Bind the Strongman 2019

Bind the Strongman
March 1st , 2019

Bind the Strongman prayer meeting. Myrtle Beach, SC March 1st

Everyone is encouraged to make plans to be here for a great move of God. This is our kick off event for 2019.

More Information to follow

Christian Life Center
124 April Gray Lane
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
Church Phone: 843.236.7111

Welcome New Chapters, New Members and a Welcome Back

Hocking Hills, OH Chapter

We have another Chapter in Ohio! The Ashtabula, Ohio chapter is now getting smaller due to the fact that we have now branched off into two new chapters this year. The Minerva, Ohio and now the Hocking Hills, Ohio chapter. We got a chance this month to go down to New Straitsville, Ohio to present patches to the Hocking Hills, Ohio Chapter. We are so excited for both Ohio Chapters as they minister and reach the lost through Azusa StreetRiders ministry.

Presented by: Michael Theodore                                                                                                 National Road Captain

We want to Welcome Pastor Jeremy Carver and the Tri-Cities Chapter members to the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry. These guys have been riding as a group for several years and felt it was time to incorporate themselves into this ministry. They are definitely a great addition to this ministry and I am excited to see what the future holds for these Holy Ghost filled men of God.

Pastor Jeremy Carver
Bro Steve Campbell
Bro Mark Franklin
Bro Laure Jones
Bro Timmy Salyer
Bro Brian Wagers
The Sanctuary Church, Greeneville, TN

Billy Hogg
Brian Hogg
Mountain Life Church, Pound, VA

The NEW Tri-Cities, TN Chapter with a few friends from FAC

Bro Marvin Wallace
Pentecostal Life Church, Montgomery, AL

Azusa StreetRiders Ministry World View

Let’s keep Bro Robert Frizzell in our prayers where he is working on establishing first time ever a new chapter for the Azusa StreetRiders  Ministry in Bangkok, Thailand.
20 million registered motorcycles more than all the cars, trucks and public transport put together.
WOW what A biker’s Sunday we could have there !

Think of the possibilities

I wanted to thank the UPCI Foreign Missions Department  especially Bro Bruce Howell, Bro Tom Harding (who BTW is an ASR memer), Bro Buckman, Bro Picar and many more in assisting the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry in facilitating sending funds to Bro Guzman the Azusa StreetRiders Coordinator for the PhilippInes.
This was done in memory of a great man of God, Bishop Ompad who went to be with the Lord earlier this year and a big supporter of the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry, Philippines.
The Azusa StreetRiders membership voted unanimously at our National Conference to send enough funds to purchase this bike in memory of Bishop Ompad The new motorcycle is to be given to a local “pioneering” pastor for the furtherance  of the Gospel in that region. This was money well spent and may God get the glory.

Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle in memory of Bishop Ompad

Azusa StreetRiders Ministry – Philippines 
Youth Rally
Azusa StreetRiders Philippines promoting this ministry to  apostolic youth simultaneously at two different  UPCI Youth Conventions in November for Section 2 Fishermail Quezon City (Bro Danilo Guzman) & Section 5 Queens Row Cavite City (Bro Dennis Elardo)

Queens Row Cavite City Youth Conference
Fishermail Quezon City Youth Conference Philippines

Shopping for cold weather gear

My tip for cold weather riding is buy good gear! You get what you pay for. Make sure you buy something that allows for flexibility by adding or removing layers, and should be waterproof. If cost is a restriction you still can get good gear, but look in different places: garage sales, Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon (don’t forget to use Amazon smile for Azusa StreetRiders when ordering from Amazon). I check motorcycle manufacturer’s sites for items that are on clearance. You can save up to 60% in a lot of cases. Snowmobiling gear is a great option, as it’s high-tech.
If you invest in battery-operated heated gear, be advised this gear does not last long and with the cooler temperatures the batteries lose their power even faster. Gear that you can plug in will be more reliable, but you will have several cords winding through your clothes and you will be tethered to your bike. Do your homework before you buy. Stay warm and have fun!

Sis Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer

Cruzin for Christ 2018 Results

I am proud to submit this report from our Atlantic Canadian Chapter:

I’m FINALLY able to announce the results of the 2018 “Cruzin’ for Christ” Motorcycles for Missions Biker Rally. What once was $1000.00 in Canadian Funds (9years ago) now takes $1650.00 (Cdn) per unit. Inflation, monetary exchange rates & requests for more rugged units  to better withstand the conditions in which they’re being operated all add to this extra amount.

For 2018, we’ve provided:
1 motorcycle to Belize – In Memory of Bro Peter Wright
1 motorcycle to Liberia – In memory of Sis Jessie Williams
1 motorcycle to Senegal – in memory of Rev Clinton Mercer
1 motorcycle to Benin – in memory of Sis Vivian Williams
1 motorcycle to Cameroon – in memory of Rev Clinton Mercer
1 motorcycle to Tanzania – in memory of Bro Carvell Hanscom
1motorcycle to Sierra Leone – in memory of Sis Geraldine Hanscom
1 motorcycle to Ghana – in memory of Sis Vivian Johnson

I also have an outstanding support network which helped to contribute to the success of this year’s ride.
“It takes a team to send a motorcycle.”

Dave McLeod / Atlantic Canada Chapter

And if that was not enough I received this information earlier today:

I just finished a conversation with a gentleman who asks if it’s too late to contribute $$$$.00 and add another motorcycle to the 2018 allocation. So the totals should be 9 for 2018 and 47 since we started doing this nine years ago… / Dave



State Watch

The state Senate passed legislation aimed at decreasing driving by imposing up to a $100 fine on offenders in addition to the standard fine established for the moving violation they are cited for. H.B 95 makes distracted driving a secondary offense. Drivers must be pulled over first for a moving violation before they can be cited for the offense. Under the bill,distractions include, but are not limited to,texting,reading,using tablet or smart phone features or applying cosmetics. In lieu of paying the additional fine, offenders may choose to complete a distracted driving safety course.

Motorcycle Ohio, the state’s rider training program, has become part of the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The agency previously was part of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Official’s said the program will continue with “business as usual”.

There is a new bill to allow motorcyclist to ride on the shoulders of the road became law without the signature of the Governor. Who initially vowed to veto it. In Hawaii, a bill that passes the Legislature, but goes unsigned by the governor or is not vetoed becomes law. The state Department of Transportation will determine the areas in which motorcyclist may use the shoulders to navigate around slowed or stopped traffic. The zones designated for shoulder riding must have at least two lanes in each direction and have shoulders that allow safe passing.

New Jersey
S.1400 was introduced which would allow the operator of a motorcycle. motorized bicycle or bicycle to proceed through an intersection on a malfunctioning steady red light if the operator comes to a full and complete stop at the intersection for two complete cycles or for two minutes, whichever is shorter. The rider would then treat the signal as a stop sign.

The state’s Sunset Commission is considering a transfer of the motorcycle safety program from the department of Public Safety to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, saying it is a “more appropriate, non-law-enforcement agency”. The commission “found the motorcycle safety training and driver license programs have not been administered well at DPS.”

Michael Theodore                                                                                                                      National Road Captain


(My Evening Ride)
I saw you standing over by
the highway fence with wires high
waiting for the moment when
you felt it right to jump, and then…
because I had my eye on you
I know you had me sighted too.
So then I slowed as caution wills;
It’s dangerous riding in these hills.
when sun has set and darkness falls
and trees close in like curtained walls.
Then two eyes were shining bright
as lit up by my bike’s headlight.
Though I’m warned, I have no fear
especially of a single deer,
but then I see more eyes appear
and begin to wonder why I’m here
and then they jump and start toward me;
not just one, but two… then three.
I’m nervous now but stay my course
while thinking this just might get worse.
So I crank her open to get past
the first and second, third and last
still several yards before the road
a different story had I slowed.
But now I slow and wipe my brow
I’m down the road and past them now.
One thing’s sure as I think back
remembering that buck and his big rack.
If we’d locked horns as thought we might
I wouldn’t have made it through the night.
Marvin Wallace


Wheel He or Won’t He?

Using rotating wheels to determine if a driver is about to roll.


Will this car pull out in front of you? Watching for the front wheel to begin rolling is a more reliable predictor than making eye contact with the driver.

For Those Of Us On Two Wheels, The most likely clash with another vehicle pulling into our lane from a side road, parking lot or driveway. How can we know if the driver will hit the gas and shoot point blank into our immediate path of travel? When it comes to that anxious driver poised to pull out from our right or left, is there a way to detect the driver’s intent?
If there’s a wheel there is a way. Determining if a vehicle is beginning to move forward is most practical if we look to the car’s front wheel. Our brain has a much easier time detecting even the subtlest wheel rotation than it does trying to discern if the mass of the vehicle itself is moving slightly from right to left (or vice versa). When you see the wheel on the vehicle beginning to rotate counterclockwise? Be ready; the vehicle is about to enter your lane and space!
But what about eye contact? Even if a driver appears to be looking directly at you, he or she may be looking beyond, never even noticing you. And, even if the driver does see you, they could easily misinterpret the distance and speed at which you are approaching, believing that you are farther away than you are.
Always anticipate the move. Even if you are confident that a driver will not pull out, be ready when they do. The way to do this is by managing your speed. Ask yourself if you could smoothly and safely stop your motorcycle to avoid contact if that driver began to pull out. I always tell myself that driver does not see me so I am already taking defense measures when approaching this type situation. Looking and anticipating while still carrying excessive speed takes away your options and limits your space and time you have to work with should the driver enter the lane ahead of you. And He or she wheel. I mean they will.
Keep the contact patch between the lines

Michael Theodore
National Road Captain


Posting Events

 You can now view ASR events on the new web site just click on Event Espresso.

If you would like your event posted on the new ASR web site please email your information to me and I will get it up on the new website. Everyone can post their events on our two ASR face book  sites the ASR friends and ASR discussions sites. There is a event page set up were you can post your up coming events.
Thank you so much.
Michael Theodore
National Road Captain

Pain In The Grass

How to deal with lawn clippings on the roadway.

Grass on the roadway can be a non- issue or an extremely slippery condition. If possible,slow down using clear pavement ahead of the covered are.

I’ve Got A Grass – Fed Beef, And based on recent conversations, with other riders I am not alone on this issue. We see this all to much while out on the road enjoying a nice ride. Homeowners mowing their lawns and throwing abundant grass clippings onto the roadway can create a special kind of threat to motorcyclist.
Dry grass will typically blow away as vehicles pass through or a nice breeze sweeps it off the roadway. But if grass is wet,it will cling to the surface and can be like grease under your motorcycle tires. If possible, when confronted with grass- covered pavement leading up to the grassy area. Keep your eyes up, look well ahead to increase stability. To maximize your traction, minimize steering,braking and throttle inputs and coast through the grass patches. If the equivalent of one of these Chia Pet patches of pavement appears in a corner,you should minimize your lean angle and look to the exit,not down at the grass or toward the edge of the road.
Remember that grass will stay wet longer than the pavement will. So after a rain shower or in the morning when dew blankets the landscape with moisture, the road surface may be dry, but the grass clippings may still be wet and slippery.
The best way to avoid this problem is ride only as fast as you can see and anticipate the possibility before you encounter it. Slow down and if there is any clear pavement in your lane ride on that instead of over the grass clippings.
If you see homes with lawns especially on the weekends when homeowners are most active doing yard work. There is a good chance someone will be mowing. Larger lawns like those found in rural areas where we like to ride, are often maintained with large tractors that process large amounts of grass and throw it greater distances. While discharging grass onto roadways is illegal in many areas, it remains a big threat to us riders. Anticipating the condition and riding smoothly and calmly through it will reduce the likelihood that grass on the road will clip you.
Keep the contact patch between the lines

Michael Theodore
National Road Captain