You Are Important

How many times have you felt that your importance in life was less than optimal? Every day just like the last? No apparent change in ourselves or those around us? Why would a person continue this adventure called life and never feel like you have made a difference? It is safe to say that no one has not felt this way at some point.

In our visually dependent society, the need to have verifiable evidence has been driven into our lives on so many levels. The keeping up with the Jones mentality is a great example. If you can’t point to a piece of evidence that you have achieved some level of success, then you have a hard time getting some folks to believe it! When we reach one of those times in our lives that we can’t see any signs of success, we quickly fall into the trap of doubt and then our real troubles start.

Doubt is the one enemy of success that we bring to ourselves at the first sign a drought! No positive feedback then no way is what we’re doing the right path. No return on our investment starts us reinvesting in another adventure. No one likes the long game! As the timeframe gets longer, the doubt gets bigger. The shorter the distance seen gives rise to greater and greater doubt. If not careful, doubt becomes the new vision and success fades into oblivion.

Good News!

Be ye not weary in well doing! God’s measurement of success is not defined by man’s evidence but rather by evidence not seen. We are not even promised tomorrow so the farmer who plants may not ever see the harvest. My success in life is measured by my trust and faith in God. Let no one ever tell you that your walk with God is not important. Your life and efforts are more important than you can even imagine. When the world sees you they are seeing CHRIST and the world is lost without you.

What ever you are doing today, keep believing.
What ever you are saying today, keep believing.
What ever you are thinking today, keep believing.

Don’t stop trying!
Don’t stop trusting!
Don’t stop reaching!

You are important today!
You are important to the Kingdom!
You are important to Jesus!

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Randy Hennigan

Pastor at New Life Tabernacle, Price Texas
Pastor Randy Hennigan serves as elected Vice President of Azusa StreetRiders International. He also serves as Pastor at New Life Tabernacle in Price Tx. He resides in Henderson, TX.

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