Azusa StreetRiders and Covid 19

I wanted to drop a note of encouragement to all the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry members & friends. This Covid 19 has affected all of us. I know it has been disappointing for several chapters that have had to cancelled their planes for  different Azusa StreetRider events in their areas that had been planned for awhile now.  Bro & Sis Joseph in Charleston, WV., Bro & Sis Thompson in New Straitsville, Ohio and especially Bro & Sister Zerbe in Cedar Springs, MI who I feel so bad for, who has been planning for a long time and were very excited about hosting their first Azusa StreetRiders outreach event. In addition the rest of us members that were thrilled about attending these events, let me just say “God Has This”.

We need to stand fast and waver  not in our resolve to continue to be the Apostolic light to the lost motorcycle community. I know we cannot do everything right now as we would like but that gives us no reason to throw our hands up and surrender to our circumstance and give up. What we need to be doing is engaged in continuous prayer and fasting for our lost brothers & sisters so when were released we hit the ground running.  We can use this time to plan future events in which the lost can be saved. This situation will not go on forever so we need to be prepared.

So if you feel you can plan an event for later this year, which I hope we can salvage a few of these events that were cancelled , let’s get busy and get to work, if not let’s look forward to next year. God is in control and nothing will stand in the way of the church all we need to do is be prepared either to plan an event in your area or plan to attend one. As of today we are still continuing with our National Rally  as planned so all I can say is be there, were only two months out today !

About Motorcycles for Missionaries let’s get creative about how to raise the funds for this years recipient.  Again I know we can just conceded to our surroundings and throw in the towel and admit defeat, that is the easy road. Instead let’s make a commitment to think outside the box and do the best we can do to raise as much as we can in the time we have. That is all I am asking for, is to do the best you can do. When during our missionary service you walk to the front of the church before this ministry and God knowing you did your best, I for one will be proud of that effort regardless of the size of the offering.

In closing I want to say: Keep the faith, stay the course. Our work here is almost done here. What we do here will carry into eternity and all of this will be behind us.

God Bless and Keep You and Yours.
Bro Robert Thompson

Culture of Caring

COMPASSION- sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering or misfortunes of others.

How many times do we practice showing compassion to those around us that are suffering, hurting, or are struggling due to circumstances they can not control?
In this day and time so many are facing hardships and feel like they have nowhere to turn or anyone that will listen. It is very important for us to show compassion and love just as Jesus did. Psalms 86:15 But thou, O Lord, art a God full of and gracious, long suffering, and compassion plenteous in mercy and truth. Psalms 111:4 He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered: the Lord is gracious and full of compassion. 

Our human nature sometimes wants to rise up in our spirit and think that maybe that person deserves what they are dealing with, if they wouldn’t have done this or that, they wouldn’t be going through that. I know I have been guilty of feeling that old streak of-that’s what you get and it’s about time something goes wrong for you the way you act! Haha.
I pray God keeps my mind and heart from hatefulness or envy and let’s me have pure compassion  anyone in need. It is not my place to be a judge on their behavior but to show kindness and understanding.
Jesus looked through his eyes at those that persecuted him, mocked him, and judged him with such great compassion. I want to be more like Jesus! Psalms 145:8 says The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy. We can practice daily in our conversations we have and merely by our actions. So many people are searching right now, trying to understand and to find something reliable, long lasting that they can depend on no matter the circumstance. They are hungry and it’s time for the church to show compassion to the lost like we never have before.
Mark 6:34 And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd: and he began to teach them many things.
My prayer is for people to see compassion in me. I want to have love and understanding in my heart that I may show compassion to a point where people feel the love of Jesus flowing through me. I pray that we all, as Azusa Streetriders, show that example of God in us to everyone we meet. May they feel the presence of God and feel the compassion in our hearts as we witness and reach out to them for their souls to be saved! They are starving and we have the answer!


We are believing for the following prayer requests:

Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and a hunger to know God more intimately.

  President, Donald Trump Vice President Pence

All government representatives All Health Care Workers, Policeman and First Responders



Rev. Mike McGhghy and Rev. Julie McGhghy-AIMers to Costa Rica



Rev. Mike Markham-Turning Point Fellowship- Clanton,  AL

 Rev. Johnny Carr-Apostolic Church of Tatum- Tatum, TX






Fred Beall-Kidneys

Tom Thompson-Complete healing in body

Lydia Diaz-Undergoing Chemotherapy

Delbert Hayes-Undergoing Chemotherapy for Lukemia

Anthony Storey-Recovering from motorcycle accident

Kaila Markham Miller-Healing fro two brain surgeries

Re. Johnny Carr-Vertigo and headaches

Esther Carr-Chronic pain

Joyce Knight-Continued healing from hip surgery


Family members passed in 2020

Bro. Elmer Millers sister in May 2020

Rev. mike Markhams sister, Karen Yaworski, April from COVID -19


Family members passed in 2019

Bro. Elmer Millers brother

Jon & Serena Weber’s daughter

Krysta Markhams father

Joe Endicotts mother

Lisa Endicotts mother

Doug Solomons father

Anthony Storey father


Chaplain Carman Hamby

Working on the Bylaws

Short note to say that the board of the Azusa StreetRiders along with several others met this past weekend and by the anointing and blessings of God I feel we have a good revision of the Bylaws streamlining the context yet maintaining the fiber and the spirit it was originally written in. We will be posting the revision on the “members only” FB page within a short period of time so the membership has the opportunity to review it before the national rally in July.

The Thinking Rider

Article is from the AMA

Applying Knowledge to Circumstances
Riding a motorcycle gives a physical and emotional feeling unlike any other form of transportation and movement, one that, “If you have to ask about it, you wouldn’t understand.” The wind pressing against our bodies and smells of the places we ride, a closeness to the road, the world, and other riders create a craving to get out there and do it again. Most of us have clear mental pictures of our happiness formed by those extraordinary rides. Our souls are calmed and rejuvenated enough to push though another day of hard work to get back in the saddle to become one with our machines again.
One of the reasons we remember great rides is because we operate in the zone, managing the factors that come our way in the environment, the road and the machine. When problems arise, we adjust the ride by using our previous experiences, avoiding the sometimes hazardous situations. All of this works nicely for a thinking rider.
What doesn’t work well is jumping on a motorcycle without considerable thought, experience and maturity. Knowing is half the battle, it takes predetermined thought and sound reflection. Insight can be built in many ways: reading,taking a riders course, talking with other good and safe riders, or being cautious while learning how to manage motorcycle controls.
The bottom line is it takes commitment and work to ride well and more importantly, for loved ones safely.
We can improve the ride though reflection. Reflection is no more than thinking through how we ride, then working towards improvement in our decisions. Thinking is instrumental to riding well – before, during and after riding.
Thinking during the ride is reflection – in – action, and it can be extremely valuable to respond to hazards based on previous experience, before we need to react to them without thought. The challenge is comparing what you already know ( a mind – map )  to what is currently happening ( the present circumstance ) and responding appropriately.
Reflection – in – action is thinking during the ride to adjust your actions compared to the current situation, growing in knowledge and experience enough to modify your mind – map. Being able to change behaviors lower risk, and helps us to enjoy the ride with far less fear of negative consequences.
The most capable motorcycle riders ride the streets and roads within their personal limits, leaving a significant margin to respond to hazards instead of reacting with old thoughts of what some Monday morning quarterback told you to do.
Those who ride beyond their limits are not only dangerous to others on and off the road.
Displaying such un – thinking behavior should be considered entirely unacceptable by others willing to be responsible riders.
Riding within personal limits, using reflective thinking, will help ensure our own continued success in riding. Success creates great memories and allow us to share the pure joy of motorcycling with our loved ones, maintaining internal happiness for ourselves.
Keep the contact patch between the lines
Michael Theodore
National Road Captain



Up Coming Events

July 29- Aug 1       ASR National Rally Nashville, Indiana
Aug 27- 29            1st Annual Biker Sunday Warren, Ohio
Sept 19- 20          West Virginia Biker Sunday Clennenin, WV
Sept  22-25          UPCI General Conference St Louis, MO


Remember when you are planning your next biker event. Please give your information to the board. This way we can get your event listed on our website and here on the rumblings and on both of our facebook sites.
Thank you,
Michael Theodore
National Road Captain


Azusa StreetRiders Covid-19 Relief update

Forwarded from Rodante de Guzman Azusa StreetRiders Philippines Area Coordinator:

I already sent the financial support to the ASR members here in the Philippines. . on behalf of Azusa Street Riders Phils. We thank you for the financial support. These are some of the members who already received their financial support will send additional photo once I received their photo.



By Julie McGhghy

Blessings to all of my ASR friends. Mike and I love and miss you so much, but we are enjoying serving as Associates in Missions in Costa Rica.

I also started a new project.  I’ll be writing a new blog post on approximately every other week. As the name of the website suggests, I will be blogging about having confidence in God in many areas of our lives.

I spent many years of my Christian walk with faith, but not confidence. I had faith that God was all He said He was and would do all He said He would do. But I wasn’t confident that He would do those things for or through me. Through the years He has shown me His faithfulness, His desire for each of us to complete our walk with Him, that I can relax in Him because He will keep me with Him, and that He will work for and through me. Now my heart’s passion is to share with others what I have learned in order to walk with confidence in God.

The first post in the website asks, “Do you lack confidence in God?” and provides 8 scriptures to demonstrate how God loves and protects us. God used so many of you to help me build confidence in Him as I rode with the ASR and served as the National Ladies’ Chaplain. I’d like to help you grow your confidence in God in return.

Please visit the Confidence in God page on Facebook ( and the website ( Like, share, comment, send me a private message. And you will receive an additional article entitled, 5 Steps to Experience More Confidence in God when you sign up to receive updates about the website.

Culture of Caring by Carmen Hamby

During this time of COVID-19 there are so many people in anguish. Not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Hardships on families financially, stress in the home and people looking to place blame to feel the slightest bit of comfort and justification in their minds.

Is is so important for us as Christians to show strength, faith and unity. The churches have taken a hit with the accusations regarding the pandemic. It has been asked: If you have faith, why are you closing your doors? If your God is a healer – why are Christians dying? If you God is so mighty – why is He doing this? It rains on the just and unjust. God is not a respecter of persons.(Acts 10:34)

It is so important for our speech, actions, and response to folks negative comments be received without offense, responding in a positive manner exactly as Christ did. To be like Jesus – to be like Jesus on earth I long to be like him! Let’s bind together and pray for healing through the chaos in our world. People are being stirred and experiencing feelings of desperation for something they can believe in and seek refuge in.

I know souls will be saved through this tragedy and it will be the beginning of a break through in our churches like never before! Revival is coming! I want to be right in the middle of it! God said, “in the last days I will pour out my spirit on ALL people. (Acts 2:17)

Like the scripture, When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him! (Isaiah 59:18). What if we move the comma? ** When the enemy comes in, like a flood the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him! God is moving like a flood!

Thru tragedy comes TRIUMPH! I pray God’s blessings and protection on each of you.

We are believing for the following prayer request:

Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and a hunger to know God more intimately.

President, Donald Trump
Vice President Pence
All government representatives

All Health Care Workers, Policeman and First Responders

Rev. Mike McGhghy and Rev. Julie McGhghy-AIMers to Costa Rica

Home Missions
Rev. Mike Markham-Turning Point Fellowship- Clanton, AL
Rev. Johnny Carr-Apostolic Church of Tatum- Tatum, TX


Destiny Hearon 18 – Her dad was hit by a truck while rididng his bicycle and killed on contact. Please lift her up in prayer. She is Sis. Esther Carr’s grandson’s girlfriend.
Tom Thompson-complete healing in body
Lydia Diaz-undergoing chemotherapy
Delbert Hayes-undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia
Anthony Storey-Recovering from motorcycle accident
Kaila Markham Miller-Healing from two brain surgeries
Rev. Johnny Carr- Vertigo & Headaches
Sis. Esther Carr – Chronic Pain
Joyce Knight-Recovering from hip surgery

Family Members passed in 2020
Rev. Mike Markham’s sister Karen Elaine Yaworski passed April 25 COVID-19

Family Members passed in 2019
Jon & Serrena Weber’s daughter
Krysta a Arkham’s father
Joe Endicotts mother
Lisa Endicotts mother
Doug Solomon’s father
Anthony Storey’s father

Chaplain Carman Hamby

ASR Philippines Update

I received this email today after posting the one from Missionary Mark Namie concerning the sitution in the Philippines . Our Brothers and Sisters are in dyer need of help.

Contact me via  email and I will do whatever I can do to help facilitate your offering and no amount is to small.

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus!
I just want to update about the ASR Philippines..

The Taal Volcano eruption
The volcano erupted again on the afternoon of January 12, 2020, 43 years after the 1977 eruption, many of people reside within the volcano perimeter 12km danger zone lost their home/ livelyhood are affected, churches are destroyed, but by the grace of God no casualties on the ASR members. All ASR memebers contributed to raised fund to buy essentials goods so we can give it to our brethren in need to ease their situation.
UPCPI General conference in Davao.
A group of ASR (pastor & non-Pastor) attended the conference and being tap to help in crown control and assisting VIP personnel, we had a chance to meet & greet the ASR member from Luzon, Visayas, & Mindano for the first time. 4 new member join the ASR 3 are UPC pastor & 1 non pastor. The conference is successfull and we recieved spiritual blessings from the lectures & preachings.

The crisis of the COVID 19 Pandemic.
March 17, 2020, the President of the Philippines announced that the whole NCR will be under the Enhance Community Quarantine due to the rapid spread of the deadly virus, many people was lock down & no one is allowed to go out except to those have quarantine pass given by the Local Gov’t.. only 1 pass per family, schools /office/malls are closed and mass gathering is prohibited including the church services. in the first week of ECQ implementation ASR riders are still allowed to go out, so we are able to distribute relief to our church members who are affected since many of them are no work no pay, but as weeks go by many of the ASR members is now struggling to survive, food from the government are delayed for a week, so I try to help to distribute goods together with bro Bernie Gavero ( ASR Vice Pres)we are now on the 7th week of the lock down and we are now also in the struggilng situation, but still ASR Ph officers are doing our best to help. Please pray for the ASR Phils members & brethren for God’s provision.

Being a 3rd world economy country, 1 month without income will be a struggle.. I believed US and some countries on 1st world economy can still survive in our current situation. Im now appealing to all ASR members world wide under the 1st world economy.. a cent will help to ease the needy – ASR Philippines ..
God bless every one and stay Safe in Jesus name.
In Christ,
Rodante de Guzman
ASR Philippine Coordinator