2020 National Rally Offering for East Africa & India

It never fails to amaze me how much this membership loves to support Missionaries. In addition this is not determined by any organizational affiliation, ASR supports regardless, all they need to know is there is a need.

This year in our Thursday night Missionary service Bro Grimh preached from his heart and all of us were moved by his message. Bro Grimh didn’t ask for any special offering to be taken up on his behalf all he did was talk about his burden.

When presented with an opportunity to give during an unscheduled special offering the response was overwhelming and God moved on our hearts in that service, everyone stepped up to the plate and sacrificed. We were able to raise $7,200.00 for the work in East Africa.

I had a message from Bro Grimh just the other day who wasted no time getting those motorcycles into the field and in hands of pastors who were ready, willing and able to go out and spread the gospel, all they needed was the means to do so. I would like to share that massage from Bro Grimh:

1. Hey Bro Thompson. Were buying this bike for one of our Pastors in India. He’s Pastoring 4 Churches. It’s a 2018 Royale 350cc. Used but in great shape. They wanted $1450 for it but we talked them down to $1200. It goes for $2500

2. We have another 2018 same model we can get for the same price. Heres a pic of that one

3. Also getting prices from 2 more Bishops to get them each a bike! This is the pic Bishop Watita from Bungoma sent me. This is not a Boxer, it’s a TVS 100cc

4. He is at the shop in Bungoma now. We are buying 2 bikes

The mgr I’m working with. We have bought from him before. He gave us a good discount.

5. Just bought this one!

6. Just transferred the money to buy this one! These are sweet machines. Best motorcycles we have bought yet, and we got them for $1200 each.

7. Thank You for your Vision to see increase to the Kingdom of God! This is a Honda 125 cc. It is $1225 brand new off the showroom floor!

This is one of my Sons in the Gospel in India. He is our Bishop in Rajamundry area. He oversees several Churches there and hosts our weekly Bible School class online. Many new Pastors are coming to the Revelation of True Salvation under his Ministry. He is a very short man, but very well respected. I’m going to buy this motorcycle for him. He will be able to handle it very well!

This is our Bishop in the Rajamundry area. He’ll be getting the white Honda Together we are empowering some Very Good Men of God to Maximize their Effectiveness!!!

Thank you Bro Grimh for the opportunity to be a blessing to you and work you are so committed to.

Belt, Chain,Or Shaft?

Article is from Road Runner and Touring Magazine

Today’s motorcycles are offered with three major types of final drives: belt,chain, shaft. The final drive transmits power from the transmission to the motorcycle’s rear wheel. Each type has it’s advantages, and it’s important to choose the right final drive for your intended types of riding.
I have had all three dive systems on different bikes that I have owned.

Belts are quiet and smooth in operation and don’t fling chain lubricant on the bike and rider, because they don’t require lubrication. A belt just needs a simple cleaning by hosing off dirt. Belts should be checked for cracks and other signs of wear during routine services. At that time the belt tension should also be checked and adjusted if needed. Special tools may be recommended by the manufacturer for tension checking and adjusting.
In general,belt final drives are not used on motorcycles designed for off-road use, because rocks and dirt can get between the belt and sprockets. This causes damage and in some cases sudden rear wheel lock up.
Belts usually have a long service life. For instance, Harley Davidson recommends drive belt replacement at 60,000 miles. However, when it comes time to replace them, it can be a considerable amount of work. For example, replacing the drive belt on a Harley Davidson requires the removal of the swing arm and primary covers. Changing final drive gear ratios can also be difficult and costly. The belt’s length matches the sizes of the stock pulleys. Therefore, if you change pulley tooth counts, the belt will likely need changing too. Belts are not cheap. However,over the life of a motorcycle, the cost compared with the cost of a chain drive machine’s chain and sprocket tends to balance out or even be less expensive.

Chain drive is presently the most common motorcycle drive. Chain drive has low power loss and can handle high torque and shock loads well. Motorcycle chains are sold in two basic types: -O-ring (most common in today’s street motorcycles) and non -O -ring. The O-ring chains retain their lubricant internally because the O-rings seal it in between the side plates. Non O-ring chains require more frequent lubrication and adjustment, and generally don’t last as long as O-ring chains. “Therefore, non O-ring chains are best suited for slow speed and short distance machines, while O-ring chains are well suited to highway motorcycles.
Chains typically require replacement every 15,000 miles or so, although there are plenty of exceptions. If the chain needs frequent adjustment to remove slack, that’s a sign of wear. One way to check for wear is to pull out on the chain at the very rearmost point on the rear sprocket considerably, its a sign of wear and looseness in the links.
When it comes time to replace the chain, carefully inspect the sprockets for wear and hooked teeth. It’s best to replace the chain and sprockets at the same time for longest service life. With chain drive, owners chain change ratios easier than with other drives. Sprocket ratios can be changed to reduce engine rpm at road speed, or increase revs for greater acceleration and hill climbing ability. Unfortunately, chains require more maintenance and have the shortest life span compared with belt and shafts. Special chain cleaning tools and chemicals along with chain lubricants, should be used to maintain the chain and sprockets and extend the service life. Chain tension also should be checked regularly and adjusted according to instructions in the owners manual. Chain life depends on its quality, how it’s cared for, and how it’s used. It’s worth noting that it’s better to keep a chain clean then to over lubricate it, which can cause the chain to attract more grime, wearing out the seals prematurely.

Shaft Drive
With shaft drive, torque is delivered to the rear wheel via a short drive shaft, much like in a rear wheel drive car. A pinion gear drives a ring gear, to turn the direction of drive by 90 degrees again, like a rear drive automobile. The gear type final drive is bathed in gear lubricant, which is sealed to keep it clean and contained in housing. Shaft drives are quiet and require little maintenance in normal use, and this is probably their best feature. The final drive lubricant level should be checked at every oil change service and changed during major service intervals as listed in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. If there is no listing, it’s a good idea to change lubricants every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. Shaft drive cost more initially when the motorcycle is built, and can be quite costly if major parts break, particularly after the warranty expires. Changing gear ratios also can be expensive,and therefore could be impractical in many cases.

Final Thoughts on Final Drives
As you can see, each type of final drive has its benefits and liabilities, which is why all three types continue to be manufactured. Belt drive will transfer 95% of the power applied to it, a chain can transmit up to 98% of the engine’s power,and a shaft drive is around 80% to 85% efficient. These percentages can vary. hen it comes time to shop for that next new motorcycle, consider which type of drive is best for you as part of your buying decision.

Keep the contact patch between the lines
Michael Theodore
National Public Relations Coordinator

State Watch

From the AMA

The Ohio department of Transportation has teamed with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to create Central Ohio’s first “Distracted Driving Safety Corridor” along a stretch of I -71 in Delaware and Morrow counties. The 22 mile corridor will be staffed with more troopers looking for violations. ODOT also will install signs warning drivers they have entered the corridor where there is zero tolerance for distracted and unsafe driving.

Two bills were introduced in the state legislature on the topic of distracted driving. S.B. 279, from would expand the current law for minors to all drivers, prohibiting hand held device use and making it a primary offense, Currently adults texting while driving may be cited only if they are stopped for another reason. S.B. 285 introduced would make comprehensive changes to the state’s distracted driving laws based on recommendations from the Ohio Department of Transportation Distracted Driving Task Force. The bill would restrict all hand held e-device use and make use of devices a primary offense. It would add incremental penalties for repeat offenses. The bill would add to the existing offenses of vehicular homicide vehicular assault the new offense of “vehicular harm”. It also would make device use violations a “strict liability” offense, meaning the driver’s intentions are not relevant. This provision addresses the defense of “but he/she didn’t mean to crash.” S.B. 285 also calls for distracted driving instuction in driver’s education courses.

Gov. Mike Parson signed H.B 1963, which gives motorcyclist 26 or older freedom of choice regarding helmet use while riding. To ride without a helmet, though, motorcyclist must provide proof of heath insurance and have an ‘M” endorsement on their driver’s license. The new law takes effect August 28.

A new law went into effect that prohibits drivers from holding their cell phones while the vehicle is in motion. The use of hands free technology remains legal while driving.

Thanks to Harley Davidson for launching the “Learn-To-Ride” programs to draw new riders to the motorcycle lifestyle. The “Learn-To-Ride” differ from existing programs by offering one-on-one or small private group training in a low- stress environment under the supervision of a professional riding coach.
Michael Theodore
National Public Relations Coordinator

Up Coming Events

Sept 20  Clennenin Biker Sunday Clennenin,WV
Sept 22-25 UPCI General Conference HAS BEEN CANCELLED
Remember when planning your next biker event. Please give your information to the board. This way we can get your event listed on our National website and on both of our facebook pages and here in rumblings.
Thank you,
Michael Theodore
National Public Relations Coordinator


Just a few thoughts I been having.
Maybe we all can ask ourselves some questions.
For what purpose did we join ASR?
For what purpose did I get blessed with this motorcycle?
For what purpose did I stop at a gas station and happen to see other bikers?
For what purpose am I going through this hardship?
For what purpose did I meet this individual?
For what purpose is my health declining?
For what purpose did I hear an acquaintance is struggling?
Now I’m gonna talk about me for a few,  As a self employed roofer of close to 30 years I look back and see that I am always on the move, always in high gear, time is money logic. Looking back , looking at present times, I am figuring out that every blessing, every hardship, every trial, every thing happens for a purpose. When I’m going on a trip I’m always hurrying to get there, hurrying to get home, and not stopping to enjoy some of the things that was put in front of me for a purpose.  How many witnessing opportunities did I miss by hurrying? When I first started having health issues I let worry, panic and fear step in, which means I let my faith drop…… I had been praying for a couple years as some of you know for God to show me how to change up my business, I was having hard time hiring employees, hard time keeping jobs for lack of help, so I tried sub contracting, came with some hiccups but worked for the best, then came the health issues and had to start sub contracting all my jobs and back came panic and fear, but my Pastor and others keeps reminding me that God’s got this. I said all that to say this: No matter what is going on or where your at just going through a normal stress free day or a very stressful moment, stop and ask yourself “What is God’s plan and purpose for this” It could be as simple as an answer to prayer just like maybe God is telling me to get off the roof and be a boss of sub crews and it took health issues for me to listen. But whatever it is there is a purpose for it! God bless you all, slow down and ask God what purpose is this moment for, blessing or trial, it has a purpose.
God bless you all
Bro. Tom Thompson

Culture of Caring

What a Wonderful time we had at the 2020 ASR Rally!
The rally was held July 29 through August 1 In beautiful Nashville, Indiana. We appreciate all the hard work and planning that went into this event. We had 40 plus bikes and many vehicles. I know it took much preparation to plan the routes for the rides, restaurants big enough to hold everyone and to work with the local church for our services.
Our first meeting for the Chaplains was held this year and Bro. Mark Hardin did a fantastic job with this very informative meeting. I heard so many words of help and how to be compassionate in ways I hadn’t thought of. How, sometimes, just be there. Sit quietly, doing nothing, just a presence. Sis. Theodore, Bro. Perry and Bro. Hennigan did an amazing job and was very informative!
The Pentecostals of Nashville were AMAZING! They worked with a big smile for all the riders.
Thank you to each of them and to Bro. Dupree for his leadership and involvement!
Wednesday night was a great tent singing with the spirit of God moving all around! What a glorious time of praise and fellowship.
Thursday Night we had Bro Scotty Grimh, Missionary to East Africa. What a blessing he was. I thank God for the money raised to bless him with 6 motorcycles. The service was so powerful and the presence of the lord was mighty! Souls were blessed beyond measure.
Bro Grimh even hung around and joined our ride Friday.
We had a beautiful ride Friday and a delicious lunch served by Sis Bubbly and crew❤️ Friday night service was a blow out! How mighty is our God? Bro. Doughty from Mattoon, Ill did a fantastic job!
We closed out Saturday with the annual business meeting and lunch. It is always so sad to have to say goodbye to everyone. One day, and I don’t believe it will be long, we will never have to leave one another again.
During this week together, you could not only see the love, But feel the unity and love among our Azusa Streetriders. Some of us only see each other once a year, but there is a love between everyone constantly. It is so comforting to know we have brothers and sisters in Christ that carries us in prayer and love.
We sure missed Bro. and Sis. Bealle this year! Our prayers for them continuously!

Rev. Mike and Rev. Julie McGhghy-Aimers to Costa Rica

Rev. mark Markham, Turning Point Fellowship, Clinton, Al.
Rev. Johnny Carr, Apostolic Church of Tatum, Tatum, TX.


Bro. Fred Bealle-complete healing in body
Bro. Tom Thompson-complete healing in body
Sis. Lydia Diaz-complete healing in body
Bro. Delbert Hayes- chemo treatment
Bro. Scott Culver-recovering from finger amputation
Sis. Serena Weber- recovering from Covid-19
Bro. Robert Eades-recovering from Covid-19
Bro. David Pierces’ wife-recovering from Covid19
Bro and Sis Sell-recovering from Covid-19

Jon and Serena Weber’s daughter
Krysta Markham’s father
Joe Endicott’s mother
Lisa Endicott’s mother
Doug Solomon’s father
Anthony Stoney’s father

Chaplain Carman Hamby

Up Coming Events

Aug 30 – 1st Annual Biker Sunday Warren, Ohio
Aug 30 – 1st Annual Biker Sunday Jacksonville, Illinois
Sept 20 – Clendenin Biker Sunday Clendenin, WV

Get ready for a great ASR ride out west in 2021

Rolling Road trip to South Dakota with a Biker Sunday in Omaha, Nebraska Details are being worked out for a June date 2021. We will keep you posted.
National Public Relations Coordinator
Michael Theodore

Motorcycles for Missionaries

What an amazing Rally we had! The Lord continues to bless the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry. Last years Motorcycle for Missionaries offering was 20,356.64. We were able to purchase motorcycles for Cuba, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Asia. This year despite Covid19 our offering at the end of the rally was 21,349.00 with checks still on the way. After taking up a special offering on Thursday nights Missions service we were able to provide 6 motorcycles for Bro Grimh in East Africa. We will also be purchasing a motorcycle for a missionary in Isreal. I pray the Lord continues to bless every one of you as you bless our Missionaries.

God Bless,
Sis Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer