It’s What We Do!

How proud we are of our accomplishments and wins!! We all love to be a success in what ever we do. Success should drive us to be the best we can be in both our secular lives and in our walk with God. The question is how do we measure our success!

Our measuring stick and Gods differ in many ways. Our ways are not his ways and I believe that is a great thing! When I don’t understand, he does. When I can’t move in any direction, he makes a way out of thin air! What a wonderful thing to be in the hands of a loving God!

In a few months we will be meeting for our national rally and I wanted to be sure and encourage all of our members to try and be there! Why? So that we can worship the one who has made us a success together! To be able to seek direction and to hear from him!

For those who will be running for office let the Lord direct you and your heart! Remember that it is a sacrifice of love (and money lol) to be able to reach into the lives of this membership and try to be an encouraging voice. It has been a privilege to serve this last year and it still feels like I only just started!

So much to do and so little time! The fields are truly white unto harvest!

Will God be pleased with our success? We can only hope and pray that we hear well done! I believe that if we put our whole heart into this ministry that we are a part of we cannot fail! Our prayer and spirit filled lives will be the difference in a dark world. This who are seeking the Savior are the important contacts that we make! Lord, let our lights shine brightly! Let us do what we do with all of our might and spirit!

Pastor Randy Hennigan

ASR National Vice President

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Randy Hennigan

Pastor at New Life Tabernacle, Price Texas
Pastor Randy Hennigan serves as elected Vice President of Azusa StreetRiders International. He also serves as Pastor at New Life Tabernacle in Price Tx. He resides in Henderson, TX.

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