Welcome First Quarter New Members of 2021

The membership of the Azusa StreetRiders would like to take a moment and welcome each  of you into this exciting One God Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry.
Let’s Make a Difference !

Rev James & Sis Dee Wiltshire
Newington, CT
The Chapel
Pastor James Wiltshire

Bro Alan Dougherty
Shelburn, IN
Well of Life Pentecostal
Pastor Shad Akers

Bro Terry & Sis Pamala Baker
Washington, IN
Victory Community Church
Pastor Pete Aldrich

Bro Steven Stockwell
Shelburn, IN
Well of Life Pentecostal
Pastor Shad Akers

Sis Jacqueline Sell
Bourbon, IN
Calvary Tabernacle
Pastor Richard Maron

Bro Tyrone & Sis Tiffany White
Greenfield, IL
Souls Harbor Apostolic Church
Sis Geraldene Dell

Sis Rachel & Rev Ben  Robinson
Jeromesville, OH
Wooster Apostolic  Pentecostal Church
Pastor Ben Robinson

Bro Dale Miller
Zanesville, OH
Pentecostals of Zanesville
Pastor Israel Gaza

Sis Joan Miller
Zanesville, OH
Pentecostals of Zanesville
Pastor Israel Gaza

Rev Tony Lehman
Warren, OH
Abundant Grace Church
Pastor Tony Lehman

Sis Julie Lehman
Warren, OH
Abundant Grace Church
Pastor Tony Lehman

Bro Chad & Sis Markita Foster
Niles, OH
Abundant Grace Church
Pastor Tony Lehman

Bro Gregory Foy
Niles, OH
Abundant Grace Church
Pastor Tony Lehman

Sis Rhonda Foy
Niles, OH
Abundant Grace Church
Pastor Tony Lehman

Niles, OH

Bro Brad Carpenter
Maryville, TN
FAC Maryville
Pastor Kenny Carpenter

Sis Rhonda Carpenter
Maryville, TN
FAC Maryville
Pastor Kenny Carpenter


Culture of Caring

Greetings to everyone! I pray that March has been a month of blessings and miracles !

As life seems to be spinning out of control, I think we all realize it was never under control. At least not under our control, but knowing WHO is in control, the ultimate authority- we can find peace.
When our day to day life seems to be going by so fast, racing by in a whirlwind, making us feel so very overwhelmed, Jesus calms the storm and chaos.
When we feel as if we are drowning by the weight of it all- we can reach out….He is still our life line.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

He is the peace that passes all understanding-JESUS

And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea,  Peace, be still.  And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.  Mark 4:39

Jesus spoke to the wind and the waves, peace be still, and they obeyed.  He can calm any storm we face in our lives and all we have to do is to seek the peace speaker and ask.  He is our life line!

If you feel like you are drowning, suffocating from situations out of your control, overwhelmed by life, know that there is a Savior that died for you and he is your peace in your storm! Reach out to him, grab on to him and hold on! He will give you rest. He will calm the storm and he will save your soul.
Jesus is waiting for you to reach out.

Please join in prayer and fasting for the following:


Rev. Mike and Julie McGhghy, Aimers to Costa Rica




  • Bro. Fred Beall complete healing in body
  • Bro. Jeremiah Hayes mother, Tina
  • Sis. Lydia Diaz

Chaplain Carman Hamby


If Jesus only reached out to the disciples then would there even be a church?
Mathew 18:11
For the Son of man come to save that which is lost.
Let us make this riding season a focused season on reaching out.
I encourage us all to reach across all denominations to invite bikers and nonbikers to our events and to our church events that are not ASR related. Jesus said “Feed my sheep”
Look at John 4 with the Samaritan woman, Jesus reached out to her which was not the normal thing to do, if we step out of the normal and try to reach all then we possibly bring in the ones nobody believed possible.
If you know of other bikers that go to other denominations then invite them to our events and your chapters rides. If other denominations are holding a biker Sunday then try to go and make friends and the opportunity to invite them will arise.
Jesus reached out to all, no barriers, no lines, just all.
Take a look at Luke 17:11-19
Jesus healed the lepers and one came back to praise and give thanks.
I really feel the bible lepers are no different than the outcasts of our society today. I myself have seen drug addicts, homeless, thieves etc and been judgmental and a couple years ago on Jeremiah Hayes ride I observed what I believed to be a homeless person and it hit me, every time I pass a less fortunate person I say a simple prayer of something like ” Lord bless them, save them”
If we reach out to all walks of life, all denominations, all we can then what a increase to the kingdom of God if just like the lepers that 1 out of 10 comes back praising God!
Mark 16:5 And he said unto them go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Now I’m getting selfish! Hocking Hills Biker weekend is June 26 and 27th
Book your rooms now! We are a high tourist area and rooms fill up quick and get very pricey! We blocked rooms at the Sleep inn/Main stay in Logan Ohio @ 740 331 4811 and 740 216 5300 They only had King rooms available and gave us 109 per night.
I will be posting other area hotels in Logan, Ohio on ASR Friends if you should choose a different hotel, all hotels in Logan are within 5 minutes of each other.


How many of you want to support the ministry without doing anything but shop?💳🛒 Go on Amazon smile when using your amazon account. You can even use your amazon prime just add Azusa StreetRiders Inc. to amazon smile. It’s that easy, Amazon deposits a percent right into the ASR account.😃

Sis Laureen Theodore                                                                                                                      ASR International Treasurer


Culture of Caring

Hello everyone! I hope February was a month of blessings for each of you!
As you all know, February is considered the month of  ❤️LOVE ❤️
 Valentines day had people in a total frenzy and spending  more money on gifts to show their love than ever before!   People freak out over trying to buy the perfect gift because it is so expected in our society.

Here are a few facts on Valentines Day 2021:

  • $21.8 Billion was the total Valentine’s Day spending projected for 2021
  • $231 vs  $101:  Men spent more than twice as much as women
  • $8.1 Billion : the amount Americans spent on jewelry, flowers and candy

WOW!  I was very shocked to see just how much money was spent by people for ONE day!  Did all the gifts purchased make a difference in the relationship? Did that expensive gift make up for the lonely times a spouse may have been feeling or the constant arguments in the relationship?
I am not knocking Valentine’s Day, but I believe love should be shown every day. Affection should be shown every day.  There is so many personal ways we can show our love to our mates, friends and children.
The gifts are nice, don’t get me wrong, but the actions should be present every day in people’s lives, not just on a designated day of the year.
I started thinking about the stress some may have had to get the perfect present to please someone just because they feel it is expected.  It is almost a “forced” get me a gift to show your love for me or else .

I am thankful we have a love, security and trust that is every day in our lives.  Jesus paid a much greater price to show his never failing love  for each of us!

It is a comfort knowing that he doesn’t show us his love only on a designated day or because that is what the world expects.  He shows us in tiny ways, large ways and every day when we wake up- we can feel his love and presence and Oh, what a gift! There isn’t a box of chocolate, or any amount of flowers that can top his love! 

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe the in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16

I am glad he is there every day, every single second to show us pure, undying love!

please join in prayer and fasting for the following needs:


Rev. Mike and Julie McGhghy, Aimers to Costa Rica




  • Bro. Fred Beall-complete healing in body
  • Bro. Jeremiah Hayes mother, Tina needs a miracle
  • Bro. & Sis. Pray  for loss of their son-in-law and their daughter also
  • Bro. Leland Hanes wife Carolyn needs a complete healing
  • Bro. Eagens granddaughter, Julia
  • Sis. Lydia Diaz

Remember all the families that have been affected by COVID-19.  Also, try to encourage someone.  There are many that suffer from loneliness due to all the isolation during COVID and a simple word or a little card will show them someone cares.

Chaplain Carman Hamby





The Culture of Caring

Greetings to everyone and Gods blessings! 

Can you believe January 2021 is already behind us? What a month it has been! January was filled with many highs and many lows for myself and for many of my friends.  I am sure that some of you feel the same way.
It seems like all we encounter lately is negativity, confusion and uncertainty. It is on a daily basis that Christians seem to be more and more the “odd” ball in our society.  Our world is getting more twisted and off track than ever before.  I am so thankful I have a friend that is closer than a brother, an on time God that never lets me down.  I may not always get the answer I want but I ALWAYS get the answer I need.
I look at situations in my past where I prayed for things and I thought I knew the answer and was just waiting on God to do what I expected.  Then he would throw me a curve ball.  I would question God, I would even try to bargain with him. Have any of you ever been guilty of that?  If only we could see down the road how he is putting our lives together piece by piece.  I am so thankful that he knows what’s best for me and even when I don’t understand, he is working and shaping my path!
 My heart has been aching for so many in the last several months.  It has been an every day occurrence of hearing of a passing of someone I knew,  a friends loved one that is sick, friends losing their parents,  friends with serious health issues and having tests to rule out cancer, friends finding out they have cancer, lost kids of friends in trouble, parents not knowing where their children are, parents losing their children, the list goes on and on.  There is so much heartache people are facing today.  I can not imagine how those that don’t know God get through situations.  It is because of trust and faith in knowing him that gives us peace and a little more understanding.
I have some dear, dear friends that I have watched raise a child from 9 months old to 4yrs old now get that precious little one pulled from them.  I have talked to them when there was nothing that would come out except tears. I have seen the anger and the questions of why and how.  I have seen them fall before  God for answers but I have never seen them turn from God.
I have seen shouting in victory, stomping on the devil and praising God for knowing he is in control.  The pain and hurt is still there yes, but they know that even when they can’t see it, he is working on their behalf.  I have been on the phone when through tears my friend would say,” I know God has a plan and I trust him”.  I have drawn much faith from seeing them stand firm on their trust in God during this situation.  I admire my friends because through the gut wrenching pain, the heartbreak and the uncertainty they have endured and situations they  still have to face,  they smile and say, “ he is in control”.
I am so thankful to have a friend that will never leave me and one that sticks closer than a brother!  I love Jesus with all my heart and my desire is to see him face to face!


Please join in prayer and fasting for the following needs:


Rev. Mike & Julie McGhghy,  Aimers to Costa Rica




  • Bro. Fred Beall-complete healing
  • Bro. Jeremiah Hayes mom, Tina needs a miracle
  • Bro. & Sis. Pray- loss of their son-in-law. Hold their daughter up in prayer also.
  • Bro. Doug Solomon-brain tumor
  • Bro Eagens granddaughter , Julia-divine intervention and loss of his brother
  • Bro. Oeland Hanes wife, Carolyn-complete healing
  • Sis. Lydia Diaz- complete healing

Pray   those that have lost family members and friends to COVID-19

Also, try to encourage someone. There are many that suffer with loneliness and just need to hear that someone cares.

Chaplain Carman Hamby









Get Excited About Bind The Strong Man!!

Traditionally, BTSM has been a fantastic kickoff to the yearly events. And, this year will be no different!!

We are excited to inform everyone that BTSM 2021 will be in three locations…Price TX, Jonesboro GA, and Whiteland IN…for your convenience! Please plan to be at one of these three locations as they all have been well planned out. You can find details on the Facebook ASR Friends page for the location you are closest to. This event is not limited to ASR members, or even motorcyclist. It is sponsored by Azusa StreetRiders, but open to all who desire to see God move in their lives, churches, and region. We cannot bind the enemy if we have not first been properly prepared…and this event is planned out to lead us into a closer walk with the Lord and empowered through the Holy Ghost to Bind The Strong Man!

All three locations will have the same theme and format and we have made every attempt to keep this unified as one event, just in multiple locations. The following is a short breakdown of the itinerary subjects addressed…

7:00pm – Welcome and Worship

7:30pm – Session #1 / “Repentance is Personal” (20min teaching/30min prayer)
We all need repentance. It’s a moment by moment conditioning of the heart.
Finding this place takes real searching of the Holy Ghost. Personal flaws and
Attitudes that keep us from being unified with others.

8:20pm – Session #2 / “Repentance for Others Sake” (20min teaching/30min prayer) There is a need for personal evaluation to find those things which cause dis-unity with others. Repentance is both vertical and horizontal. We tend to focus Only on our sins against God, but, we need the Spirit to illuminate those areas that break down unity within the body and repent (turn away) from them.

9:10pm – 10 minute break

9:20pm – Session #3 / “Under the Blood” (20min teaching/30min prayer)
As things, circumstances, situations have been revealed and brought to our
Attention, it is now time to be intentional with placing it under the Blood of
Jesus. Not only for forgiveness, but to fully turn away.

10:10pm – Session #4 / “Pleading the Blood” (20min teaching/30min prayer
Forgiving others and praying for those who have fallen away or even that
Persecute us is an absolute. Pleading the cause of others and invoking the
Blood of Jesus upon their lives can and will change.

11:00pm – 30 min fellowship break

11:30pm – Session #5 / “Be Filled!” (45min with evangelistic focus)
No matter how long we have been born again…and have received the Holy
Ghost, we cannot bind anything without our lamps being filled! This session
Has a focus of being renewed in the Holy Ghost!!

12:45pm – Session #6 / “Be Led” (20min preaching/30min of praying for others)
Now that we have repented (personally and for others sake), been covered by
The Blood and covered others with the Blood, and have been renewed and filled
With the Spirit in such a way that we are empowered by the Holy Ghost to go…
Now its time to be led to others and pray for them. The heart of ministry should
Overwhelm each participant. Pray in the Holy Ghost…Spirit intercession.

2pm – Departure Although…this is not a set in stone time. If the Holy Ghost is moving. That is our goal and we will allow it to move as long as needed.

Saturday Lunch…recommending a time of breaking bread together for the purpose of binding together in unity, and being of one mind and in one accord. Although, some of the warmer climates or weather permitting may have a ride included. If you have any questions about the location you plan to attend, please feel free to contact these coordinators…Chaplain Clarence Earp (Price TX), Chaplains Greg and Sheryl Pray (Jonesboro GA), or Chaplain Mark Hardin (Whiteland IN).

The Glue

Everyone has “that friend”…you know, the one that when they call, you know they need something! When the cell phone goes off and you glance at who it is, you see a family member that never calls unless they need money or need you to pick them up with a broke down vehicle. I know…we all have had those instances when we have said “Why did I answer the phone?!”

We live in a fast paced society, which has been an excuse for an “easy out” when it comes to only calling when we need something from others. I’m guilty…and so are you! So, my goal today is to remind us of the brotherly (sisters included) love that we need for one another.

Will we always see eye to eye? NO! And…not everyone within this ministry lives in my region, so I really can’t say that I “know” all of you. And, neither do you really know me. (If you did, you likely wouldn’t be reading this article… hehe). But, as with any ministry, there will be those we have drawn close to because of time we’ve spent with each other (which makes the point of getting to as many events as we can), and there will be those that we have never had the opportunity to sit down for a piece of pie with. The difference between knowing someone and not knowing someone has everything to do with developing a relationship. And…a relationship takes effort.

There was a day when I didn’t know anyone within Azusa StreetRiders, other than three members that I had met two years before I joined. I met Extor and Lydia Diaz and Clarence Brownlow at a conference in Louisville KY and we had a kindred spirit, went out to eat together that week, and stayed in contact for quiet a while before I joined this ministry. When I went to my first rally, I didn’t hardly know anyone. I sort’a slid in and slid back out by meeting a couple more people and stayed in touch with them as well. I’m sure the majority there looked at me and wondered who that nut was! Since that time, I’ve made many acquaintances and even many friends that I cherish.

As I call around the constituency of ASR I hear a common theme…one that brings me to my title about “The Glue”. The theme is the same from new members as well as some that have been around for a long time. That theme is…”I never hear from anyone.” Now, I don’t mean to be negative, and I certainly do not wish to leave a sour note, nor do I wish to bring so much focus on the subject that it causes more folks to think about the same thing…”Ya know, no one has ever called me either…’ (The power of suggestion at its worst)

A few Scriptures should be helpful with this topic…

Proverbs 18:24 “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly…”

Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

John 13:34-35, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

Galatians 5:13 “For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”

The common theme is “love”, but there are things that brotherhood and the love shown will do…it will be a witness to others….it will stand with another during times of adversity (trials, temptation, failures), and it also drives to serve others.

I restored an old chair recently. All the parts were there and I could have put nails in to hold it together, but, that would have been tacky. So, I used glue. I had all the parts and was ready to stain, but without the glue it would have fallen apart within days. So, I ask, what is the glue? Its (in most cases) a hidden ingredient that holds things together. Its not the beautiful wood grains, nor the stain that shines, but when applied, it is not always seen but its of the utmost importance.

The Glue to this ministry will be our ability to show love “one to another”. We have love one for another, but when you “have love one to another”, it is expressed. Love is a hidden ingredient that holds everything together because others feel loved when love is shown “to” them.

I am calling us all to pray and ask the Lord to lay a person on our mind and heart. Jesus may only whisper “Nebraska” or “Colorado” or “California” or “Michigan” into your mind and spirit, but take that and find someone in that region and make a call. If you know someone is struggling (see the article Culture of Caring in the Rumblings for a short list), call them and encourage them. Call someone and pray with them. Text, email, send a card, go by and see them…the glue to growing this ministry is loving others more than ourselves.

Let is not be said, “The only time he/she calls is when they need something…” May we be known to have a “brotherhood” greater than anything or any other in this world.

May the God of all Peace guide your hearts…to love.
Chaplain Hardin


COVID 19! In such a short time, the phrase has been used and maybe abused to strike fear into the hearts of men and women across the country. We all have either been infected or affected by this virus pandemic. Loved ones lost, hospital stays, loss of health and well-being, distancing and in some cases isolation from loved ones along with the uncertainty of jobs and finances have been one of the most trying times in my memory. Many tears have been cried. Many hours of lost sleep. Many unhappy phone calls. Many, Many, Many!

It seems that life itself has been changed by CV19. We have had to adopt wearing a mask. We dry our hands and face out with sanitizer. We have groceries delivered like a Domino’s pizza. We take more vitamins to help our health. We take our temperature daily. We spray the inside of home and car with disinfectant on an hourly basis. We no longer just go to the mall. We no longer invite friends over for dinner. We no longer hug others. We no longer get closer than 6 feet to another person.

So many changes due to such a simple thing like a virus!!

I just wonder what would happen if we suddenly started to view eternity and our walk with God in the same light of importance as protecting ourselves from CV19??? What would happen if we would let ourselves be affected by the fear of a soul being loss?? What about the friends and family that are just waiting on one of us to pray for them? Or visit them? Or cry for them? Or lose sleep while praying for them?? How about a phone call? How about a card or letter?

Maybe we should be changing our lives so that eternity is secure? We should wash our souls in his blood more often! We should pray more and play less! We should study more and sleep less! We should take our spiritual temp more times a day and clean our house and hands more times a day! We should go to the mall more but not to shop but to witness! We should invite friends to church! We should let Jesus hug us more and stay closer to him than a brother!!

Covid 19 will come and go.
Jesus is coming again!
I want to be ready when he returns!

Stay safe and stay saved!
Pastor H

ASR Ride Waivers & Annual Liability Letter

Greetings in the name that is above every name, Jesus!
I remember seeing a sign at a motorcyle event that read, “It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that matters”. I’ve not forgotten that statement. It absolutely matters how we embark on this spiritual journey. A few journey checkpoints come to mind; we must keep/guard our hearts with all diligence, seek wisdom while on this journey, stay connected with others, and worship Jesus only while on this journey.

Just as imperative, is how we embark upon the physical journey of carrying out the everyday functions of our ASR ministries. We must be responsible in each or our ASR activities. ASR leadership has provided us with two tools to assist us in being responsible. We are introducing the ASR Ride Waiver and the Annual Liability Letter. These forms are intended to increase your chapter/group protection from liability in case of any accident or injury during the ride.

The ASR Ride Waiver is expected to be put into use by all ARS chapters where non ASR members are participating in the ride. Suggested use: Download from the ASR website and print it out, and have all guest riders and passengers sign it before the ride.

The ASR Annual Liability Letter is expected to be signed by ASR members on an annual basis before any riding event takes place with the local chapter. Suggested use: At the beginning of each year, download from the ASR website and print it out, have all ASR members sign the form before any event.

Each Chapter president should ensure the forms are collected and filed for safekeeping.

Please be safe this year as riding weather is fast approaching. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the ASR Board of Directors or myself. Blessings!

Mike Markham