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Bind the Strong Man (BTSM), Azusa StreetRiders’ all-night prayer event, was held Friday, March 6th from 8 PM until Saturday at 7 AM at the Sanctuary of Macon (GA). Bro & Sis Diaz did a great job organizing the event and Sis Julie Jasinski of WNOP was the featured speaker. Some of the subjects covered were “putting on the armor of God,” “strongholds of the enemy and how to tear them down,” “weapons of our warfare,” “how to do spiritual warfare praying,” “things to pray for in your city during a prayer walk,” and “disengagement.”

“Disengagement” was a topic of particular interest to several of those who reported back after BTSM. Apparently this is something not often taught but is well understood by powerful prayer warriors. I have heard Brother Stoneking and Sister Vesta Mangun speak of doing this.

There are rules to follow when engaging the enemy. We must be full of the Holy Ghost (prayed up and renewed). We cannot go into warfare with any blockages to the flow of the spirit. All sin must be put under the blood of Jesus through repentance and we must be strong in our walk with God. Otherwise, the enemy has legal right to attack us. And attack us he will.

The first rule of “disengagement” is to never let our guard down. We need to walk in the Spirit. There must be a cleansing through God’s spoken Word. This process is crucial in “severing” (to break or make separate, to break off or away) the influences of strongholds and the spiritual battle that was fought in prayer. Severing must be done when traveling from cities, states, countries, or wherever we “engage” and where ministry leads us. For example, if we are in someone’s home and they are grumbling and complaining about someone or something, we must disengage when we leave that home or those spirits can follow us. Without disengagement our peaceful homes can become a war zone with grumbling and complaining.

Example prayer: “Jesus, I disengage from (place or spirits). In Jesus’ name I bind any hindering spirits from trying to follow me or attach to me. I sever myself from them and cast them under darkness to stay there. I loose the Spirit of God to cover me with His blood to protect me by the authority and power of the name of Jesus.

Rev. Mike Markham stated that he could understand why he had experienced many attacks after engaging in spiritual warfare over his city. He said, “Once you engage the enemy you must disengage! If you do not disengage after praying the enemy will stay in warfare with you as you go about your daily routine.”

Rev. Julie McGhghy, AIMer to Costa Rica, attended BTSM because she thought it would be a significant learning opportunity. She said she was not disappointed and, “For me, the most informative concept was that of disengagement. I have occasionally engaged in spiritual warfare for specific urgent matters over the past five or so years. And I always seem to notice that whatever I am battling is defeated for the person for whom I am battling. And yet, after the fact, the spirit that I battled seems to attack me or someone in my family. I now know why and I will be careful to disengage after I engage.”

ASR International Chaplain Mark Hardin said, “I was so glad I drove for 10 hours, both ways, to attend BTSM this year! I was encouraged in two ways…Fellowship and faith! We have some of the greatest folks on earth in ASR, and my faith was increased to pray more fervently and focused. Looking forward to next year!”

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend.

P.S. Please keep Sis Urissa Reynolds in your prayers as she is a nurse. Our prayers are with you all.

Rev. Mike McGhghy and Rev. Julie McGhghy – AIMers to Costa Rica

Home Missions
Rev. Mike Markham – Turning Point Fellowship – Clanton, AL
Rev. Johnny Carr – Apostolic Church of Tatum – Tatum, TX


Tom Thompson – Prayer for complete healing.
Lydia Diaz – Currently being treated with Chemo
Delbert Hayes – Currently being treated with Chemo for Leukemia
Anthony Storey – Recovering from motorcycle accident
Kaila Markham Miller – Healing from two recent brain surgeries
Rev. Johnny Carr – Vertigo and Headaches
Martha Hardin – Chaplain Hardin’s mother is having heath complications and in addition, gallbladder surgery in a couple of weeks.

Family Members Passed 2019
Jon & Serrena Weber’s daughter
Krysta Markham’s father
Joe Endicott’s mother
Lisa Endicott’s mother
Doug Solomon’s father
Anthony Storey’s father

Diane Beall
ASR National Ladies Chaplain

Azusa StreetRiders Bylaws Revamp

I would ask that the membership and those associated with this ministry please keep your board and the other team members associated with this project in prayer over the next month. We are starting the process of going through the Azusa StreetRiders Bylaws, page by page in order to bring them up to date and more applicable to our current strategy of strengthening this ministry and advancement of savings souls.

This is no easy task we are undertaking and our greatest desire is to do the will of the Lord. We will be addressing different aspects of the bylaws that need to be updated, removed and added. Therefore please Azusa StreetRiders prayer warriors please help us by asking our Lord Jesus Christ to guide our steps and direct our thoughts to his will and desire.

Thank you Sincerely,
Brother Robert Thompson


I’m praying that after we go back to our regular lives we slow down and reevaluate our priorities. Don’t get so busy in ministry that you don’t have time to minister to those closest to you. About a year ago I had lost my peace and joy because I was so busy all the time I wasn’t taking time for the people in my life that matter most (my family). About a month ago I had to make a few very difficult changes for my life but those changes brought back my peace and my joy. I don’t ever want to look back and have to say I didn’t have time to spend with my loved ones and now it’s too late. Take the time and love your family while you still have time. I promise it will be worth it in the end.❤

Chaplain Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer


Welcome New Members

Bishop David Murphy
Vienna, OH
The Pentecostals of Champion, Warren, OH
Pastor Mark Semrau

Sis Karen Murphy
Vienna, OH
The Pentecostals of Champion, Warren, OH
Pastor Mark Semrau


Greetings from the Philippines

Posted on behalf of Bro & Sis Beall
Azusa StreetRiders International Chapter Coordonator

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!
ASR PH is going to conduct a community service to help our apostolic brothers. And churches who are severely affected by the eruption of taal volcano, we are all affected by the ashfall because taal volcano is only 50km away from us (manila), and because of this I’m asking for your kind heart as brothers in Christ, any help you extend will be great help for Apostolic Pastors and churches devastated by the eruption, for now 3 building churches was severely damage due to thick ashfall.

Best regards,
Rodante de Guzman
ASR coordinator Philippines



In this time of negativity and depressing news, I present to you this…WE ARE 4 MONTHS AWAY FROM THE RALLY!

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!!

We, in the Midwest, are excited about welcoming you to scenic Nashville Indiana!

On January 11th we had over 20 members gather for a preplanning meeting, and we have a wonderful venue planned for you all. I believe it will be top notch and worth sending invitations to all who are associated with Azusa StreetRiders. Following is a thirty thousand foot look at what we have planned:

For those coming in early, we will have an informal ride on Tuesday. Our host church, The Pentecostals of Nashville (Pastor Raymond Dupree) will have their usual midweek service on Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning will kick off with 3hrs of Chaplain Training for anyone that is currently an ASR Chaplain or interested in becoming an ASR Chaplain. There will be a short ride following for about 3hrs.

OUTREACH! Due to the host church having service on Tuesday, the Lord has opened a door for ASR to team up with the great saints from Nashville to participate in an outreach event!! We will gather around 5pm to support a singing event that features several local Apostolic Singing venues. This will feature “Upper Room Experience”, “Potters Clay”, “Sharp Family Bluegrass”, and “The Pentecostals of Nashville Worship Team”!!! Our ASR members will be mingling with the crowd and handing out invitations to both the rides and evening services. We are believing that Brown County will be changed forever with a mighty move of the Holy Ghost, because of your participation in this outreach initiative.

Thursday will have a ride to see some of the sights of the Hoosier Hill Country, and then our Missions Service that evening with Bro Scotty Grimh, Missionary to Africa. Don’t forget to watch for the meal plan that will have us eating lunch at Golden Corral and then supper prior to the evening service provided by the host church, and then we have a team that will provide an “after burner” session of snacks and fellowship after the service.

Friday will have us riding to a Harley shop in Bloomington Indiana, then dropping down to a local park called Cascades. Our Heaven Bound Hoosier chapter (headed by Mark Wever) have a pavilion reserved and through the meal plan they also have a meal planned for lunch! Bring your kids!! Across from the pavilion there is a huge play ground for them to let off some steam. Then we will ride a scenic route back into Nashville Indiana for some down time before we have supper prior to the service and another “after burner” for fellowship time.

Saturday has our ASR Annual Meeting in the morning with a great lunch before we close out the meeting. We will have a ride planned after the meeting once again for those that are hanging around.

There are several churches in the immediate area that all have ASR members so we will have a list of some churches that you may worship with on Sunday morning.

Once again, don’t forget to watch for the meal plan that will cover two meals on Thursday and two on Friday. And, just in case you have not made reservations, the host hotel is Seasons Lodge in Nashville Indiana. (see 2020 National Rally event on Facebook)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

Social Distancing?

As we continue in the theme of “Front Porch Fellowship Building”, we will take a glance at the new hot topic of “Social Distancing”.

I’ve known Social Distancing to be in action for a long time! I’ve felt the pull to distance myself from others. After a hurt that has become very painful, its easy to hide in the cave and dare someone to try and come into your space. I’ve witnessed pastors who have found the best way to avoid confrontation is to hide in the office, out in the woods, or on a boat. I’ve observed saints who felt the sting of rebuke and it has become easier to hide their feelings by staying away and licking their wounds. No matter what the situation, to that individual it is very real.  So, it becomes easier to practice distancing from others.

Even though social distancing has been around for as long as mankind…for Adam and Eve used it when sin entered into their lives…its still a fact that God will seek you out. Sure, there are consequences to our sin and rebellious ways but Jesus will example what he commands by always reaching to us in love.

Check out how Peter tells us to face the end…

1 Peter 4:7-9, “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”

If we could, instead of focusing on media and government mandates, simply focus on what Peter has sober, watch unto prayer, show fervent love, and be hospitable. Some actions are personal, but others go into the realm of focusing your actions to show love toward others. Interesting to see that charity covers sin. Love will turn a blind eye to so many of our faults. Love helps you endure my faults. Have fervent love among yourselves!

I continue to feel a call to “Front Porch Fellowship Building”! Social Distancing cannot stop this spirit of needing fellowship. This call is for our ASR members to not only make efforts to reach to one another but in your local assembly, and look for those who are starving for fellowship. Reaching out to the lost and dying world around us. God will reward us with souls and deeper friendships if we set aside time to “above all things have fervent charity”…to make it a priority to live in such a way that a firebrand of love burns in our soul to reach out to our brothers and sisters.

Though we may feel a need to keep others at a distance for health reasons, may love press us to call, text, message, facetime, send a card, or even pay a visit to another, for the purpose of encouraging them to keep on keep’n on! Our message is that the Lord is soon to return and the end of all things may be at hand, but love will carry us through the Gates of Heaven with joy!!

Proverbs 17:17, “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”  Though we may feel distant because of the miles between us, may we make this Scripture come alive in us.  Love at all times!  When adversity strikes…its our time to shine!

Social Distancing cannot stop Front Porch Fellowship Building when we have love one to another.

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator


I want to personally thank Bro Mike & Sis Julie McGhghy for the anointed article on Holiness they have presented to all of us over the last several months.  Their insight has been a blessing for many and I for one appreciate all they do for this ministry.  God Bless the both of you and we pray for your mission field of Costa Rica


By Mike and Julie McGhghy

In this final article regarding holiness, we will provide some practical tips for living holy. These tips come from Dr. David K. Bernard’s book, Practical Holiness: A Second Look. But let’s first review the effort we must make to walk in holiness as we shared last month.

Remember that we need not be overwhelmed by our responsibility to reverently and watchfully implement holiness in our lives. God works in us, giving us the desire and the power to live righteously. Philippians 2:12-13. Below is the three-fold approach to overcoming sin that is revealed in Romans 6 and shared by Dr. Bernard in his book:

  1. Know who we are and what has happened to us. Know that when we were born again, we died to sin. Know, therefore that sin has no power over us.
  2. Reckon this to be so. Think on that knowledge and act as if we died to sin and sin has no power over us.
  3. Yield to God. Replace sinful habits with an active performance of God’s will as revealed by His Word and His Spirit.

Are you still wondering how we can know, reckon, and yield? Here are some practical tips.

  1. We must pray! Prayer draws us closer to God and we progressively absorb more of His mind and attitude. It is important to pray in the Spirit, meaning reaching a dimension of prayer in which the mind concentrates totally on God and the human spirit unites with the Holy Spirit.
  2. We must hide the Word of God in our hearts so that we will obey His Word as a matter of course. We must absorb the Word until it becomes a very part of us. “God’s Word must be so strongly fixed in our minds that it becomes the dominant influence in our thoughts, our attitudes, and our actions.” This also enables us to recall the Word and speak it in our hearts when we face temptation.
  3. We must personalize the truth of God’s Word. We must realize both our personal ability and responsibility to obey God and resist sin. We must recognize that we died to sin. In the time of temptation, we must recall the principles of Romans 6: know, reckon and yield.
  4. We must not give the sinful nature any opportunities. Instead, we must consciously avoid tempting or dangerous situations. We must not feed our fleshly desires by thinking, reading, watching, or indulging in things that would inflame those lusts. Cut off sinful thoughts and desires as they begin to develop. We must learn to think on the good things (Philippians 4:8) and to make every thought obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Fasting is a good way to impose discipline on the physical body, not to punish it but to control it.
  5. We must train ourselves to develop proper habits of Christian living instead of sinful habits. When we recognize and experience a scriptural prompting to do God’s will, we must visualize and meditate upon the action desired, decide to do it, and then yield our bodily members to perform it.

God’s moral law for us can be summed up in these words: Love God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:36-40; Mark 12:28-31; Romans 13:8-10). In essence, holiness means to imitate Christ, to do what He would do. It means to be Christ-like.

The power to live a holy life is a gift from God, but it is our responsibility to implement holiness on a daily basis. We seek holiness out of love for God, not out of fear or an effort to earn salvation.

Holiness is an integral part of the salvation of the whole person and frees us from the power and effects of sin. It is a joyful privilege, a part of abundant life, a blessing from the grace of God, and a glorious life of freedom and power. For someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit and truly loves God, holiness becomes the normal – indeed the only – way to live. The life of holiness fulfills God’s original intention and design for humanity.

It has been a privilege for us to share with you the biblical principles of holiness and a plan for living a holy life. We miss you all as we serve the Lord in Costa Rica and we look forward to seeing how God will work in and through the AzusaStreetriders this year as the members endeavor to grow in holiness and prepare for the riding season through prayer and fasting and Bind the Strong Man. God bless and keep you!

Building A Front Porch Fellowship

When you read the title, I’m sure your first response was, “Huh?!”. And rightly so! Let me explain…

We live in a society were I can develop “friendships” all around the world. They are a thousand miles wide but only an inch deep. We have every means of communication at our finger tips. We have a plethora of apps and gadgets that give us the capability to talk with people on other continents and around the world. It only takes a cell phone and you can facetime with someone two states away or half way around the world. And, with all this technology, we find ourselves alone and without friendships. Why?

Modern human existence has lost the “neighbor next door” touch where they use to sit of an evening on the front porch and sip lemonade or a cup of coffee while talking about the day to day existence. Busyness has become such a plague that we feel guilty if we stop long enough to have lunch with a neighbor. Money, position, prestige, and the pressure on parents to have their kids in every sport known to mankind…all of which keeps us running until our physical and mental state is so ragged that we don’t know if we are coming or going.

It’s no wonder that so many are serving God so half hearted…because there is no peace or rest…so many are so wore out, they don’t really know what to do. And…many start with giving up on the things that matter most…Godly habits fall apart and spiritual decay sets in.

I have spoken to many ASR members and former members…and this spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional fatigue has way too many fighting for their very life. So, I’m extremely aware that we need a huge dose of Holy Ghost Rest in our midst. Not a giving up…stopping what we are called to do…not a walking away from that which matters most, but a God given focus that helps us set all the other weights aside so that we can truly rest.

Isaiah 28:11-12, “For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people. To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear.”

There is a rest and a peace that we should be more acquainted with, but, because of our busyness, we are failing in relationships, most are not hearing the voice of the Lord clearly, and many are dying spiritually. There should be a continual flow of rest and refreshing in a Holy Ghost filled life. But…who will hear?

One area that we find this lacking is in our relationships and friendships. Far too many are depressed and alone because they have not heard from fellow ASR members. I am praying that God will bring such a strong conviction upon us all that we are compelled to pick up the phone and call fellow members. Not just the 2 or 3 that we’ve always relied on…but those that we don’t know…the least of us…the one that would least expect a call or card from us.

Let us strive to “Build A Front Porch Fellowship” attitude. A spirit of fervent love one for another as 2 Peter 4:8 speaks of. Paul also writes to the church in Thessalonica this thought…

1 Thessalonians 4:9, “But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another.”

It’s a topic that we shouldn’t have to talk about…but, it’s human nature to forget how important the expression of love is to the body of believers. Let ASR be a beacon of love…a family that goes beyond any worldly family ties…

Let brotherly love continue!

Strive to build a front porch attitude where you will stop long enough to fellowship with someone two or three times each week, for the sole purpose of showing how much you love them.

To be continued…we will discuss again the next time we meet…until then…

Build A Front Porch Fellowship with someone…

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator