BTSM 2021 will have some profound changes. It is our desire to grow this event in such a way that it can become even more affective within the ASR family, as well as reach further into our local church families and those around us. With this in mind two changes have been made…first, we will have multiple locations to provide greater opportunity for attendance. Secondly, though the date of the first Friday of March will remain in tact, our time will be from 7pm till 2am…or until the Lord has finished His work. Much prayer and seeking God’s will has went into these changes, and we are believing for a great outpouring of the Holy Ghost that will propel us into the future end time revival!

BTSM 2021 Theme, “Unity…In One Mind, One Place, One Accord”

The theme for BTSM 2021 has its roots in our fundamental ASR/Apostolic doctrine of sharing the Acts 2:38 message. Patterns are important throughout Scripture…Old and New Testament…we find patterns that lead to revelation, salvation, and power from the Throne of God. One of those patterns are Repentance, Baptism (the Blood of Jesus applied), and Spirit infilling. The need for unity is always a challenge for any believer, church, or ministry, so we tie the two together and we find a profound secret to really binding the strong man! We cannot bind until our flesh has been bound!

BTSM 2021 will impact many lives and will bring us together with bonds of unity and help us to navigate more clearly in the realm of the Spirit. It is our burden to see us bind the enemy that has attacked our health, churches, and society. We will come together for a time of repentance, a baptism of sorts by placing our situations under the Blood of Jesus, and being filled with the Holy Ghost that we in turn can be led of the Holy Ghost. It’s imperative that understand the need to say, “Not my will…Thine be done!”

It is imperative that all locations follow the same outline! The speakers and perhaps what they say may vary based on the leading of the Holy Ghost, but the basic message and agenda for the event will need to be followed, so show solidarity and unity throughout all locations. We are attempting to have five regional locations in the United States, and exploring a few satellite locations to accommodate those in more remote parts of the States and in other countries. Each location that hosts a BTSM 2021 will be required to provide a few pictures and a short report on how their event went, so that we can share and magnify God for what He has done around the world! 

Following is the outline that will be followed by all locations:

7:00pm – Welcome and Worship

7:30pm – Session #1 / “Repentance is Personal” (20-30min teaching/15-20min of prayer)  We all need repentance. It’s a moment by moment conditioning of the heart.  Finding this place takes real searching of the Holy Ghost. Personal flaws and attitudes that keep us from being unified with others.

8:20pm – Session #2 / “Repentance for Others Sake” (20-30min teaching/15-20min prayer) There is a need for personal evaluation to find those things which cause dis-Unity with others. Repentance is both vertical and horizontal. We tend to focus Only on our sins against God, but, we need the Spirit to
illuminate those areas that break down unity within the body and repent
(turn away) from them. Sins of the Nation and a repentance that includes forgiveness by bringing a spirit of repentance to such a degree that we can plead the cause of others.

9:10pm – 10 minute break

9:20pm – Session #3 / “Under the Blood” (20-30min teaching/15-20min prayer) As things, circumstances, situations have been revealed and brought to our attention, it is now time to be intentional with placing it under the Blood of Jesus. Not only for forgiveness, but to fully turn away and forgive others.

10:10pm – Session #4 / “Pleading the Blood” (20-30min teaching/15-20min prayer)  Forgiving others and praying for those who have fallen away or even that persecute us is an absolute. Pleading the cause of others and invoking the
Blood of Jesus upon their lives can and will change us, and them. 

11:00pm – 30 min fellowship break

11:30pm – Session #5 / “Be Filled!” (45min with evangelistic focus)
No matter how long we have been born again…and have received the Holy
Ghost, we cannot bind anything without our lamps being filled! This session
Has a focus of being renewed in the Holy Ghost!!

12:45pm – Session #6 / “Be Led” (20-30min preaching/15-20min of praying for others) Now that we have repented (personally and for others sake), been covered by the Blood and covered others with the Blood, and have been renewed and filled With the Spirit in such a way that we are empowered by the Holy Ghost to go…Now its time to be led to others and pray for them. The heart of ministry should overwhelm each participant. Pray in the Holy Ghost…Spirit intercession.

2pm – Departure Although…this is not a set in stone time. If the Holy Ghost is
moving that is our goal and we will allow it to move as long as needed.

Saturday Noon – Lunch…recommending a time of breaking bread together for the purpose of binding together in unity, being of one mind and in one accord.

“Unity – In One Mind, In One Place, In One Accord”…although we are in multiple locations, it is our intent to be unified by the leading of the Holy Ghost to Bind The Strong Man in 2021!

Chaplain Hardin

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