note: No extra lunches will be available for purchase on the ride)

** Please note you can sign up for one or all of the meals and if need be we have several months until the Rally so you can make partial payments over a period of time (Please get with Sis Theodore)

Registration Fee – covers the registration, 2019 event pin, Saturday Breakfast & Saturday Lunch. The Maryville chapter will host a meet & greet in the event center following Wednesday night service where pizza, salad, desserts and drinks will be served complements of this local chapter.

The fee’s are as follows: 
$25.00 – Registration fee
Includes: Registration Fee, Event Pin, Saturday Breakfast & Saturday Lunch
Thursday Lunch – $10.00 per person (for those on the ride only)
$5.00 – Per child under 12  (for those on the ride only)
Thursday Dinner – $15.00 per person (after church in the FAC event center)
$7.50 – Per child under 12
Friday Lunch – $10.00 per person (for those on the ride only)
$5.00 – Per child under 12 (for those on the ride only)
Friday Dinner – $15.00 per person (after church in the FAC event center)

$7.50 – Per person for children under 12

Please do not hesitate to contact Bro Thompson for more details

Welcome New Members

Rev Jeff Treat
Ozark, IL
First Pentecostal Church of Ozark
Rev Jeff Treat, Pastor
Ozark, IL

Bro Shawn A Wilson
Mattoon, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev D Stoval, Pastor
Toledo, OH

Bro Chisum B Wilson
Matton, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev D Stoval, Pastor
Toledo, OH

Bro John P Zerbe Sr
Peirson, MI
Solid Rock Worship Center
Rev Bobby Gray, Pastor
Cedar Springs, MI

Sis Cynthie A Zerbe Sr
Peirson, MI
Solid Rock Worship Center
Rev Bobby Gray, Pastor
Cedar Springs, MI

Bro Marcus Dunlop Sr
New Palestine, IN
Liberty Tabernacle Church
Rev Brian Lane, Pastor
Whiteland, IN

Bro Bud Caudill
Dupont, IN
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
Rev Herbert White, Pastor
Austin, IN

Shout Out for a Job Well Done

I just wanted to take a moment and thank a couple of our brethren for jobs well done. Bro Theodore & Bro Joseph have over the years worked behind the scenes updating and maintaining this ministry’s public information flow. From monitoring both the Web Site and the various FB pages they  have continually kept us informed and up to date with information relevant to ASR members and guests. In addition have kept inappropriate content from tarnishing our reputation. BroTheodore also contributes articles to our Rumblin’s  every month and Bro Joseph works all the back office duties for our Web site.

So a big “Hat’s Off” for both you
Thank you and God bless you and yours.
Bro Thompson
Azusa StreetRiders National President

Sometimes You Ride The Bike And Sometimes The Bike Rides You

Life seems to be so difficult to understand at times! It seems like all is going along so great and then WHAM! all hell breaks loose and you are in the fight of your life! I don’t know about you or your lives but mine has always seemed like a roller coaster and not the kiddie kind if you know what I mean!?! How do we get through the trials and disasters that come our way? How do we keep our chins up? How do we get to Heaven if is seems like all we live in is hell??

Well suffice it to say……I have no idea!! lol I do however have an idea on the mindset required to get through the issues and get to our promise!! A long time ago, when my bones weren’t as brittle and my brain wasn’t as developed, I broke, trained, and rode a few horses both on our ranch and rodeo. I had a wise old cowboy (Pawpaw) tell me after a little go round and mix up on a frisky critter that called itself a horse that sometimes you ride the horse and sometimes the horse rides you! Wonderful words to hear while dusting your seat off on the ground! (and almost hard to hear them though the laughter!)

I took a ride the other day with another ASR member and a mutual friend. I tried to tell them that they should pick the route. They did not listen and I punched in a route app that asked me if I wanted to avoid highways. I obviously checked YES!! Well, a few miles down the road, we found ourselves on a clay freshly graded road in Mississippi with mud about a foot deep. With a total of 5 falls between us and motorcycles that looked like dirt bikes after a weekend of fun, we finally spotted pavement ahead and went to find a car wash! AS I passed a Jeep going the other way laughing at such a odd sight, I told him through the window that a Jeep was cheating! What a day! Bikes seemed to be riding us more than we rode them. Thankfully no one was hurt and bikes lived to ride again.

How many times have we found ourselves on life muddy road and cant seem to get where we are going since we keep falling off our bikes? People laughing at our calamity and wondering why we are doing what we are doing? I can tell you that during these times, we may be in the dirt more than we are on the bikes, but the pavement is coming!! The road will get better and there will be a car wash around the corner to get cleaned back up!

I wish we didn’t have to go through some things but life is still life. We still have to get up every day and get to work in the kingdom. He didn’t promise us every day would be wonderful but he did promise us he would never leave us or forsake us! He would never put more on us than we can bear! We may sometimes choose the wrong road but he even keeps us safe and will provide a way out if necessary. Jesus love us enough to even overlook our zealous attitudes and let us avoid the highway at times.

I may not know how to avoid the muddy roads of our lives but I do know who helps go down them! If you are in the midst of a disaster, keep your chin up. You may be under the bike now, but there’s pavement coming! Jesus helps us to look back and maybe even find some humor. You should have seen us pitiful looking bikers!

Keep the wheels down and your spirits flying high!
God Bless!!

Welcome New Members

A very special welcome for our first ever chapter in Bangkok, Thailand

Bro Bonifacio & Sis Julie Kebasen
Nonthaburi, Thailand
Bangkok International United Pentecostal Church
Rev Robert Frizzell

Bro Stephen & Sis Devine Clarito
Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
Bangkok International United Pentecostal Church
Rev Robert Frizzell

Bro Steve & Ana Kebasen
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok International United Pentecostal Church
Rev Robert Frizzell

Rev Archie & Sister Angela Beavers 
Jacksonville, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers
Jacksonville, IL

Bro Randy & Sis Lisa Beghtol
Arenzville, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers
Jacksonville, IL

Bro Austin Seaton
Roadhouse, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers
Jacksonville, IL

Bro Sterling & Sis Tracey Seaton
Roadhouse, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers
Jacksonville, IL

Bro Lee & Sis Shane
Sevierville, TN
First Apostolic Church
Rev Kenny Carpenter
Maryville, TN

Fasting Breaks Strongholds

Sincere Christians who have studied the scriptures understand the importance of prayer and fasting.  Our awareness of God can dim over time as we stuff ourselves with the cares of life. Fasting calls us to refuse our fleshly appetites and eat only on the pleasures of the Word of God.

There is a spiritual excitement and joy in God that far exceeds the pleasure of this world. Once we “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8), we are no longer slaves to our fleshly desires. When we commune with the One our soul longs for during prayer and fasting our faith in God increases as well as our desire for Him.

Fasting reveals our deepest need for God and the joy and pleasure we find in Him. It also reveals what we are slaves to and the strongholds we need to repent of and tear down.  Make a list of the things that separate you emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually, and/or occupationally.  How do these 6 dimensions interfere with your fellowship with Christ?   Paul said, “all things are lawful but not profitable.

During fasting our minds quite down so that we can hear the still small voice of God above the chatter of worldly desires. Fasting creates an atmosphere of Faith in God for self-revival. Our desire for others to know of God’s goodness rises to the forefront of our minds.

What are the strongholds affecting your life?  What steals your time from prayer, fasting, reading the Word, fellowship with God and outreach?  By allowing a stronghold to become a part of your life, you have made an agreement with the enemy to set up his fortress under your roof.  Sometimes prayer alone is not sufficient to remove a stronghold. You certainly can’t fast a stronghold for a few days, return right back to it and expect to have power with God.  They are so deeply rooted that you need prayer and fasting to pluck them up and cast them off.

Fasting and Prayer prepares us to have joy through suffering.  We understand  that when we walk through terrible things, we don’t lose joy in Christ, for in His presence is fullness of joy.  It is only when we have completely died to self that the power of Christ is fully manifested.

Through fasting and prayer we can we find the same deep confidence and contentment in Christ that carried Him to the cross.  Through His strength we can face any trial or hardship.

Our church, Christian Life Center of Myrtle Beach, will begin the Daniel Fast February 3rd and end on Saturday of “Bind The Strong Man.” We ask that all join us at some point during the month in fasting and prayer for this service.

Fred and I are so excited for all who are able to attend “Bind The Strong Man.”   Anyone who has ever heard Bro. Hurt speak knows how rich and life-changing this service is going to be.

Daytona Beach Bike Week Outreach

I want to personally invite as many that can possible make the 3rd Annual Azusa StreetRiders Daytona Beach Bike Week Home Missionary Outreach Event. This event is to be held at

The Pentecostals of Daytona Beach
1011 W. International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL
Pastor Luis Rodriguez

We will host a BBQ, Free Bike Wash, Singing & Worship, Evangelistic Service and Great Fellowship. The main event will be held March 16th located right on International Speedway Blvd 1 mile from the Daytona Speedway race track.

Allow me to state for the record; There are a lot of things at Daytona Bike Week that we will not involve ourselves in. I have to believe that jesus Christ can reach a lost soul even under these circumstances. I know this this atmosphere may not be what some may consider conducive for reaching the lost I disagree. This is one of our mission fields so and I again encourage all those that possible can come be apart of this great event to please do so, in addition we can show support for a Home Missionary in the midst of it all.

We have accommodations of sorts so do not be discouraged by the high prices of hotels etc

Feel free to contact Bro Thompson for more details.


Bind The Strong Man 2019, Myrtle Beach, SC, March 1 – 2

Everything is in motion for Bind The Strong Man 2019 (BTSM). Many of you have shared the flyers on social media and I encourage you to continue to do so. Please help keep this event at the top of your page. You never know who will see it and decide to attend. Our church seats about 250 and we’d love to have full capacity for a powerful all–night move of God! Remember the dates and location…Friday night, March 1, 2019, from 8:00 PM until Saturday March 2, 2019, at 7:00 AM. Christian Life Center, 124 April Gray Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. 

I’ve had several inquiries about the event name, “Bind The Strong Man.” It comes from Mark 3:27 where Jesus says, “No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.” Before studying the scripture, I had a common misconception about its meaning. As with all Scripture, it must be read in context of surrounding Scripture to gain understanding…The “strong man” is Satan and the “house” is his domain. The “goods” are what he possesses—in this case, a blind and mute man whom Jesus releases from the power of a demon (Matthew 3:22). Jesus cannot use Satan’s power to cast out the demon because He needs to bind Satan in order to free the man.

This is what we strive for and what we hope to better understand after Bro. Hurt’s teachings at the BTSM 2019! Remember, the public is invited and everyone is encouraged to attend and bring guests. There is no charge! We encourage all ASR Members to attend as this kicks off our annual riding and witnessing season! 

Chaplains, BTSM 2019 will be especially helpful to you! If we expect to see changes in our lives and the lives of those for whom we pray, we need to know more about prayer and how to become a true Prayer Warrior! Fasting sets the foundation for this event! Personally, I will be doing at least a 3–day (possibly longer) water–only fast the weekend before BTSM 2019. Please join me as there is power in numbers and let me know you’re participating so I can pray for you during this time. Towards the middle of February, I’ll be posting more on the two ASR Facebook pages (“ASR Friends” and “ASR Members Only”) to remind you, but please mentally prepare for fasting now…it helps! 

The response for financially help fund BTSM 2109 from the ASR membership has been fantastic! Although BTSM is a “nationally sanctioned” ASR event, it is still fully funded by the local chapter of ASR and/or the local church. For this reason and due to the anticipated expenses, we’re asking any ASR member and/or ASR supporter for donations (fully tax deductible). 100% of the funds will be used for direct expenses for the event to include, airfare, meals and an honorarium for Bro. Hurt, plus snacks for the all–night event and breakfast Saturday morning for all ASR attendees. If funds are received above the expenses incurred, all excess funds will go to our “Motorcycles for Missionaries” program. Please help! Any donation is appreciated! The best way to donate is to mail a check to me that’s made out to CLC of Myrtle Beach. Mark on the check for 2019 BTSM. Fred Beall, 3501 North Kings Highway, Suite 103–B, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.


Thank you and God bless…

Fred Beall
Azusa StreetRiders, Myrtle Beach, SC

Additional comment from our National Secretary Bro Tom Thompson

Bind the strong man event:
I would like to personally invite all members and beyond to this event. My wife Renaye and I are eyewitnesses to Bro. George Hurt’s ability to reach God through his prayer techniques. The presence of God was so thick that day it’s hard to put to words. “Amazing” is only one word that comes to mind. He talked to the four of that were in hotel room for little while, then prayed. We were all speaking in tongues and he instructed Renaye to step forward. She did, she walked few steps and he said, “Sister you’re walking!” She looked as if she saw ghost. He told her, “Don’t stop now!” She walked all over that hotel room, kept walking past wall mirror and saying, “I’m walking!” That was first time in 5.5 years that she was even able to put weight on left foot/leg, not to forget first time walking. I urge you all, if you can only attend one event this year, make it “Bind The Strong Man!”
Thank you
Bro. Tom Thompson
ASR Secretary