“Fire” Up Your Engines

The Great Wall of China is a fascinating and opposing structure. It’s purpose was to deter incursions by nomads from Inner Asia. Stretching for more than 13,000 miles, it is possibly the most recognizable symbol of China.

On the top of the wall, an estimated 25,000 watchtowers were built every 200 yards, standing approximately 40 feet above the main wall. It was from these watchtowers, sentries would stand watch, scanning the countryside for any movement, or potential threat of an attack.

These towers were not simply used for observation, but were also signaling posts . Each tower had a storage of firewood, hay, and sulphur. If and when the sentries would spot a hostile force, they were instructed to to light a signal fire to let the other watchtowers know that the enemy had been spotted. If up to 100 enemies were spotted, they would light one signal fire. If up to 500 enemies were spotted, 2 signal fires were lit. 3 fires meant 1,000 of the enemy had been spotted. 4 fires meant 5,000 enemies, and 5 fires meant more than 10,000 of the enemy was approaching. 

Although the threat was real, and the enemy was on the attack; the greater the attack of the enemy, the greater the light was broadcast.

We live in an ever darkening world, where sin is rampant. Evil is called good, and good is called evil. Wickedness is abounding. Society has reached new levels of sin. The enemy is on the prowl, seeking to steal, kill, and destroy.

The stronger the attack, the greater the light of the church will shine. The greater the ferocity of the forces of evil, the hotter the fires of revival will be. The attack of the enemy is nothing more than a call to action, so the fires of revival and the fire of the Holy Ghost will shine brighter than ever before.

The prophet Jeremiah, when he was struggling, and felt like giving up, would say “but His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones!”

Don’t be disheartened and discouraged at the enemy’s advance, but use the opportunity presented by him, to light a fire in your life that cannot be extinguished. Use the enemy’s advance to shine brighter than ever before. Use the condition of society as a rallying cry, to move forward with the fire of the Holy Ghost leading you to someone who needs the Light!

As summer arrives, and events kick off, we embark into a mission field of souls that need to hear about the grace and mercy of God. Just as a sputtering, misfiring bike causes us to fall behind the pack, a smoldering ember will cause us to fall behind in our calling.

As you fire your bikes up this summer, and head out on the streets with the message of hope, make sure the fire of the Holy Ghost is kindled, and burning more brightly than ever before in your life, and you will start fires wherever you put your kickstand down.

Jeremiah Hayes
International President
Azusa StreetRiders

New Members


We want to extend a warm welcome to our new members!

Sharese Willis
Portland, IN
(Upgraded from Assoc.)

Travis & Kaylyn Sturgell
Richmond, KY

De Crawford
New Haven, IN

Brent & Angela Fielder
Valparaiso, IN

Lincoln Fielder
Valparaiso, IN

Matthew & Majel Beal
Jonesport, ME

Alabama Coordinator

The Board of Azusa StreetRiders would like to welcome Bro. Cedrick Magwood as the newly appointed Alabama Coordinator. We are grateful for his vision to reach the lost in Alabama through ASR. Thank you Bro Magwood for your dedication and desire to serve the Lord through this ministry. We are excited about the future of ASR in Alabama!

2024 Upcoming Events


May 3-5
Biker Rally
Cottondale, Florida

May 18
Blessing of the Bikes
Toledo, Ohio

May 25
Heaven Bound Hoosiers Poker Run for Missionaries
Bloomington, Indiana

June 15
Life Gate Motorcycle 4 Missionaries Run
Madison, Alabama

June 21-23
Pentecostal Temple Biker Sunday
Midland, Michigan

June 28-30
Heaven Bound Hoosiers Biker Weekend
Bloomington, Indiana

July 12-14
Northern Indiana Biker Weekend
Location Northwest Indiana

July 20
Princess Within Conference Run
Location and details TBT

August 1-3
ASR National Rally
Omaha, Nebraska

August 4-10
Black Hills Ministry Tour
South Dakota

August 9-10
Heaven Bound Hoosiers Overnight Ride
Bloomington, Indiana

August 17-18
WAPC Biker Weekend
Wooster, Ohio

August 17
2nd Annual Bike Night
Sanctuary of Sikeston, MO

August 24 – August 25
6th Annual ASR Weekend
Jacksonville, IL

August 30 – September 1
Muskingum Chapter Biker Weekend
Zanesville, Ohio

August 31- September 1
7th Annual Biker Weekend
Sparta, Tennessee

September 13-15
7th Annual Biker Weekend
Clendenin, West Virginia

September 20-22
Motorcycles for Missions Biker Weekend
Toledo, Ohio

September 21
Hocking Hills Biker Day
New Straitsville, OH

October 19
2nd Annual Floyd’s Backyard Run
Madison, Alabama

November 7-10
Lone Star Rally
Galveston, Texas

All events will be listed in the monthly rumblings newsletter and on the ASR website.
If you have an event planned, please create an event on the Facebook Group under the events tab, and also send the event information along with any flyers to jeremiah.hayes@azusastreetriders.com

2024 UPCI General Conference

Azusa Streetriders will have an exhibit at the 2024 UPCI General Conference in Long Beach, CA. Most of our influence and membership is from the south, midwest, northeast, and east coast. We are anticipating new opportunities to open on the West Coast! Please be in prayer for this conference. If you plan to attend GC, we hope to see you there!

Man Up 2024 Michigan District UPCI Momentum Men’s Conference

By: John Zerbe – Michigan Coordinator

I got a chance to attend this conference in Marshall, Michigan this year. The Prayer, Preaching, and Presence of God was Amazing.  I want to share that we had a great turn out for ASR Supporters.  Mid-Michigan Chapter presented Support Shirts to several men that are going to promote Acts 2:38 message. These men represent 4 different churches and cities.  Solid Rock Worship Center,  Cedar Springs, Pentecostal Temple, Midland,  Christian Life Center, Fremont, Christian Life Ministries, Big Rapids. There may be a chance of a new member in Manitique, which is in the U.P. I’m excited for what God is doing around the world and especially Michigan. Keep Praying 🙏 until Jesus Comes

Secretary Departure

The ASR board would like to thank Bro Travaris Mallory for his service in the role of International Secretary. He did an outstanding job in that position. Bro Mallory has decided to step away from ASR, and we pray that God will anoint him in his endeavors to reach this lost world.

Secretary Announcement

The ASR Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Sis Julie McGhghy as secretary to fill the remaining term of office recently vacated.

After much prayer and consideration of Sis. McGhghy’s qualifications and love for ASR as demonstrated by her long-term membership (since 2010) and prior service, the Board was happy to offer her this position.

She is uniquely qualified to handle the responsibilities of Secretary due to her many years as a corporate attorney. She is dedicated to the Apostolic doctrine and is submitted to the authority of her pastor and the UPCI licensing authorities. She has actively loved the organization and its members by serving as National Ladies Chaplain and submitting many video and written teachings in the Rumblings.

Sis. McGhghy is married to Bro. Mike McGhghy. Together they have supported the annual Bind the Strongman and National Rallies when in town. In June 2019, after selling most of their possessions (including their 4 motorcycles) they moved to Costa Rica to serve as Associates in Missions, working alongside Bro. Luke and Sister Samantha Campbell. They returned to the United States in 2021 and now serve as Associated Ministers under the UPCI Global Missions Division and travel to teach faculty development seminars for Bible Schools throughout the world. Although they do not currently own motorcycles, they continue to love and support the ministry of the Azusa Streetriders.

Please join us in welcoming Sis. McGhghy to the ASR Board.

BTSM Jacksonville, TX

By: Bro Clarence Earp

Praise the Lord!
What a great bind the strongman we had in Jacksonville Texas. We had 3 motorcycle ministries attend and participate in our worship, the Word, and prayer.

There were healings both physical and spiritual.

We are so grateful to brother Micah Jones and the great saints of the Jacksonville church for their gracious hospitality. The ladies absolutely went overboard on food and refreshment.

ALL of the speakers did a marvelous job, and it seemed the vein of the preaching really just seemed to flow with one message just complimenting the previous. I never got an accurate count but I think their was about 40 to 50 in attendance and 12 to 14 ASR. We had 12 bikes on our ride and then we all went to a cookout in the country. Hot dog’s hot links s’mores and a campfire.

Some of the Hell Fighters M/M also showed up at the cookout.
We were also blessed to attend a fundraiser for a member of the Hell Fighters where we were able to pray for many and Brother Tate was asked to come back the following Sunday to give his testimony.