BTSM Jacksonville, TX

By: Bro Clarence Earp

Praise the Lord!
What a great bind the strongman we had in Jacksonville Texas. We had 3 motorcycle ministries attend and participate in our worship, the Word, and prayer.

There were healings both physical and spiritual.

We are so grateful to brother Micah Jones and the great saints of the Jacksonville church for their gracious hospitality. The ladies absolutely went overboard on food and refreshment.

ALL of the speakers did a marvelous job, and it seemed the vein of the preaching really just seemed to flow with one message just complimenting the previous. I never got an accurate count but I think their was about 40 to 50 in attendance and 12 to 14 ASR. We had 12 bikes on our ride and then we all went to a cookout in the country. Hot dog’s hot links s’mores and a campfire.

Some of the Hell Fighters M/M also showed up at the cookout.
We were also blessed to attend a fundraiser for a member of the Hell Fighters where we were able to pray for many and Brother Tate was asked to come back the following Sunday to give his testimony.

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