Prayer Requests

Here is a list of known prayer requests. While I may not have a lot of details on some of these, the Lord knows all of the needs. Let’s mention their names before the throne.


John Thurik
Robert Thompson
Joyce Knight
Everly May (Joey May’s daughter)
Pastor Joe Jarvis
J. C. Panska
Pete Olson (Kansas City Chapter VP)
Ron & Monica Condon
Cheryl Culver
Victor Diaz (Bro. Diaz’s brother)
Maria & Kayla Diaz (the Diaz’s daughter & granddaughter)
John Oliver (Bro. Cobb’s father-in-law)
&, of course, the Beall family
Thank-you for being faithful in praying for the needs of our members, their families & loved ones.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any prayer needs you may have. Also, if you desire one, we have prayer cloths available that can be anointed, prayed over & sent to you (Acts 19:12).

Be blessed!!

Rev. Robert E. Eades
ASR National Chaplain
(502) 750-2174 (mobile – call or text)

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Rev. Anthony Storey is a licensed minister with the UPCI and has been a member of the Azusa StreetRiders since 2007. He resides in Pleasureville, Kentucky with his wife, Victoria.

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