Indianapolis Crusade on the Circle!

September 3, 4, and 6th…downtown Indianapolis Indiana…the Azusa Streetriders have been requested to attend and participate in this milestone event! The local chapter (Southern Indiana) out of Whiteland Indiana, and led by Bro Larry Mahurin, is to lead us in this initiative. This event has been pulled together over the last few weeks and was birthed from a very negative situation where an Apostolic led group was having open air prayer downtown Indy when a group of Antifa rioters ran from police into the crowd of prayer warriors. The police pursued and began to pepper spray everyone, including the peaceful praying Apostolics. This opened the door for this event to take root, due to the way it was handled, and now it will bring all Apostolic organizations and churches together for one unified purpose….to see at least 1,000 souls baptized in Jesus Name!!

A meeting is planned for Monday August 10th at 6pm (est) to hammer out final details of times and speakers, but we wanted to have everyone be in prayer about attending, or at least be in fervent prayer leading up to the event and during its proceedings. We are believing for a Book of Acts outpouring of the Holy Ghost! We do not command these types of outpourings, we humble ourselves before a Holy God and seek Him to move among us. In our broken and humbled approach to His Throne, we are trusting that He will show up and show out!!

Keep an eye on our Facebook Friends ASR page as we post updates of accommodations and times for this Crusade. Azusa Streetriders is a Ministry…a ministry of seeking and seeing souls changed with the Acts chapter two message of salvation!! We are believing this will reap a great harvest of souls and the Kingdom of Heaven will rejoice with us!

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

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