There has been much discussion, speculation and perhaps even some discontent over the last few weeks regarding the Azusa StreetRiders joining the COC. I want to clear the air and put to rest these rumors. First and foremost, at no point was ASR ever going to be bring itself under the control of the COC. As a whole the direction of the COC and the ASR are at opposite side of the spectrum. I was a little surprised that a few members felt that this board along with Bro Beall would ever do anything of this nature and erode the trust of our church’s, our membership, our family and our friends. We were however presented with a very unique opportunity one of which after much prayer and seeking the face of God we did have a plan of action and were in the final process of putting it into play.

In Louisiana a member of ASR what is invited to a meeting at the C O C & I and asked of this board if it would be proper and could he attend. After several conversations with the Commodore of the Louisiana COC & I it was determined that they were doing their very best to separate themselves from what would be considered a traditional C O C state organization. The fact is they were not allowing themselves to be governed by the 1% community or support groups. A copy of their states bylaws was requested and was given to this board and every indication that their mandate was based on the original framework of how the COC should be operating at the states legislation level. Which was to fight for the rights of ALL motorcycle riders. In addition to be there as a mediator to help settle any disputes involving MC’s, RC’s or MM’s within that state.

Therefor our ASR member from Louisiana attended that meeting not as a representative of ASR but I have an individual and agreeing to the boards instructions. First, he did not represent the ASR ministry. He was representing his church with his pastor’s permission. Second, he was asked to go and oversee the lay of the land and get a feel for what was happening. Our representative was asked to use as a baseline for the spirit of this meeting if he would feel comfortable with his pastor and his pastor’s wife sitting next to him through the duration of the meeting, he reported that he did feel comfortable. Third and the most important was there an opportunity for ministry reaching lost souls. The rest is history!

Since than there has been a lot of speculation by a few that ASR is going to pot because we are allowing that chapter in Louisiana to be a part of that organization. That is simply not true what is true is that this ministry is still about souls and the work of the Lord. This board will never allow the message we preach or the standards we adhere to be water down either internally or by any outside organization. We research the bylaws thoroughly especially under Article 6 subchapter E and F and found nothing that would prohibit any chapter as long as it had its pastor’s permission to be a part of the C O C. Their pastor has agreed and this does not commit ASR to anything. However due to a few members speaking out on social media without all the information available the board, along with the newly formed Northeast Louisiana Chapter have agreed to put off moving forward until this can be discussed at the Nationals in August.

In closing, it is the boards opinion this is a good opportunity to reach out in a very direct way into other motorcycle organizations in Louisiana mostly due to the fact of the way the COC & I is managed. What is being asked of our membership now is to be prayerful let’s not enter in with preconceived ideas as to what the COC & I is all about until we’ve had an opportunity to test the waters. To me it’s like saying all Pentecostal churches are the same, we know they are not. This does not commit ASR on a national level or if the truth be known any other state other than the state of Louisiana and this is a trial only. This does not affect any other chapter within ASR regardless of what may have been said on social media. All we ask is be in prayer and we will discuss this further and in detail in OH in August.

Robert Thompson

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Randy Hennigan

Pastor at New Life Tabernacle, Price Texas
Pastor Randy Hennigan serves as elected Vice President of Azusa StreetRiders International. He also serves as Pastor at New Life Tabernacle in Price Tx. He resides in Henderson, TX.

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