“Prophetic Law of Multiple Fulfillment” (Voice of Truth radio, airdate 2015-11-01)

Listen as author, teacher, and ASR pastor Doug Joseph brings you helpful resources to better understand prophecy and debunk false doctrines such as “Replacement Theology.”

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Doug Joseph is a Christian husband, father, pastor, teacher, and author. He resides with his wonderful family in beautiful West Virginia, which has the best curves in the world for motorcycling with friends. He has authored both fiction & nonfiction. His nonfiction works include "The Life and Ministry of Billy and Shirley Cole," an official memoir of two great heroes of the faith, and (co-author of) "The Book of Salvation," a soulwinning tool made for bikers. His works of fiction comprise the ongoing "Skyport Chronicles" consisting of "New Immortal," "Tesseract," and "The Last Bye." Doug is also the radio host for "Voice of Truth," which is heard weekly across north-central West Virginia on News-Talk WAJR, 103.3 FM. He blogs at www.DougJoseph.net.

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