Praise Report

By Cynthie Zerbe

In August 2021, ASR got invited to have a Biker Weekend in Fremont, Michigan at Christian Life Center under Pastor Neal Tedford. Pastor Tedford asked us to go and pray for an individual that had left the church and backslid, and a girl that had been born with a brain disorder.

We went that Saturday and prayed with them on our outreach ride. The presence of God was powerful.  Now grant it, time has passed and we continued to pray for them and the church.

This past weekend our church Solid Rock Worship Center had a leadership seminar and the surrounding churches in our section were invited. A lady came and sat across from Brother Zerbe and I and starting talking to us. Her name is Mary and she said to us. I know you! We said, you do? She said, you came and prayed at my house. She recognized Brother Zerbe’s vest.

I about started crying because we only met her that one time, and I didn’t recognize her until she said something. We visited and talked and she invited us over to a daughter church of Fremont Church that is starting up in Hesperia, Michigan. We went and got to see Emily, and they are both are now faithfully going to church and doing the work of the Lord.

Glory To God In The Highest!

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Jeremiah Hayes joined ASR in 2017. He was elected Vice President in 2022, and is currently serving as International President.

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