ASR 2020 National Rally – Nashville Indiana – Overview

Many have ask…”How is Indiana doing with the Covid situation?”  I just checked again today (July 3rd) and they have moved the entire state to above 4.5 stage in opening.  So, though there are some restrictions in various areas, I wanted to let everyone know that, as a state, they are doing well so far.

As you will see by the following information, we have tried to fill up the week!  No pressure to be early or stay late…but, for those who are coming in and do not know the region, we wanted to help make the experience as great as possible…we like to call it, “Hoosier Hospitality!”

The following will be the daily breakdown of events that you all are welcome to participate in:

Tuesday (28th) – 9am ride to scenic Madison Indiana and Clifty Falls. We will meet at the corner of hwy 135 and 40, at the Speedway Gas Station.  Lunch will be at the Key West Shrimp House in Madison as close to noon as we can make it.  Contact Mark Wever (812-325-8983) or Mark Hardin (618-292-7415) to let us know if you have any questions about the ride.  For those coming into the area on Tuesday and coming from the south or east, if you wish to meet us for lunch, you would be able to ride back with our group as well.

Wednesday (29th) – 8:30am ASR Chaplain training will be held at the host church (Pentecostals of Nashville…address: 60 Mount Liberty Rd, Nashville IN). Then, at 11:30am short ride is planned to begin from the host church (Pentecostals of Nashville) parking lot,  and time will be reserved to explore scenic Nashville Indiana. At 5:30pm, there is an outreach initiative at the church with special singing groups from the area…Potters Clay, Upper Room Experience, Sharp Family Bluegrass, and Pentecostals of Nashville Worship Team.  We encourage all the ASR/ASR Friends to come to this event…you will enjoy the groups, and we want to be a witness to all that drop in to listen.

Thursday (30th) – 9am-3pm ride…Ride will begin directly across from the Seasons Lodge along Maple Leaf Blvd, bikes facing north.  Please be fueled and ready to roll.  Lunch (see meal plan) will be at Golden Corral in Bedford Indiana.  At 5pm supper (see meal plan) will be served at the host church.  Our annual missions focused service will begin at 7pm. (Don’t forget to bring your Motorcycle For Missionaries offering to this service)  An “Afterburner” fellowship and snacks will follow, compliments of members from the region.

Friday (31st) – 9am-3pm ride…The ride will begin at the same location as Thursday, across from Seasons Lodge along Maple Leaf Blvd…and be fueled and ready to roll.  This ride will stop off at the Harley Davidson dealership in Bloomington Indiana, then lunch will be at a pavilion in Cascades Park (see meal plan) in Bloomington Indiana. (There is a very large play area for the children across the road, if it is open at that time)  At 5pm supper (see meal plan) at the host church.  A revival focused service will have Pastor Shine Doughty of Apostolic Center in Mattoon IL and begins at 7pm. An “Afterburner” fellowship and snacks is planned after, compliments of members in the region.

Saturday (1st) – Held in a Banquet Room within Seasons Lodge, at 8am light breakfast, compliments of ASR, will be available.  Annual Meeting begins at 9am and should wrap up around 11am.  We have several very important subjects to discuss, and voting for two ASR Board Members to serve us over the next two years.  Lunch following the meeting will be at Seasons Lodge. A ride is planned following the meeting/lunch to Tulip Trussell (2and longest Railroad Trussell in US) for those who are hanging around.

Sunday (2nd) – a list of churches will be provided of all the churches in the area that participated for those staying over.

For the meals (4) falling under the meal plan, please find the pre-pay forms along with the Registration online. The pre-pay will help expedite the lunch process and will also give an idea of how many to prepare the meals/seating for.

We are attempting to have a host/guide for the spouses that do not wish to ride, but, wish to go out for a while and also meet us for the lunch.  Watch Facebook for updates on this initiative.  At least, we will have detailed directions for how to get to the lunch locations.

If any questions, please call or text Mark Hardin (618-292-7415) and we will try to accommodate.

ASR 2020 National Rally – Nashville Indiana – July 29-Aug 1 (Official Dates)


The RALLY is right around the corner!! All are welcome! Here is a short breakdown of the weeks activities that we have planned!

Tuesday (28th) – 9am ride to scenic Madison Indiana and Clifty Falls. Lunch at the Key West Shrimp House!! Contact us to let us know if you arrive early or want to meet us for lunch.

Wednesday (29th) – 8:30am ASR Chaplain training. 11:30am short ride from church (Pentecostals of Nashville) parking lot and time in scenic Nashville Indiana. 5:30pm is an outreach initiative at the church with special singing groups from the area…Potters Clay, Upper Room Experience, Sharp Family Bluegrass, and Pentecostals of Nashville Worship Team.

Thursday (30th) – 9am-3pm ride…lunch (see meal plan) at Golden Corral in Bedford Indiana. 5pm supper (see meal plan) and missions focused service at 7pm. Afterburner fellowship and snacks after.

Friday (31st) – 9am-3pm ride…lunch at Cascades Park (see meal plan) in Bloomington Indiana. 5pm supper (see meal plan) and revival focused preaching (Pastor Shine Doughty of Mattoon IL) at 7pm. Afterburner fellowship and snacks after.

Saturday (1st) – 8am light breakfast with Annual Meeting at 9am-11am and lunch following. Ride is planned following the meeting/lunch to Tulip Trussel (2and longest Railroad trussel in US).

Sunday (2nd) – a list of churches will be provided of all the churches in the area that participated for those staying over.

For the meals (4) falling under the meal plan, please find the pre-pay forms along with the Registration online. The pre-pay will help expedite the lunch process and will also give an idea of how many to prepare the meals/seating for.

If any questions, please call or text Mark Hardin (618-292-7415) and we will try to accommodate.


Spiritual Guerrilla Warfare!

“Guerrilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare in which small groups of combatants, such as paramilitary personnel, armed civilians, or irregulars, use military tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit-and-run tactics, and mobility, to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military. ”

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been praying and seeking the face of the Lord in these unprecedented times. As I’ve pondered and sought the Lord concerning the “Stay at Home” and “Social Distancing” demands that government has imposed due to the COVID-19 “pandemic”, I have felt compelled to share this thought. God is using this situation to help us reevaluate two areas that we have neglected…Family and How we Do Church.

Families have been drifting away from a Biblical pattern for too long. The dad has stepped out of his “Priest of the Home” responsibilities and handed it over to Sunday School Teachers, Youth Pastors, and Bishops. Nothing wrong with any of these valuable leadership roles, but because we are too busy we lazily gave up the role of spiritual leadership that must start in the home. The other area is we have learned to play and eat together. All have been a valuable reinjection of love and family, that is Biblically sound experiences.

Church…for too long we have become predictable. We chuckle at having three songs, an offering, testimony service, and a sermon, but our predictability has gone far beyond the service order. The Church, for far too many, has become a place to go and have a shout, dance, light show, and awesome preaching. All of which, again, I’m not speaking against. But, the greatest revival the “Church” has ever known is found in the Book of Acts where the believers went house to house, walked the streets healing the sick, and daily saw the miraculous in action. It wasn’t a once, twice, or three times a week thrill seeking experience for those first believers. It was a daily, moment by moment, seeking the will of God and being led of the Spirit to do His bidding. A moving organism that could not be controlled and certainly could not be predicted as to its next move.

In all of this pandemic, it is my heartfelt belief that the Church must be engaged in Spiritual Guerrilla Warfare! If we look at the enemy (Satan and those who follow his Worldly command), we will know that we are outnumbered by a much larger force. The Church has become so predictable that we’ve made the Devils job easy! All he has to do is show up in a board meeting or cause one person to act up in a service and faith goes out the window. When the larger army can’t predict what the saints of God will do next, he cannot control. When the Holy Ghost is leading in such a way that our strikes are unpredictable, with precision…cutting off the enemies supply chain, confusing the enemy as to where we will hit next….taking a turn at the corner and heading to a backsliders home to pray with them, parking the motorcycle in front of a bar and anointing the walls with oil and praying against the spirit of alcoholism, riding around the drug dealers block and commanding the drug supply chain to dry up, taking the message to a lost world instead of waiting for them to show up at “church”. Unpredictable! Relentless! Smaller in number, yet frustrating the enemy on every hand!

I pray that ASR members and associates will break out of the mold of predictability. Stepping away from a Laodicean mindset where we are at ease with our routines. But that we will become a pesky force to be reckoned with! A body of believers that are willing to turn our motorcycle into a ministry. A bunch of “misfits” perhaps, that have caught the fire of the Holy Ghost to such a degree that it is said, “These be they that turn the world upside down, and they have come hither also!”

Don’t seek predictable military strategy. Seek to become a menace to the enemy…and take it to the enemy by means of “Spiritual Guerrilla Warfare”!!

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Coordinator

2020 National Rally Accommodations Information

We are only 3 months away from our ASR National Rally!!!

As we draw closer, I recommend that you consider making reservations early, and if something happens as we get closer, you can always cancel. We have a block of rooms at the Seasons Lodge that I’ve been monitoring with their sales team and in the next month they will be pressing to begin to release some of the block of rooms if it appears that we are not getting as many reservations as anticipated. Here is a breakdown of information you will need to make a sound decision.

Seasons Lodge:
1-800-365-7327 (Special Rates under Azusa Streetriders)
Standard Rooms Wed-Thurs @ $90/night
Fri @ $119/night
(Standard rooms have one queen size bed or two queen size beds)
Deluxe Rooms Wed-Thurs @ $99/night
Fri @ $139/night
(Deluxe Rooms are bigger rooms, also have small fridge, microwave, and private balcony. A few King size but most 2 queen size beds)
Two two room Suites at $199.00 per night
All rooms are plus 12% tax

For those looking for camping…I have listed several locations below. The one in Gnaw Bone is the closest to the church so its listed it first.
You can check with Brown County State Park, but from all that I saw it was already booked! Needless to say, this is a popular place.

For those who are looking for bike rentals…I have been in contact with the Harley Davidson Dealers in the Indianapolis area and they have instructed to go to the following link to make inquiries and rentals…

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
Mark Hardin (Regional Coordinator)
cell # 618-292-7415


In this time of negativity and depressing news, I present to you this…WE ARE 4 MONTHS AWAY FROM THE RALLY!

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!!

We, in the Midwest, are excited about welcoming you to scenic Nashville Indiana!

On January 11th we had over 20 members gather for a preplanning meeting, and we have a wonderful venue planned for you all. I believe it will be top notch and worth sending invitations to all who are associated with Azusa StreetRiders. Following is a thirty thousand foot look at what we have planned:

For those coming in early, we will have an informal ride on Tuesday. Our host church, The Pentecostals of Nashville (Pastor Raymond Dupree) will have their usual midweek service on Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning will kick off with 3hrs of Chaplain Training for anyone that is currently an ASR Chaplain or interested in becoming an ASR Chaplain. There will be a short ride following for about 3hrs.

OUTREACH! Due to the host church having service on Tuesday, the Lord has opened a door for ASR to team up with the great saints from Nashville to participate in an outreach event!! We will gather around 5pm to support a singing event that features several local Apostolic Singing venues. This will feature “Upper Room Experience”, “Potters Clay”, “Sharp Family Bluegrass”, and “The Pentecostals of Nashville Worship Team”!!! Our ASR members will be mingling with the crowd and handing out invitations to both the rides and evening services. We are believing that Brown County will be changed forever with a mighty move of the Holy Ghost, because of your participation in this outreach initiative.

Thursday will have a ride to see some of the sights of the Hoosier Hill Country, and then our Missions Service that evening with Bro Scotty Grimh, Missionary to Africa. Don’t forget to watch for the meal plan that will have us eating lunch at Golden Corral and then supper prior to the evening service provided by the host church, and then we have a team that will provide an “after burner” session of snacks and fellowship after the service.

Friday will have us riding to a Harley shop in Bloomington Indiana, then dropping down to a local park called Cascades. Our Heaven Bound Hoosier chapter (headed by Mark Wever) have a pavilion reserved and through the meal plan they also have a meal planned for lunch! Bring your kids!! Across from the pavilion there is a huge play ground for them to let off some steam. Then we will ride a scenic route back into Nashville Indiana for some down time before we have supper prior to the service and another “after burner” for fellowship time.

Saturday has our ASR Annual Meeting in the morning with a great lunch before we close out the meeting. We will have a ride planned after the meeting once again for those that are hanging around.

There are several churches in the immediate area that all have ASR members so we will have a list of some churches that you may worship with on Sunday morning.

Once again, don’t forget to watch for the meal plan that will cover two meals on Thursday and two on Friday. And, just in case you have not made reservations, the host hotel is Seasons Lodge in Nashville Indiana. (see 2020 National Rally event on Facebook)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

Social Distancing?

As we continue in the theme of “Front Porch Fellowship Building”, we will take a glance at the new hot topic of “Social Distancing”.

I’ve known Social Distancing to be in action for a long time! I’ve felt the pull to distance myself from others. After a hurt that has become very painful, its easy to hide in the cave and dare someone to try and come into your space. I’ve witnessed pastors who have found the best way to avoid confrontation is to hide in the office, out in the woods, or on a boat. I’ve observed saints who felt the sting of rebuke and it has become easier to hide their feelings by staying away and licking their wounds. No matter what the situation, to that individual it is very real.  So, it becomes easier to practice distancing from others.

Even though social distancing has been around for as long as mankind…for Adam and Eve used it when sin entered into their lives…its still a fact that God will seek you out. Sure, there are consequences to our sin and rebellious ways but Jesus will example what he commands by always reaching to us in love.

Check out how Peter tells us to face the end…

1 Peter 4:7-9, “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”

If we could, instead of focusing on media and government mandates, simply focus on what Peter has sober, watch unto prayer, show fervent love, and be hospitable. Some actions are personal, but others go into the realm of focusing your actions to show love toward others. Interesting to see that charity covers sin. Love will turn a blind eye to so many of our faults. Love helps you endure my faults. Have fervent love among yourselves!

I continue to feel a call to “Front Porch Fellowship Building”! Social Distancing cannot stop this spirit of needing fellowship. This call is for our ASR members to not only make efforts to reach to one another but in your local assembly, and look for those who are starving for fellowship. Reaching out to the lost and dying world around us. God will reward us with souls and deeper friendships if we set aside time to “above all things have fervent charity”…to make it a priority to live in such a way that a firebrand of love burns in our soul to reach out to our brothers and sisters.

Though we may feel a need to keep others at a distance for health reasons, may love press us to call, text, message, facetime, send a card, or even pay a visit to another, for the purpose of encouraging them to keep on keep’n on! Our message is that the Lord is soon to return and the end of all things may be at hand, but love will carry us through the Gates of Heaven with joy!!

Proverbs 17:17, “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”  Though we may feel distant because of the miles between us, may we make this Scripture come alive in us.  Love at all times!  When adversity strikes…its our time to shine!

Social Distancing cannot stop Front Porch Fellowship Building when we have love one to another.

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

Building A Front Porch Fellowship

When you read the title, I’m sure your first response was, “Huh?!”. And rightly so! Let me explain…

We live in a society were I can develop “friendships” all around the world. They are a thousand miles wide but only an inch deep. We have every means of communication at our finger tips. We have a plethora of apps and gadgets that give us the capability to talk with people on other continents and around the world. It only takes a cell phone and you can facetime with someone two states away or half way around the world. And, with all this technology, we find ourselves alone and without friendships. Why?

Modern human existence has lost the “neighbor next door” touch where they use to sit of an evening on the front porch and sip lemonade or a cup of coffee while talking about the day to day existence. Busyness has become such a plague that we feel guilty if we stop long enough to have lunch with a neighbor. Money, position, prestige, and the pressure on parents to have their kids in every sport known to mankind…all of which keeps us running until our physical and mental state is so ragged that we don’t know if we are coming or going.

It’s no wonder that so many are serving God so half hearted…because there is no peace or rest…so many are so wore out, they don’t really know what to do. And…many start with giving up on the things that matter most…Godly habits fall apart and spiritual decay sets in.

I have spoken to many ASR members and former members…and this spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional fatigue has way too many fighting for their very life. So, I’m extremely aware that we need a huge dose of Holy Ghost Rest in our midst. Not a giving up…stopping what we are called to do…not a walking away from that which matters most, but a God given focus that helps us set all the other weights aside so that we can truly rest.

Isaiah 28:11-12, “For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people. To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear.”

There is a rest and a peace that we should be more acquainted with, but, because of our busyness, we are failing in relationships, most are not hearing the voice of the Lord clearly, and many are dying spiritually. There should be a continual flow of rest and refreshing in a Holy Ghost filled life. But…who will hear?

One area that we find this lacking is in our relationships and friendships. Far too many are depressed and alone because they have not heard from fellow ASR members. I am praying that God will bring such a strong conviction upon us all that we are compelled to pick up the phone and call fellow members. Not just the 2 or 3 that we’ve always relied on…but those that we don’t know…the least of us…the one that would least expect a call or card from us.

Let us strive to “Build A Front Porch Fellowship” attitude. A spirit of fervent love one for another as 2 Peter 4:8 speaks of. Paul also writes to the church in Thessalonica this thought…

1 Thessalonians 4:9, “But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another.”

It’s a topic that we shouldn’t have to talk about…but, it’s human nature to forget how important the expression of love is to the body of believers. Let ASR be a beacon of love…a family that goes beyond any worldly family ties…

Let brotherly love continue!

Strive to build a front porch attitude where you will stop long enough to fellowship with someone two or three times each week, for the sole purpose of showing how much you love them.

To be continued…we will discuss again the next time we meet…until then…

Build A Front Porch Fellowship with someone…

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

A Culture of Caring – February

What does consolation mean? The comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment. Encouragement is the act of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

Research has proven that people are much happier if they are shown appreciation. Many times it does not take more than a kind word or simple appreciation for a job well done. Encouraging others will become a lost art if we are not intentional about showing others we care. Staying too busy is only an easy way to neglect others. As Christians, we must be intentional about our care of and concern of others welfare, their happiness and spiritual growth. We are our brother’s keeper and encouragement goes a long way to boosting the spirits of a discouraged friend when they are walking through a dark trial. Barnabas was recognized by the title “Son of Encouragement” or “Son of Consolation.”

Where Does Consolation Begin? So glad you asked! Consolation begins in the fulfillment of our relationship with Jesus Christ and His acceptance of us into “the glory” of God.” When in the flow, the attitude of encouragement begins in the fact that God has received us and we, in response to God’s grace, respond by allowing the same acceptance flow out of us to others. (Excerpt from Cultivating a Culture of Caring by Rev. Mark Hardin). `

To be clear, consolation and encouragement is not meddling into another’s affairs when they have been hurt or offended. Proverbs 26:17 KJV: He that passeth by, [and] meddles with strife [belonging] not to him, [is like] one that taketh a dog by the ears.

Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. (Philippians 2:3). It is difficult to esteem another better than yourself when pride is present. We must decrease and Christ must increase before real encouragement and consolation can occur.

A special thank you to our chaplains for compiling the names of those with needs and sending to Chaplain Carman Hamby by the 25th of each month.. This will make it so much easier to keep abreast of the needs of those who serve in ASR.

Philippines Apostolic Churches affected by Taal Volcano eruption

Rev. Mike McGhghy and Rev. Julie McGhghy – AIMers to Costa Rica
Rev. Rodante DeGuzman ASR Philipines

Home Missions
Rev. Mike Markham – Turning Point Fellowship – Clanton, AL
Rev. Johnny Carr – Apostolic Church of Tatum – Tatum, TX


Pastor Nick Senior, KY – healing in body, surgery scheduled Feb 1st
Tim Miller – VP of Texas Chapter – heart problems
Carolyn Doyal Hanes – healing in her body
LIndsay Moore – healing, to become whole
Tom Thompson – complete healing
Lydia Diaz – currently being treated with Chemo
Delbert Hayes – currently being treated with Chemo for Leukemia
Martha Hardin – Chaplain Hardin’s mother recovering from gallbladder surgery
Anthony Storey – recovering from motorcycle accident
Kaila Markham Miller – complete healing, recently had two brain surgeries
Rev. Johnny Carr – vertigo and Headaches

Family Members Passed 2019
Jon & Serrena Weber’s daughter
Krysta Markham’s father
Joe Endicott’s mother
Lisa Endicott’s mother
Doug Solomon’s father
Anthony Storey’s father
Marcia Hollingsworth’s husband,
Millard was the former Treasure of Northern KY Chapter.

Thank you for your prayers and support

Diane Beall
ASR National Ladies Chaplain

A Directive, A Trial, A Question

Let’s start with a very familiar story in Scripture…

Mark 4:35-40, “And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships. And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?”

When someone else is going through the storm, its very easy for us to look on with passive judgement and use the person’s trial as an example of what “not to do”. But, when it is me (or you), then we are challenged with doubt, fear, anxieties, hopelessness, and all sorts of negative emotions. When the wind is easy breeze and smooth sailing with sleepy little waves, we tend to think we have great faith that can move mountains. But, when the winds of life begin to toss us like a little bobber, it is easy to question who and what we are.

The transition from powerful faith to tremendous doubt can happen in just a few seconds when confronted with a bad report. The emotional rollercoaster of life can be thrilling and at the same time exhausting! Let me assure you…its natural!

We see in the above Passage three things that we can draw from and apply to our situations going on right now. First, Jesus said “Let us pass over unto the other side”. It was a directive. More than ever before, we need to hear the voice of the Lord clearly for our own lives. Not just a word for someone else, but we need to know that the Lord has given me a directive. For if Jesus said it,, I believe it, and it is so! It’s a foundation to build on. Its a rock that anchors us when the winds of life start blowing. When God gives a direction to follow, then nothing can detour us or steal the vision from us. Direction is important to having faith when all else seems lost. His directive or command to go is the only thing we can hold on to at times.

Secondly, the storm! All the waves crashing in around us! The one thing we counted on to get us to where we were told to go is now full of the water it was suppose to protect us from. Church trouble. Church family lets us down. The list is endless of what can come against us, but the hardest thing is when the ship of Zion doesn’t seem to have enough sufficiency to keep us from the storm. We feel let down and eventually we find Jesus in the back of the boat (seemingly hid away) and asleep on a pillow. We then ask the question, “Lord, do you care?” The trial seems to be larger than life and instead of the Lord being at the bow of the boat barking out commands, we feel that our compass is spinning out of control, we can’t see the shore because of the tempest all around us, and the Lord is off sleeping somewhere. The trial is always real to the one going through it! No matter if its cancer or a hangnail, to that individual, its real.

Thirdly, Jesus asks the questions “why are you fearful” and “why is it that you have no faith”? I’ve felt the sting of those questions before! For someone that truly believes that God is able to do all things, but when I’m in that vulnerable moment in life when all hell has broke loose, the last thing I want to hear is the probing questions about my fears and lack of faith. Although it hurts, there are times we must hear those words. Faith is challenged when fear enters. The weights of fear either discourage us from exercising in faith, or it will exercise our faith to make it stronger (using a weight lifting analogy). If you are training to become a world Jiu-Jitsu Champion and you are still practicing with a green belt sparing partner, then your “faith” is not being challenged. But, when we step into a ring with the heavy weight champion one must have overcome fear with faith or learn how to dance…and fast! So, don’t shun the questions about fear and faith…embrace them and learn from them.

There are those within our ASR family that have been told that God wants to take them to places where they will do exploits in the Kingdom! Then…about the time they obey…BAM!…the tempest begins to blow and they are reeling from the repeated blows of wind and waves. Their boat seems like it is about to sink from all that they are trying to carry…and then, when they have hit their knees and finally found an audience with Jesus, He needles you with questions about fear and faith. You feel confused from it all…but, I feel led in the Holy Ghost to help you understand that when you get to the destination, there will be demoniacs there who need to be freed and this trial is preparing you to confront them. Don’t curse the directive, nor the trial, and nor the question about your faith. Just know the trial has made you stronger and that your purpose will be embraced. You are being prepared to face devils, and have the faith to know that if God could take me through the storm, He can certainly cause the enemy to flee before you.

May the Lord of Hosts be in your boat through every storm that life brings your way!

International Chaplain
Mark A Hardin