Thank you ASR

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for having me on the board the last 4 years. It has been a great experience with lot of eye-opening experiences along the way. Each of the 3 board members I served with has made me a better wiser person in their own way and I love and appreciate each one of you. I wrote and read a few thoughts at the rally but thought I would share with you all. I guess you could say my vision of ASR.

The Apostolic church is thee Acts 2:38 Oneness Holy Ghost church and it is not a denomination so to say. If Azusa Street riders are going to be unified and reach the lost we must not try to operate as a denomination but as a extension of our home church serving under our home pastor living a Godly life as we are taught by our home pastor. Azusa street riders is a Motorcycle Ministry to reach the lost, we are not here to sanctify saints and put holiness rule on our members, that is what our home church and pastor is for. Let’s be motorcycle ministers reaching the lost and bring them to the local church they are close to and let the pastor take over. Let’s continue to furnish motorcycles to missionaries and not try to pastor our fellow members. Last but not least we must let all bikers know they have a friend in Azusa street riders! Friend them to win them!
Thank you
Tom Thompson


Congratulations to:

Travaras Mallory Secretary elect

Jeremiah Hayes Vice President elect

These 2 great men of God are running unopposed.

Let’s all get behind them and support them.

Thank you

Tom Thompson


I will be accepting nominations beginning April 1st and ending May 31st for the positions of Vice President and Secretary. You can email me, text me, facebook messenger me your nominations. Not a requirement but only a request that who you wish to nominate that you contact them and find out if they are interested in running.
Thank you
Tom Thompson

2022 Rally

Tom’s thoughts on this year’s rally;

Our normal rally is great preaching Thursday and Friday night and sometimes Wednesday evening at host church, we have some great rides , we see some great sights. We enjoy the fellowship with all the members and we always eat great food! It is really a great time that is well worth the trip.  But remember the first sentence of this article? I will say it again “Tom’s thought’s on this year’s rally”

This year needs to be different as it is gonna be, the rally is not in host church but a music hall, yes we gonna have great preaching, great worship and more than likely great food. As I am not trying to steal thunder from Sis Laureen and her church family I just want to be sure that her vision along with my vision reaches the body of ASR. First let me say as much as I love the idea of the music hall it was not me but the Theodore’s that landed this great rally location.

This year let’s not focus on the ride, the fellowship or any of the normal rally festivities, but let’s focus on the Azusa street revival that we got our name from. Let’s all reach out to other motorcycle ministries, other churches regardless of denomination, let’s reach out to anyone we can that does not have the Holy Ghost and invite them to this years rally. If we reach out to any lost soul that we can and get them to the rally then we are setting the stage for God to grant us a revival similar to the Azusa street revival and if we work hard in faith it can be greater than the original revival! So I’m asking us all to pray, to invite and to believe for revival this year at our national rally!

Let’s make 2022 Rally a Rally with purpose of Revival!

Miracles Signs and Wonders will happen if we seek and believe!

Thank you

Tom T


I would like to start with please pray for our members with COVID. It is my understanding a couple of our members are in critical condition and need our prayers! I can only ask going forward with events if there is cases of COVID in your church and or family to please make that information public if you are having a event so guests can decide if they want to risk it. Should there be a outbreak in your church or area that concerns you then please cancel the event, better to not have than spread this virus further. These are different times than we ever faced before and we need to use wisdom and courtesy to decide whether or not it is safe to move forward. In all that we do pray and pray for guidance! God bless the Azusa Street Riders!
Bro Tom Thompson

5th Annual Biker Sunday

Thank you to all who came to New Straitsville!
What a great service! 2 refilled and 1 first time Holyghost!
Friday night started with Pizza at the hotel, Saturday morning was the ride with prayer at Sis Phillips front lawn praying for her healing from cancer as first and most important stop of the day!


Then rode through the hills to Cornerstone church in Circleville Oh and had great lunch ready for us.  Thank you Cornerstone and Gary and Sheri Miller!

Then we took different route through the hills back to Logan to get ready for meet and greet at Olde Dutch restaurant where buffet was provided by New Straitsville United Pentecostal Church. 

Sunday morning Service! Oh what a service!

During the service I was able to give honor and thankfulness to Rev David and Sis Karen Murphy retired pastor and first lady in Niles Ohio as well as Rev David  and Sis Jeanie Showalter  retired pastor and first lady of Omaha Nebraska. These 2 couples have paved the way for so many souls to be saved and both have now passed the torch to their children to continue pastoring.

We were blessed to have Rev Mike and Sis Debbie Coram of Stedman North Carolina to bring us what God put on his heart 18 months ago for this service. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait! Thank you Bro Coram!

Thank you to all who helped and were involved in our biker weekend!

Please join us June 25&26, 2022 for our 6th annual Biker Sunday being preached by our Vice President Bro Randy Hennigan!


I will be accepting nominations for President and Treasurer from May 1 through June 30th. You can email me, text me, Facebook messenger me. 

God bless you all!

Remember it’s all about outreach for Jesus! “Feed my sheep”

Thank you

Tom Thompson



If Jesus only reached out to the disciples then would there even be a church?
Mathew 18:11
For the Son of man come to save that which is lost.
Let us make this riding season a focused season on reaching out.
I encourage us all to reach across all denominations to invite bikers and nonbikers to our events and to our church events that are not ASR related. Jesus said “Feed my sheep”
Look at John 4 with the Samaritan woman, Jesus reached out to her which was not the normal thing to do, if we step out of the normal and try to reach all then we possibly bring in the ones nobody believed possible.
If you know of other bikers that go to other denominations then invite them to our events and your chapters rides. If other denominations are holding a biker Sunday then try to go and make friends and the opportunity to invite them will arise.
Jesus reached out to all, no barriers, no lines, just all.
Take a look at Luke 17:11-19
Jesus healed the lepers and one came back to praise and give thanks.
I really feel the bible lepers are no different than the outcasts of our society today. I myself have seen drug addicts, homeless, thieves etc and been judgmental and a couple years ago on Jeremiah Hayes ride I observed what I believed to be a homeless person and it hit me, every time I pass a less fortunate person I say a simple prayer of something like ” Lord bless them, save them”
If we reach out to all walks of life, all denominations, all we can then what a increase to the kingdom of God if just like the lepers that 1 out of 10 comes back praising God!
Mark 16:5 And he said unto them go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Now I’m getting selfish! Hocking Hills Biker weekend is June 26 and 27th
Book your rooms now! We are a high tourist area and rooms fill up quick and get very pricey! We blocked rooms at the Sleep inn/Main stay in Logan Ohio @ 740 331 4811 and 740 216 5300 They only had King rooms available and gave us 109 per night.
I will be posting other area hotels in Logan, Ohio on ASR Friends if you should choose a different hotel, all hotels in Logan are within 5 minutes of each other.


Hello all,
Just wanted to drop in and say hi and share some thoughts I been having for good while now. We all need a friend or friends, somebody to pal around with, somebody to share problems or concerns with, somebody whose company we enjoy, someone we love and respect. Now don’t take take me wrong I know Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother, I’m not taking anything away from the Lord. But most of us have a friend we can turn to when we need someone besides our spouse. Some of us are blessed to have multiple friends. But in my time around ministry I’ve noticed one particular person or position that doesn’t have many close friends, instead they get complained at, hear the problems and concerns of everyone. Very seldom do they get to do something with a friend just to unwind or share their concerns with, very seldom do they have fun.

The person I’m talking about is Pastor’s, it seems to me they actually have the least amount of friends, but we can fix that, instead of bombarding our Pastor’s with all our problems, how about asking them how they are doing, asking them out for lunch, go shooting or watch a game. After all, our Pastor is 2nd in line to Jesus when it comes to importance in our lives, they are put in our lives by the Lord, since we want Jesus to call us friend, shouldn’t we be friend to the one he put in our life, our walk with God will be easier when we friend the man of God and not just look at him as ruler or problem solver.

Let 2021 be the year that your Pastor is more than Pastor, he is your friend, he needs an ear to talk to as well as we do, your Pastor needs you as much as you need him. Love your Pastor, Pray for your Pastor, Be your Pastor’s friend and you will see your relationship with the Lord get closer.
God bless you all!
Bro Tom


Just a few thoughts I been having.
Maybe we all can ask ourselves some questions.
For what purpose did we join ASR?
For what purpose did I get blessed with this motorcycle?
For what purpose did I stop at a gas station and happen to see other bikers?
For what purpose am I going through this hardship?
For what purpose did I meet this individual?
For what purpose is my health declining?
For what purpose did I hear an acquaintance is struggling?
Now I’m gonna talk about me for a few,  As a self employed roofer of close to 30 years I look back and see that I am always on the move, always in high gear, time is money logic. Looking back , looking at present times, I am figuring out that every blessing, every hardship, every trial, every thing happens for a purpose. When I’m going on a trip I’m always hurrying to get there, hurrying to get home, and not stopping to enjoy some of the things that was put in front of me for a purpose.  How many witnessing opportunities did I miss by hurrying? When I first started having health issues I let worry, panic and fear step in, which means I let my faith drop…… I had been praying for a couple years as some of you know for God to show me how to change up my business, I was having hard time hiring employees, hard time keeping jobs for lack of help, so I tried sub contracting, came with some hiccups but worked for the best, then came the health issues and had to start sub contracting all my jobs and back came panic and fear, but my Pastor and others keeps reminding me that God’s got this. I said all that to say this: No matter what is going on or where your at just going through a normal stress free day or a very stressful moment, stop and ask yourself “What is God’s plan and purpose for this” It could be as simple as an answer to prayer just like maybe God is telling me to get off the roof and be a boss of sub crews and it took health issues for me to listen. But whatever it is there is a purpose for it! God bless you all, slow down and ask God what purpose is this moment for, blessing or trial, it has a purpose.
God bless you all
Bro. Tom Thompson