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Greetings to everyone and Gods blessings! 

Can you believe January 2021 is already behind us? What a month it has been! January was filled with many highs and many lows for myself and for many of my friends.  I am sure that some of you feel the same way.
It seems like all we encounter lately is negativity, confusion and uncertainty. It is on a daily basis that Christians seem to be more and more the “odd” ball in our society.  Our world is getting more twisted and off track than ever before.  I am so thankful I have a friend that is closer than a brother, an on time God that never lets me down.  I may not always get the answer I want but I ALWAYS get the answer I need.
I look at situations in my past where I prayed for things and I thought I knew the answer and was just waiting on God to do what I expected.  Then he would throw me a curve ball.  I would question God, I would even try to bargain with him. Have any of you ever been guilty of that?  If only we could see down the road how he is putting our lives together piece by piece.  I am so thankful that he knows what’s best for me and even when I don’t understand, he is working and shaping my path!
 My heart has been aching for so many in the last several months.  It has been an every day occurrence of hearing of a passing of someone I knew,  a friends loved one that is sick, friends losing their parents,  friends with serious health issues and having tests to rule out cancer, friends finding out they have cancer, lost kids of friends in trouble, parents not knowing where their children are, parents losing their children, the list goes on and on.  There is so much heartache people are facing today.  I can not imagine how those that don’t know God get through situations.  It is because of trust and faith in knowing him that gives us peace and a little more understanding.
I have some dear, dear friends that I have watched raise a child from 9 months old to 4yrs old now get that precious little one pulled from them.  I have talked to them when there was nothing that would come out except tears. I have seen the anger and the questions of why and how.  I have seen them fall before  God for answers but I have never seen them turn from God.
I have seen shouting in victory, stomping on the devil and praising God for knowing he is in control.  The pain and hurt is still there yes, but they know that even when they can’t see it, he is working on their behalf.  I have been on the phone when through tears my friend would say,” I know God has a plan and I trust him”.  I have drawn much faith from seeing them stand firm on their trust in God during this situation.  I admire my friends because through the gut wrenching pain, the heartbreak and the uncertainty they have endured and situations they  still have to face,  they smile and say, “ he is in control”.
I am so thankful to have a friend that will never leave me and one that sticks closer than a brother!  I love Jesus with all my heart and my desire is to see him face to face!


Please join in prayer and fasting for the following needs:


Rev. Mike & Julie McGhghy,  Aimers to Costa Rica




  • Bro. Fred Beall-complete healing
  • Bro. Jeremiah Hayes mom, Tina needs a miracle
  • Bro. & Sis. Pray- loss of their son-in-law. Hold their daughter up in prayer also.
  • Bro. Doug Solomon-brain tumor
  • Bro Eagens granddaughter , Julia-divine intervention and loss of his brother
  • Bro. Oeland Hanes wife, Carolyn-complete healing
  • Sis. Lydia Diaz- complete healing

Pray   those that have lost family members and friends to COVID-19

Also, try to encourage someone. There are many that suffer with loneliness and just need to hear that someone cares.

Chaplain Carman Hamby









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