A Culture of Caring – February

What does consolation mean? The comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment. Encouragement is the act of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

Research has proven that people are much happier if they are shown appreciation. Many times it does not take more than a kind word or simple appreciation for a job well done. Encouraging others will become a lost art if we are not intentional about showing others we care. Staying too busy is only an easy way to neglect others. As Christians, we must be intentional about our care of and concern of others welfare, their happiness and spiritual growth. We are our brother’s keeper and encouragement goes a long way to boosting the spirits of a discouraged friend when they are walking through a dark trial. Barnabas was recognized by the title “Son of Encouragement” or “Son of Consolation.”

Where Does Consolation Begin? So glad you asked! Consolation begins in the fulfillment of our relationship with Jesus Christ and His acceptance of us into “the glory” of God.” When in the flow, the attitude of encouragement begins in the fact that God has received us and we, in response to God’s grace, respond by allowing the same acceptance flow out of us to others. (Excerpt from Cultivating a Culture of Caring by Rev. Mark Hardin). `

To be clear, consolation and encouragement is not meddling into another’s affairs when they have been hurt or offended. Proverbs 26:17 KJV: He that passeth by, [and] meddles with strife [belonging] not to him, [is like] one that taketh a dog by the ears.

Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. (Philippians 2:3). It is difficult to esteem another better than yourself when pride is present. We must decrease and Christ must increase before real encouragement and consolation can occur.

A special thank you to our chaplains for compiling the names of those with needs and sending to Chaplain Carman Hamby by the 25th of each month.. This will make it so much easier to keep abreast of the needs of those who serve in ASR.

Philippines Apostolic Churches affected by Taal Volcano eruption

Rev. Mike McGhghy and Rev. Julie McGhghy – AIMers to Costa Rica
Rev. Rodante DeGuzman ASR Philipines

Home Missions
Rev. Mike Markham – Turning Point Fellowship – Clanton, AL
Rev. Johnny Carr – Apostolic Church of Tatum – Tatum, TX


Pastor Nick Senior, KY – healing in body, surgery scheduled Feb 1st
Tim Miller – VP of Texas Chapter – heart problems
Carolyn Doyal Hanes – healing in her body
LIndsay Moore – healing, to become whole
Tom Thompson – complete healing
Lydia Diaz – currently being treated with Chemo
Delbert Hayes – currently being treated with Chemo for Leukemia
Martha Hardin – Chaplain Hardin’s mother recovering from gallbladder surgery
Anthony Storey – recovering from motorcycle accident
Kaila Markham Miller – complete healing, recently had two brain surgeries
Rev. Johnny Carr – vertigo and Headaches

Family Members Passed 2019
Jon & Serrena Weber’s daughter
Krysta Markham’s father
Joe Endicott’s mother
Lisa Endicott’s mother
Doug Solomon’s father
Anthony Storey’s father
Marcia Hollingsworth’s husband,
Millard was the former Treasure of Northern KY Chapter.

Thank you for your prayers and support

Diane Beall
ASR National Ladies Chaplain

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