Where o Where Are You Tonight

Most of us who has seen Hee Haw would follow up with why did you leave me here all alone!
I am sitting here at the Hennigan Compound by my fire pit and thinking about what I wanted to write to all of our Rumbling Rowdies! We have grown to become a very large and diverse cross section of churches and ministries over the last few years. All walks of life, personalities, and backgrounds are to be found in our ranks. Many time I feel as VP that I’m very much a small frog in a very large pond. So many of you guys and gals bring much knowledge and life experiences far beyond my own.

As the holidays move closer, there are many that will experience very different emotions over the next few weeks and I wanted you to know that you are never alone! I may not know where you may be at any particular time but God never loses sight of us. He said he will never leave you alone.

Many of us have lost loved ones this year due to Covid and other issues. Loneliness and feelings of loss go hand in hand with these issues of life. God never loses sight of us and He never leaves us alone.

Many have lost jobs and finances over the last year. Gas tanks take more money or we use less gas. Cost of living is taking a toll on 401 and IRA balances. God never loses sight of us and He never leaves us alone.

Some of us have changed our lifestyles and habits to better lead us to a closer walk with God. This has led to a loss of some friends and family sometimes seem to disprove of our more Godly choices. Addictions are difficult to break and even harder to replace with better coping skills. We seem so small and insignificant. God never loses sight of us and He never leaves us alone.

It seems like the commission that was handed to us by the Almighty is to large and impossible to accomplish with our meager talents and abilities. In walking thru the hedges and byways we see ourselves in those we seek to invite to the marriage supper and we wonder at our success in showing them the Christ. Such a responsibility. Such a vision. Such potential. So much to do. God never loses sight of us and He never leaves us alone.

I may not know where each of you may be this evening. I may not now your struggle today. I may not know how far or close you may be to throwing in the towel. I may not be able to give you the direction you seek or the answer you desire. I can tell you this,

Jesus never loses sight of you and your never alone!

Hugs and prayers to all of you!

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Randy Hennigan

Pastor at New Life Tabernacle, Price Texas
Pastor Randy Hennigan serves as elected Vice President of Azusa StreetRiders International. He also serves as Pastor at New Life Tabernacle in Price Tx. He resides in Henderson, TX.

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