Thank you ASR

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for having me on the board the last 4 years. It has been a great experience with lot of eye-opening experiences along the way. Each of the 3 board members I served with has made me a better wiser person in their own way and I love and appreciate each one of you. I wrote and read a few thoughts at the rally but thought I would share with you all. I guess you could say my vision of ASR.

The Apostolic church is thee Acts 2:38 Oneness Holy Ghost church and it is not a denomination so to say. If Azusa Street riders are going to be unified and reach the lost we must not try to operate as a denomination but as a extension of our home church serving under our home pastor living a Godly life as we are taught by our home pastor. Azusa street riders is a Motorcycle Ministry to reach the lost, we are not here to sanctify saints and put holiness rule on our members, that is what our home church and pastor is for. Let’s be motorcycle ministers reaching the lost and bring them to the local church they are close to and let the pastor take over. Let’s continue to furnish motorcycles to missionaries and not try to pastor our fellow members. Last but not least we must let all bikers know they have a friend in Azusa street riders! Friend them to win them!
Thank you
Tom Thompson

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