4th Annual Biker Sunday New Straitsville

Thank you all who came in support of us and supported M4M’s.  It was great honor to have all 4 board members in attendance as well as close to a hundred in service. I would like to thank my dear friend Bro Mike Markham for coming and delivering a great message from God to us. Altar service was amazing with refillings and literally sitting at the King’s table!  Our saturday ride was great 150 mile ride with outreach opportunity’s taken!

Invitations to Kings table.

  Board and associates.

Awesome presence!

God’s table being blessed.

Big Muskie bucket.

ASR Board

Outreach ride turnout.

Greetings from Sis. Laureen.

Greetings from Bro. Randy


Greetings from Bro Robert.

Kings table

Kings table being blessed

Asr board


Thank you all from the

Hocking Hills Chapter! God bless! It’s all for souls!

4th Annual Biker Sunday

Hocking Hills Chapter Ohio  invites you to join us ;

Sat June 8th is our Outreach Fellowship ride.

Meeting at Baymont Inn Logan at 10:00 am for nice scenic ride of Hocking Hills. Meet and Greet at 530 pm at basement of Old Dutch Restaurant.

Sunday morning is Biker Sunday at 333 W. Main St. New Straitsville Oh.

Special guest speaker our Alabama Coordinator Pastor Mike Markham

Lunch catered after service by Jori’s catering.


Treasurer nominee is Laureen Theodore running unopposed.

President nominees are;

Robert Thompson  and Anthony Storey

I’m asking Bro Storey and Bro Thompson to put a acceptance letter on the Facebook “discussions page”  telling about themselves and for questions. This way  it remains members only asking the questions and commenting. Let’s all remember we are a ministry, asking questions of ministers,  pray much and follow what you feel God’s will is.

Thank you

Tom Thompson

International Secretary

Microsoft Word – 2019-Absentee-ballot-for-President.docx


To all Azusa street riders;
I would like to say I’m honored and humbled to be International Secretary of ASR. When I joined ASR in 2011 I would never have dreamed that I would be doing Biker Sunday events let alone being on the board. Aug 2012 on the way to Clarksburg Rally we saw a bike and biker along side route 50, it was Bro. David Showalter , after spending 9 hours in a lot of downpours we got to know a great man that I am in contact with on a daily basis along with Bro. Joe Jarvis and Bro. Michael Theodore but that’s a whole different story.
 I said that to get to this, Bro Showalter’s bike needed to get to repair shop so I rode along with Bro Beall and Bro Showalter to get it there. That gave me the opportunity to hear to hear Bro Beall tell about starting ASR and his vision for this ministry which is one of the reasons I accepted this nomination. As a board member I will do my very best to put God first and to do my part to make ASR everything Bro Beall envisioned it to be. I love this ministry and all the great people that I have got to meet, ASR is one huge family and I want to thank all of you for your confidence in me. God bless you all.
International Secretary
Bro. Tom Thompson