Prayer Warriors with Little Feet

ASR National Rally 2022

We will have our first children’s prayer conference! Teaching our children using everyday things that are familiar to them!  The greatest survival tool of all is PRAYER!

The conference will be from 9:30am-4:30pm at the Holiday Inn Express on Thursday and Friday! Ages 5-12 and teens are invited to assist. Lunch is available for purchase on ASR website! We will be providing snacks!

Please sign up early if your children will be attending!

ASR National Rally

Bind The Strong Man March 4th

Bind The Strong Man in 3 locations

North East region  is in Wooster, Ohio

South East region is in Jonesboro, Georgia

Central region  is in Price, Texas

Bind The Strong Man is our main prayer event to kick off our season.  Please join us at one of the three locations.



Radical Submission

Praise the Lord ASR Family,

I recently read an amazing book and would like to share some excerpts from it, Radically Apostolic by Bishop Charles G. Robinette. I believe this book is going to shake the spiritual foundation of anyone who reads it with an open and spiritually hungry mind. We all want to make it to heaven but we won’t make it without radical submission. Everyone who is coming to the National Rally will certainly want to have read this book in advance of his teaching there.

Rev. Stephen M. Merritt, Missionary to Samoa wrote this testimony: Bro. Robinette was away visiting other churches within the region. I was required to make sure the Apostolic Ministry Training Center
(AMTC) was operational and runnng smoothly in Bro. Robinette’s absence. I can’t say what it was exactly that caused me to undermine that responsibility, but I did. (Even now, reliving this moment brings me to tears.) Word gets to Bro. Robinette that school did not start on time and the AMTC module of excellence and Apostolic responsibility was broken through my lact of urgency and readiness.

Later that day I received a text from Bro. Robinette expressing his disappointment in my performance and promptness. As I read the message, defiance, self-justification, and self preservation rose within me. I quickly typed a response. As I typed each letter and word into the message box … my inner glorified conscience was telling me to step back and reconsider In a fit of defiance, I sent the message.

It was a few days later that I received a reply from Bro. Robinette simply saying, “We’ll talk when I get back.”

From that moment to the moment he arrived … my mind raced, my spirit burned and my emotions churned within me. I knew deep down that what I had done was wrong. It was an act of rebellion and defiance.
For the next few days I lost my appetite to eat, I could not sleep, and my morning and nights were plagued with great conviction. I felt as though something was building within me that was going to burst forth from the inside out. Monday arrived and Bro. Robinette texted me, asking if I could meet him at his house.

As I sat on the train heading to his house, thoughts raced through my mind: thoughs of what I had done, thoughts of what he was going to say, and thoughts of worse-case scenarios and best-case scenarios. Powerful emotions went through me. My body leterally ached with conviction. As I disembarked the train and boarded the bus, my heart began to race even faster and my palms began to sweat: Something was happening within me that I could not explain. This was not the typical “going to the principal’s office” feeling. It was something much more powerful, much more supernatural!

When I finally arrived at Bro. Robinette’s house, I stepped down off the bus and began walking to the front door. I still did not know what I was going to say; as a matter of fact, I had no idea how I was even going to respond. I had to decide to either entertain, follow the spirit of rebellion, and go the way of self-justification and self-preservation, or surrender to the evident work of the Holy Ghost.

It was at that moment when I knocked on the front door and Bro. Robinette opened the door … Seeing him standing caused all those emotions and feelings to burst forth into storm of sorrow and repentance … It was supernatural … I physically fell down in the doorway and wrapped my arms around his legs crying out in repentance and submission. I can look back now at the moment and clearly see without a doubt that it was in that moment of radical submission to God and to the man of God that God allowed something to shift within me that became the catalyst for eponential revival everywhere my feet were planted. There are no substitutes, no replacements, and no alternatives for radical submission.

When we serve spiritual authority, radically submit to spiritual authority, pray for spiritual authority, trust spiritual authority, honor spiritual authority, and humble ourselves before spiritual authority, God will bless us abundantly!

What a story, does this resonate with you? This is one example in the book, of which there are many, including Bro. Robinette’s radical submission to others. (Hebrews 13:17) We fool ourselves if we are not willing to submit to spiritual authority.

Diane Beall
Ladies Chaplain, ASR Motorcycle Ministry International


Invoices for membership dues were emailed to 2021 members on Jan. 25th and 26th. Regular mail invoices were sent out on the 26th. Please check emails and or spam and let me know if you have not received an invoice or if there needs to be a change or correction.

Invoices for 2019 and 2020 associate members have been emailed on Jan. 30th.  If you have not received an invoice for 2022 dues and would like to activate your membership please let me know. There were quite a few emails that I have on file that are no longer correct. Thank you for your support of the ASR ministry!

God Bless,
Sis Laureen Theodore
Azusa StreetRiders International Treasurer

East Region Bind The Strong Man Ohio

2022 East Region Bind The Strong Man
Azusa StreetRiders season kick off prayer meeting
March 4,2022
7 PM till Midnight

Host Church Wooster Apostolic Pentecostal Church
Pastor Ben Robinson
3030 S. Columbus Rd
Wooster, Ohio 44691

Hotels close to the church

Best Western
243 Liberty St
Wooster,Ohio 44691

Hilton Garden Inn
959 Dover Rd
Wooster, Ohio 44691

Comfort Inn & Suites
965 Dover Rd
Wooster, Ohio 44691

Hampton Inn
4253 Burbank Rd
Wooster, Ohio 44691


This is a reminder invoices will be sent out individually to email addresses on file or last known home addresses the second or third week of January. If you are a chapter president and would prefer to have an invoice for the entire chapter members sent to 1 person please contact me via email at or text message 330-720-4382 by January 10th. We have changed dues to 40.00 for every member instead of the 60.00 individual members and 30/30=60.00 for chapter members. This was discussed at the National Rally and concluded this would be the best option moving forward to make it easier keeping up with the growth we have seen in ASR over the last couple of years.
Thank you and may God richly bless you this upcoming year,
Sis Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer

Don’t forget to add Outreach to your 2022 events

If you are hosting an event in 2022 PLEASE let Brother Clarence Earp  know what outreach you are building in to your event. Brother Earp will be keeping a record of the different types of outreach for events. and hopefully we can use the information to tweak our outreach and bring souls into the kingdom of GOD. Also send your dates of your events to the board. So we can help promote your event.


Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year to All. May You All Have A Very Blessed New Year. Looking Forward To What The Lord has planned for Azusa StreetRiders This Coming Year.