Sometimes You Ride The Bike And Sometimes The Bike Rides You

Life seems to be so difficult to understand at times! It seems like all is going along so great and then WHAM! all hell breaks loose and you are in the fight of your life! I don’t know about you or your lives but mine has always seemed like a roller coaster and not the kiddie kind if you know what I mean!?! How do we get through the trials and disasters that come our way? How do we keep our chins up? How do we get to Heaven if is seems like all we live in is hell??

Well suffice it to say……I have no idea!! lol I do however have an idea on the mindset required to get through the issues and get to our promise!! A long time ago, when my bones weren’t as brittle and my brain wasn’t as developed, I broke, trained, and rode a few horses both on our ranch and rodeo. I had a wise old cowboy (Pawpaw) tell me after a little go round and mix up on a frisky critter that called itself a horse that sometimes you ride the horse and sometimes the horse rides you! Wonderful words to hear while dusting your seat off on the ground! (and almost hard to hear them though the laughter!)

I took a ride the other day with another ASR member and a mutual friend. I tried to tell them that they should pick the route. They did not listen and I punched in a route app that asked me if I wanted to avoid highways. I obviously checked YES!! Well, a few miles down the road, we found ourselves on a clay freshly graded road in Mississippi with mud about a foot deep. With a total of 5 falls between us and motorcycles that looked like dirt bikes after a weekend of fun, we finally spotted pavement ahead and went to find a car wash! AS I passed a Jeep going the other way laughing at such a odd sight, I told him through the window that a Jeep was cheating! What a day! Bikes seemed to be riding us more than we rode them. Thankfully no one was hurt and bikes lived to ride again.

How many times have we found ourselves on life muddy road and cant seem to get where we are going since we keep falling off our bikes? People laughing at our calamity and wondering why we are doing what we are doing? I can tell you that during these times, we may be in the dirt more than we are on the bikes, but the pavement is coming!! The road will get better and there will be a car wash around the corner to get cleaned back up!

I wish we didn’t have to go through some things but life is still life. We still have to get up every day and get to work in the kingdom. He didn’t promise us every day would be wonderful but he did promise us he would never leave us or forsake us! He would never put more on us than we can bear! We may sometimes choose the wrong road but he even keeps us safe and will provide a way out if necessary. Jesus love us enough to even overlook our zealous attitudes and let us avoid the highway at times.

I may not know how to avoid the muddy roads of our lives but I do know who helps go down them! If you are in the midst of a disaster, keep your chin up. You may be under the bike now, but there’s pavement coming! Jesus helps us to look back and maybe even find some humor. You should have seen us pitiful looking bikers!

Keep the wheels down and your spirits flying high!
God Bless!!

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Randy Hennigan

Pastor at New Life Tabernacle, Price Texas
Pastor Randy Hennigan serves as elected Vice President of Azusa StreetRiders International. He also serves as Pastor at New Life Tabernacle in Price Tx. He resides in Henderson, TX.

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