Praise the Lord ASR family & friends!!
Summer is here finally for us northerners, easterners, and westerners!! You southerners have good weather for the most part all year 🤪As our biker weekends and single day rides or outreach rides are starting , I am doing my best to hit what I can! I will say I’ve put some miles on already and have enjoyed the fellowship!  Unfortunately I can’t make them all and the ones south like Florida, Texas, Alabama, and any I’ve missed, with my work it’s just not possible!! But I am going to try to hit more each year or alternate places! We are Praying for each chapter that God blesses your outreaching!!
Be safe out there and watch the other drivers! They don’t watch for us!!
Pray before you get on your scoot! 
God Blessed us with this way to reach the world that others can’t so, Pray before you ride that God leads you to a hungry soul looking for a different or happier way of life!!
Love you all and God Bless

Jon Weber
NE Indiana chapter president

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Azusa StreetRiders National Road Captain NE Indiana Chapter President

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