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Cynthie Zerbe (Nominee for Treasurer)

Well a little bit about me. Born and raised in Big Rapids, Michigan. Meet My Husband in school have 2 Sons, 6 Grandchild, 4 Great Grandchildren and 1 more on the way. In 1987 My oldest Son invited me to church and The Lord moved on my heart and I was introduced to the Acts 2:38 message. I got baptized in the Muskegon River and 5 months later I received His Promise The Holy Ghost at a Ladies Praying Meeting. My Frist Ministry with the Lord direction, Brother Zerbe and I starting picking up people with our van and it flourished so we purchased a bus and transported families to and from church. In 1998 the company that I was employed by  Wolver World Wide was building a new warehouse in Howard City, Michigan . We Prayed and I took a transfer from Big Rapids to Howard City which got Brother Zerbe closer to his job. We transferred church’s from Lighthouse Apostolic Church, Big Rapids, to Solid Rock Worship Center in Cedar Springs, Michigan. There we were under the leadership of Pastor Dana Bryan. I was a Sunday School teacher and part of the Ladies Ministry. Pastor Bryan retired his Ministry and now we have Pastor Bobby Gray. In 2019 we heard about Azusa Street Riders and checked with our Pastor and joined. Sense I was going to be apart of this Ministry I went forward and getting my own endorsement and bike 4 years ago. I’m also a Greeter at my church when we are not traveling for ASR. We are now both retired from our jobs and can focused on our Ministry.


Thomas Whitmore (Nominee for President)

Hello in the name of Jesus! My name has been nominated for international president of Azusa StreetRiders. I am honored and humbled to be nominated for this position, and after much prayer and counsel with my pastor, would be willing to serve if it is the Lord’s will. The Lord called me into the ministry in 2005 and I fought with the Lord that I couldn’t do it because of my past and family status. God made it very clear that our circumstances do not dictate who He will use, He just wants a willing and submitted heart to Him. I first joined ASR in 2011 as the only member in Toledo Ohio. Near the end of 2013 I stepped down from the Toledo Chapter to follow God’s direction for me at the time. In 2020 I felt the call to return to ASR (dues paying member) as Chaplain of the Toledo chapter. My vision is to get back to the mission of uniting Oneness Apostolic motorcycle riders around the mission of reaching other bikers with this Apostolic message. This includes training on personal disciple-making, outreach events, and other activities that give us access to people that need to experience the power of the Holy Ghost. Second we need to unite through the Spirit of God, prayer, fasting, and outreach. With ONE mind and ONE accord! We have the same message preached on the day of Pentecost, the same Power to turn our world upside down! I would ask that you fervently pray about these nominations, that the Lord’s will, direction and outcome take precedence over all fleshly desires! God bless Azusa StreetRiders globally in Jesus name!


Michael Theodore  ( Nominee for President)

My name is Michael Theodore aka Theo. I was asked to do a bio. I thought about this then thought no need to add all that I have done for ASR. The Lord blessed me with ASR which has been a big part of healing in the early years. The Lord told me that I was going to use the tragedy of losing my son 13 years ago as a way to minister. I have the vision and the passion for this ministry and have been sold out for ASR since the beginning. I have been the guard dog since I first became a member. I love my awsome  ASR family with all my heart. I ask you all to please take the time to actively pray about this major decision. This vote effects the entire body.

Michael Theodore                                                                                                                                      Guard Dog



Katrina Sutton (Nominee for Treasurer)

I was asked to give a write up on myself. Well, I have been in ASR since 2012 along with my husband Bro. Mike. I go to church at Christian Apostolic Church under Pastor Douglas Joseph. I have been blessed to have been able to go to every rally since joining ASR. I feel God has blessed us with not only being part of this Godly ministry but this great family. I have always done my best to uphold the standards and mission of this great ministry. I am not a public speaker but I do stand up for what I believe in. On a personal note.. I am a mom of 3 boys and mamaw to one special grandson. In September we are expecting our granddaughter, whom is an answered prayer from my late mom. I know that whichever lady gets the position will do their very best and give 110%. Thanks and love to all. Sis. Katrina Sutton.



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Jeremiah Hayes joined ASR in 2017. He was elected Vice President in 2022, and is currently serving as International President.

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