Going Into The Arkansas Highways and Byways

It was an invasion of Razorback territory! It wasn’t planned to be an invasion, but, when you put together a ride and add a group of ASR members that are willing vessels in the Kingdom, then it becomes a Holy Ghost invasion!

Over a year ago, Bro Mike Womack (he is originally from Arkansas) and I began to discuss a “rolling ride” where we would not only experience the Pig Trail and other curvy roads but also reach into the state of Arkansas and attempt to open it up for more ASR membership. Mike set up an ASR table at the 2019 Arkansas Men’s Conference and had a few contacts that we wanted to invite to ride with us. Little did we know that the 16 individuals that road with us would become a Holy Ghost firebrand! The ride started innocently enough…with food! Eating at Lamberts in Sikeston, “the home of the throwed roll”, on Thursday evening. Then up early on Friday to ride 330 miles across Missouri/Arkansas to Eureka Springs, which included a ferry ride across Bull Shoals Lake and a stop off for prayer at a little church in Blue Eye, MO (where our dear friends and fellow members, Bro and Sis Cobbs go to church). Then on Saturday it was the Pig Trail and meandering back across Arkansas to Mountain View, AR, for some bluegrass pick’n and grin’n down on the square! Then…Sunday morning! Oh my, what a Sunday morn’n!!

All through the ride…each stop at convenience stores or restaurants, it seemed as though people were drawn to us. Everyone, young and old, began to put the “Go” in the “Gospel”. Folks stopped us to ask questions. Our riders opened up conversations by just being friendly. The very essence of the ASR membership and what we all stand for…ministry…kicked into gear and it was amazing to watch. By Sunday morning, it was a fire shut up in our bones! Literally!! Four times we had prayer…twice in the parking lot of the hotel…then we stopped at Hardees for breakfast where a couple came in and wanted prayer. We prayed in Hardees and the manager videoed our “commotion” and many were onlookers. We didn’t know if the manager was recording to turn us in or just for the novelty of the moment. But, when she followed us out to the parking lot and began to share that she had been backslid from an Apostolic upbringing for over 25yrs, we knew that this meeting was ordained of God! Prayer clothes were anointed and left with several along the way. Then we went to The Sanctuary in Mountain View and had some kind of church! Fired up and rejoicing in what God had done the past several days. I would not have missed it for anything…my hat is off to all that rode with us, for your sensitivity to the needs of others. And, we praise Jesus for allowing us to be in his service as ministers of this glorious Gospel!

Almost a month later, the feedback from Pastor Mize (Mt View, AR) is that they are still feasting on our visit, and still following up with those that we had met. Here are a few comments from those that were privileged to go on this ride…

“It just seemed that the ASR members that attended this ride went out of their way to, not only greet people, but to witness and pray for many souls. In my opinion, this event exemplifies what ASR is all about…” ~ ASR National President, Robert Thompson

“From our first stop to our last stop, I believe without a doubt God was leading us…What stood out more than anything was the hunger of people/strangers coming up and asking questions and asking for prayer…” ~ Missouri Chaplains Donald and Carmen Hamby

“The experience I got was a Revival Experience!…John 12:32 says, that if He be lifted up the He will draw all men unto Him! We were just the vessels being willing to be used of Him so that hungry, lost, and backslidden souls were touched…the harvest is ripe! Let’s go get them!!” ~ ASR Arkansas Regional Coordinator, Mike and Mandy Womack

“I have never experienced such a hunger from as many people as we saw that Sunday morning in Mountain View. Each one of us were willing vessels, used of God to reach out in prayer and love.” ~ Heaven Bound Hoosiers President/Chaplain Mark Wever

“Wow! Stopping long enough to pray for Bowman Pentecostal Church, its future, its Pastor and congregation, that God would bless it and lead them! Still to this day raises the hair on my arm remembering that experience!” ~ ASR Member (Rogers, AR) Troy Shaffer

“This was our first ASR ride, and we weren’t really sure what to expect. We were impressed by the comradery of the group and its acceptance of new riders. We’d heard about the ministry side but the “half had not been told!” ~ ASR Road Captain Toledo IL Chapter Gregg Johnson

As you can see, we were blessed to have been a part of something Jesus led and directed! As I watch the Biker Sundays and the various rides all around the world, I’m blessed to see this same Spirit being exampled throughout this amazing organization!! We can truly sing the song, “Your my brother, your my sister…together we will work until He comes. There’s no foe that can defeat us, because we are walking (riding) side by side…”

Until Jesus returns and we all take that last ride into the heavens!
ASR International Chaplain,
Mark A Hardin

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