Praise the Lord Azusa StreetRiders, By the time you receive this issue we will be headed towards Denison Texas for the 2017 ASR National Rally.
I just wanted to say to each of you that it has been an honor to serve as the ASR
President and I thank you all for this opportunity.

I do have a few announcements to make.
First of all Rev. Robert Eades is still the National Chaplain, last month I made a mistake on the announcement that he was stepping down.
we do have a new International Chaplain that is Rev. Allen Cherry from La.
and we have add another east regional chaplain, Sis. Diane Beall from SC
Please travel safely to Texas.
we will be announcing the information fro bind the strongman 2018 and the 2018 & 2019 ASR Nation Rally at our Annual Business meeting.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.
God Bless
Rev. Anthony Storey
Azusa StreetRiders
International President

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Anthony Storey
Rev. Anthony Storey is a licensed minister with the UPCI and has been a member of the Azusa StreetRiders since 2007. He resides in Pleasureville, Kentucky with his wife, Victoria.
Anthony Storey

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