National Road Captain – Applications Now Being Accepted

The Azusa StreetRiders Board is now accepting applications for our National Road Captain. This is an assigned position for a period of at least one year to be renewed or changed next year at our National Rally in Maryville, TN.

Please email your application along with why you feel your the right person for the job to We would hope to have an announcement by October 1st.

Also included for the first time is an outline of what the board is looking for in a Road Caption. This is ONLY an outline so if there are items on this list that you do not feel qualified for please do not be discouraged and send the application anyway.  We only wish to express that going forward these positions assigned by the Board should require some kind of a qualification process.


The following is a “suggested” list of requirements for the National Road Captain and Chapter Road Captain to consider when applying.

> Valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement (If Required within your State).

> Valid motorcycle insurance for the motorcycle you participate with.

> A member of the ASR Ministry for a least 1 year

> Complete a MSF sponsored Advanced Riders Safety Course within one year.

> Complete a Basic First Aid Course within one year. (American Red Cross Preferred)

> Road Captain will operate their motorcycle in a safe manner

> If you observe a ride participant with a motorcycle or is operating a motorcycle that could present a safety hazard to the rider or any ride participant, you will direct that individual to correct his/her equipment and/or behavior immediately.

> Do not challenge the rider of a motorcycle by  yourself; try to contact the an officer of that Chapter or member. If they are not available at least get another rider to help you. They are your witnesses.

> Treat all ride participants with the same respect that you would expect to be treated.


ROAD CAPTAIN REQUIREMENTS The following is a list of requirements that all Road Captains are expected to accomplish throughout the calendar year in order to maintain their status as either as the National Road Captain or Chapter Road Captain for the ASR Ministry.

> Attend in at least 2 or more Chapter rides.

> Attend at least 1/2 of all Road Captain Meetings.

> Attend at least 1/2 of all your local Chapter Meetings.

> Assist in at least 25% of an advertised Pre-rides.

> Assist in at least 50% of Chapter rides requiring a Road Captain support.

> Although it is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged that RC’s mentor/assist the local chapter Road Captain on the rides that require RC support. The intent is to assure that National Road Captain and local Chapter Road Captains have an opportunity to learn good group riding skills.

> Report to local chapter President or presiding board member at each event, at the appointed time.

> Go to your assignment which could include any of the following and possibly some not listed. 1.) Help with set-up of things.

2.) Crowd control.

3.) Traffic control.

4.) Watch for safety issues, both on motorcycles and participants.

5.) Help insure that participants have an enjoyable and positive event

6.) Any other request from the chapter / event coordinator or president to promote a good event

> Stay at your assignment until you are replaced or released from the assignment.






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