When I think about what the Bible says about going to hell, I don’t want anyone to spend eternity where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Matthew 13:47-50 Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of every kind, which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad Away. so shall it be at the end of the world, the Angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, and shall cast them into the furnace of fire, there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I want people to hear the truth and be with me in heaven where there will be no more death or sorrow

Revelations 21:4 and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away.
John 14:2 in my father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

We haven’t been given this truth just to barely make it from day to day but we have been given the Holy Ghost to live an overcoming life so we can be witnesses to others of God’s love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, holiness, and His power to live an overcoming life.

Acts 1:8 but ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and ye shall be Witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the Earth.

The Lord has given us the opportunity to minister to a lost and dying world while we do something we love. I pray the Lord leads and guides us by His Spirit to minister to the lost so they will have the opportunity to be in heaven with us.

Matthew 9:35-38 and Jesus went about all the cities and Villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people. But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no Shepherd. Then saith he unto his disciples, the Harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few, pray ye therefore the lord of the Harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his Harvest.

A couple years ago at an Azusa StreetRiders meet and greet at the restaurant we were fellowshipping on a Friday night, a young man was talking about wanting the Holy Ghost. The few of us that were at the table talking with him felt the quickening of the Holy Ghost and told him if he wanted to receive the Holy Ghost to stand up and start worshipping and he could receive it right then. God filled that young man with the Holy Ghost right there in the restaurant. It is my desire for God to be able to speak to me when I am out in the public and direct me to pray for anyone I come in contact with as he leads and guides me.

My prayer is Lord give us a burden for the lost and a vision of Heaven and Hell. Let the vision take us to our knees in prayer, show us how to love like you love and reach out to every soul that crosses our path. Remind us that you have given each of us a personal testimony to minister to others that will lead them to you in Jesus name Amen.

Chaplain Laureen Theodore
Azusa StreetRiders International Treasurer

The 2020 “Cruzin’ for Christ” Motorcycles for Missions Biker Rally Report

The 2020 “Cruzin’ for Christ” Motorcycles for Missions Biker Rally Report
As with so many individuals and chapters, COVID-19 restrictions resulted in “Plan “A” becoming Plan “B” which got adjusted to Plan “C” but with some extra modifications that became Plan “D.”
As I tried to keep up on all the ASR 2020 activities that various chapters organized, I realized that I was starting to get a bit jealous.
The Canadian Government’s reaction in attempting to eradicate the COVID-19 outbreak went from a one week shut-down to “flatten the curve” of infections to a quantity of emergency measures mandated by the various Provincial Governments – (think State Governments if you’re in the USA) – to attempt to control the virus.
For months on end in our area, churches were limited to ten people in the building. That resulted in respective audio/visual staffs doing internet / facebook / U-tube, broadcasting of various Pastors preaching to an empty church sanctuary. But “The Word” still got out there.
And,,,,,, guess what,,,,,,,, adversity has led to a lot of new ways to accomplish the goals of maintaining a sense of community and reaching the lost.
As a result of our 2020 “Cruzin’ for Christ” Motorcycles for Missions Biker Rally (finally) being run on September21st, we were blessed to the extent that we were able to send funds to Africa to purchase another motorcycle for use in Burkina Faso plus two units that will be given to local pastors in The Republic of Congo. Two motorcycles were purchased earlier for National Pastors in Mozambique.
We’re also working on a more rugged “Enduro” type unit to fill a request from a man that goes far into the countryside to reach remote villages.
All of these Pastors are literally on the front lines of the battle to get our Oneness Message out to as many un-churched people as possible.
Not only do these biker-pastors face the COVID-19 challenges, there’s the economic uncertainty and political upheaval within their own countries and even the very neighbourhoods where they are called to minister.
Five more motorcycles might seem to be a small number. Yet…
Please let me share one story with you.
I won’t divulge either the Missionary’s name or the country where the National Pastor resides.
One of the motorcycles that we purchased a few years ago is in daily use by a young man who’s a Oneness bible school graduate. (We’re all cogs in the Great Picture) The young man met and then witnessed to a man who turned out to be a Trinitarian minister. The revelation of the truth of the Oneness message was given to the minister. He then re-baptized his own family and about 90 members of his congregation.
Fellow StreetRiders, that’s but one report that we receive from the regional supervisors where our motorcycles are employed on a daily basis.
Since its inception, the “Cruzin’ for Christ” Motorcycles for Missions Rally has supplied the funds to purchase fifty seven bikes.
Our 2021 Ride will occur on August 21st.
May I take this opportunity to encourage each chapter to look at and then organize a “Motorcycles for Missionaries” activity this year?
Every single dollar counts on the Mission Field.
Dave McLeod
Regional Director for Canada


Reminder-I will be emailing invoices for the ASR membership for 2021 dues the second and third week of January. If there are any changes to the information that I have on file please contact me with the updated information. All dues are 60.00. Individual dues the 60.00 goes to National headquarters which can be paid by paypal or credit card on the emailed invoice, paid on the website store or sending a check to Azusa StreetRiders Ministry P.O. Box 188 Warren, OH 44482. Members in a chapter pay 60.00 for the first year after membership then it is split 30.00 to National headquarters and 30.00 stays with the chapter. Please see your chapter president or treasurer for information on payment. Any office held by a member will have until March 1st to pay their dues before being put on an inactive status for the position held. I’m looking forward to what the Lord is going to do through this ministry in 2021! Have a blessed and Happy New Year! Love you all!
God bless,
Chaplain Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer

The Blessings of Attending “Bind The Strong Man”

Bind the Stong Man will be here in just a few short months so I wanted to give a testimony of past BTSM that I had the privilege to attend. I have attended 4 of the prayer meetings and each one was a blessing in different ways but each one added to my faith. The first one I remember one of the sessions we were interceding for backsliders to come off the streets and walk into our services as the Lord drew them. On that Sunday during service a man come into our church service off the street! The man that came to our service told us he didn’t know why but he felt like he needed to stop and come into the church while service was going on. The Lord answered our prayers from that prayer meeting! The second year I attended BTSM it was during a snack break that a minister came to me with a word from the Lord. The word was a confirmation that ministered to me and gave me the confidence to move forward with the ministry the Lord was calling me into. The third year during the teaching sessions I learned how to anoint people with oil and pray effectively for healing. The fourth year I learned how to effectively do a prayer walk in a city to take dominion over spiritual strongholds and then how to disengage from the spirits. Bind The Strong Man prayer meeting starts off our season for the Azusa StreetRiders ministry and to me is the most important meeting of the year because we receive direction and spiritual discernment for our personal lives as well as for the ministry. We can feel the unity in the spirit during this prayer meeting even if we aren’t in the same physical location. I highly recommend if it is possible plan on attending one of the locations scheduled for this year. If it’s not possible to attend in person then plan to set aside time to pray during the scheduled meetings. I’m looking forward to the testimonies that will be coming out of BTSM 2021!!!
Chaplain Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer

Motorcycles for Missionaries

What an amazing Rally we had! The Lord continues to bless the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry. Last years Motorcycle for Missionaries offering was 20,356.64. We were able to purchase motorcycles for Cuba, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Asia. This year despite Covid19 our offering at the end of the rally was 21,349.00 with checks still on the way. After taking up a special offering on Thursday nights Missions service we were able to provide 6 motorcycles for Bro Grimh in East Africa. We will also be purchasing a motorcycle for a missionary in Isreal. I pray the Lord continues to bless every one of you as you bless our Missionaries.

God Bless,
Sis Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer

Motorcycle for Missionaries offering


REMINDER-Bring your Motorcycle for Missionaries offering to be given at the Thursday nights missions service at the National rally. If you are unable to attend the rally this year but would still like to support our missionaries you can give on our website or send a check to Azusa StreetRiders Ministry P.O. Box 188 Warren, OH 44482

Sis Laureen Theodore                                                                                                                      ASR International Treasurer



Official Website

We will be updating the Official Web Site very soon. We will be adding all the new chapters to the web site along with biker -friendly apostolic churches. If your church is not listed and you would like to have it listed in our official web site. Please contact a board member with your church name and address so we can add it to the web site.

Thank you,

Michael Theodore


Winter Fire 2020 ASR Booth

A big thank you to Brother Rick Perry and the New Haven Connecticut chapter for representing Azusa StreetRiders at Winter Fire this year. You guys did an amazing job with the booth.



As the holiday season is upon us we want to be a blessing to others as the Lord has blessed us. I know we collect our motorcycles for missionaries offering at the National Rally but what if we gave a little bit extra to our missionaries during this time of giving? Think about the blessing it would be to have enough funds to purchase a motorcycle before the National Rally? If every member would donate 10.00 (that’s about the cost of 1 lunch or a couple cups of coffee) we would have a portion of the goal amount of 20,000 for 2020. Here are some pictures of past recipients of our motorcycles.  We are a part of spreading the gospel around the world when we give to support our missionaries as they ride into the back roads and villages that can only be reached by foot or by the motorcycles we donate. Donations can be given by card at or by sending a check to Azusa StreetRiders P.O. Box 188 Warren, OH 44482.
Thank you and may the Lord bless you,
Sis Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer

Motorcycles for Missionaries

The Lord is truly blessing the Azusa StreetRiders ministry! We had a record for giving to motorcycles for missionaries this year with a total of 16,330.64. We are able to purchase 3 motorcycles, 1 for Cuba, 2 for Sierra Leone, and 1 for Tanzania. With the Lords help we are on track to have an offering in 2020 for over 20,000. One of next years recipients will be our missionary in Isreal. I am honored and blessed to be a part of a ministry that focuses on our missionaries and the lost souls all over the world! 
God bless,
Sis Laureen Theodore 
ASR International Treasurer