Welcome New Members

A very special welcome for our first ever chapter in Bangkok, Thailand

Bro Bonifacio & Sis Julie Kebasen
Nonthaburi, Thailand
Bangkok International United Pentecostal Church
Rev Robert Frizzell

Bro Stephen & Sis Devine Clarito
Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
Bangkok International United Pentecostal Church
Rev Robert Frizzell

Bro Steve & Ana Kebasen
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok International United Pentecostal Church
Rev Robert Frizzell

Rev Archie & Sister Angela Beavers 
Jacksonville, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers
Jacksonville, IL

Bro Randy & Sis Lisa Beghtol
Arenzville, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers
Jacksonville, IL

Bro Austin Seaton
Roadhouse, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers
Jacksonville, IL

Bro Sterling & Sis Tracey Seaton
Roadhouse, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers
Jacksonville, IL

Bro Lee & Sis Shane
Sevierville, TN
First Apostolic Church
Rev Kenny Carpenter
Maryville, TN

Daytona Beach Bike Week Outreach

I want to personally invite as many that can possible make the 3rd Annual Azusa StreetRiders Daytona Beach Bike Week Home Missionary Outreach Event. This event is to be held at

The Pentecostals of Daytona Beach
1011 W. International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL
Pastor Luis Rodriguez

We will host a BBQ, Free Bike Wash, Singing & Worship, Evangelistic Service and Great Fellowship. The main event will be held March 16th located right on International Speedway Blvd 1 mile from the Daytona Speedway race track.

Allow me to state for the record; There are a lot of things at Daytona Bike Week that we will not involve ourselves in. I have to believe that jesus Christ can reach a lost soul even under these circumstances. I know this this atmosphere may not be what some may consider conducive for reaching the lost I disagree. This is one of our mission fields so and I again encourage all those that possible can come be apart of this great event to please do so, in addition we can show support for a Home Missionary in the midst of it all.

We have accommodations of sorts so do not be discouraged by the high prices of hotels etc

Feel free to contact Bro Thompson for more details.


Looking Forward

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ I pray everyone had a blessed holiday with family and friends. Now that we have geared down on 2018 and revving up for 2019 I wanted to take a moment and once again attempt to set the pace for the following year. We have many events going up on the calendar already so allow me to encourage you to register your event as early as you can.

Which brings me to another point I feel it’s the desire of this board, for us as a ministry, to get booths on the ground and do what we can to reach souls. When an ASR chapter hosts an event and has lost souls (riders) not associated with the apostolic message that is the first step to fulfilling the commission handed down to each and everyone of us  by our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to encourage you that when you do plan an event that we keep in the back of our minds the terms “outreach” and “lost souls” and the thought of eternity and how this applies to the core of this ministry. ASR can be that bridge to so many people all we need to do set the groundwork and allow Jesus Christ to do the rest.

I know there are those that have done events every year for many years and let’s be transparent, some with great results with respect to reaching out to lost souls and some a needed time of fellowship amongst a brethren both. In addition in 2018 there were several chapters for the first time stepped out in faith planned, sponsored and executed an event and the Lord blessed because lost souls were touched.

It’s not how many ASR members we get to an event that makes it successful it’s that one or two riders or lost souls whose hearts are touched maybe for the first time by our witness, that is what makes an event successful. On that note I want to encourage the membership of this ministry to support events of other chapter especially those that might be hosting for the first time as I know we already do.

It’s our job to sow the seeds, that’s all; none of us have ever saved anyone that part of the process is left up to the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition we may never know what seed that we sow at one of our events might affect someone for eternity so be encouraged that even though you don’t see the fruits of your labor right away that you have done the will of Jesus Christ by stepping out, in faith doing the best of your ability to witness to that one lost soul that Jesus Christ has orchestrated for you to be in the right place at the right time !

In order to do that we “all” need to be prepared through training and practical application, this is what this year’s BTSM is all about. True some ASR members are seasoned prayer warriors and some, well maybe your just staring out regardless all of us can use a “refresher course” when it comes to prayer. My experience is in an atmosphere like this the Lord will drop “nuggets” that we could walk away with that will make me that us a better prayer warrior.

We need to make the commitment to be in Myrtle Beach on March 1st let’s start off this year in prayer and supplication to the Lord so we can see lost souls saved and this ministry flourishing doing the work of the Lord. With the help of Bro Hurt I want, for myself, to kick off this year “hitting the ground running” and I feel this is the best way to achieve that.

In closing I want to say that I count it a privilege to service each and every one of you in this capacity, it’s been both a humbling experience and a challenge. Your current board and I have work hard in an attempt to take this ministry to a new level of excellence and that does not happen over night. However we are seeing some fruits not only our labor but the efforts of many within this ministry. Let’s keep up the good work until the Lord comes.

God Bless you all and let’s keep the rubber side down.

Bro Robert Thompson
President, Azusa StreetRiders International

Chaplain Corps Update

Happy New Year ASR Family.

We are excited to announce three new Ladies Chaplains for Azusa StreetRiders who have agreed to take the newly ASR board-mandated* OCA Chaplaincy Course.

The OCA Chaplaincy course is sponsored by UPCI but is available to anyone who desires certification as a workplace chaplain. Please congratulate Charlotte Dawes (ASR Southeast Texas Strong Chapter), Krysta Markahm (Central Alabama ASR) and Carmen Hamby-Brown (Sanctuary of Sikeston, MO). They will be joining the current Ladies Chaplains, Vicky Storey (ASR Northern Kentucky) and I (Diane Beall, ASR Myrtle Beach). Our goal is to have Chaplains capable of ministering one-on-one across the globe via face-to-face, phone and/or video conferencing.

We would also like to thank our Men’s Chaplains that are actively serving ASR.   Rev. Allen Cherry, International ASR Chaplain, Bro Clarence Earp, Central Region 10 (North Texas Chapter),  (Rev. Michael Moore serving West, Region 9 (ASR Sonora, CA), Rev. Rick Perry, Eastern Region 15 (ASR New Haven, CT) Rev. Ed Sears, South Region (ASR Covington,LA) Rev. Justo Savvedra, South Region 7 (ASR Cooper City, FL)  Rev. Joe Jarvis, Midwestern Region 11(ASR, Bloomington, IL)

The roll of a chaplain in ASR is not only to help membership, but also to reach out to those that we come into contact with through our daily lives who are hurting.   Again, Chaplains keep EVERYTHING confidential. 

Chaplains serve at the discretion of the ASR Board for an indefinite time. Each Chaplain undergoes carful vetting and also is approved by their pastor (unless they also serve as an active pastor). Being a Chaplain is an awesome responsibility and individuals must have the “heart” of a Chaplain to truly be effective. We all have giftings but not everyone has the gifting to be a Chaplain. If you believe you are called to be a chaplain, please contact Chaplain Cherry or myself and we can discuss the roll and responsibilities to help you decide if you have this gifting/calling.

*At the 2018 National Rally, the ASR Board agreed that all new Chaplains must have proper training and/or credentials to become a chaplain with ASR.  However, the Board has the right to waive the course requirements on an individual basis depending on the applicant’s qualifications and background.

Abundant Blessings to All for 2019

Diane Beall

ASR Ladies Chaplain

Bind the Strongman 2019

Bind the Strongman
March 1st , 2019

Bind the Strongman prayer meeting. Myrtle Beach, SC March 1st

Everyone is encouraged to make plans to be here for a great move of God. This is our kick off event for 2019.

More Information to follow

Christian Life Center
124 April Gray Lane
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
Church Phone: 843.236.7111

Welcome New Chapters, New Members and a Welcome Back

Hocking Hills, OH Chapter

We have another Chapter in Ohio! The Ashtabula, Ohio chapter is now getting smaller due to the fact that we have now branched off into two new chapters this year. The Minerva, Ohio and now the Hocking Hills, Ohio chapter. We got a chance this month to go down to New Straitsville, Ohio to present patches to the Hocking Hills, Ohio Chapter. We are so excited for both Ohio Chapters as they minister and reach the lost through Azusa StreetRiders ministry.

Presented by: Michael Theodore                                                                                                 National Road Captain

We want to Welcome Pastor Jeremy Carver and the Tri-Cities Chapter members to the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry. These guys have been riding as a group for several years and felt it was time to incorporate themselves into this ministry. They are definitely a great addition to this ministry and I am excited to see what the future holds for these Holy Ghost filled men of God.

Pastor Jeremy Carver
Bro Steve Campbell
Bro Mark Franklin
Bro Laure Jones
Bro Timmy Salyer
Bro Brian Wagers
The Sanctuary Church, Greeneville, TN

Billy Hogg
Brian Hogg
Mountain Life Church, Pound, VA

The NEW Tri-Cities, TN Chapter with a few friends from FAC

Bro Marvin Wallace
Pentecostal Life Church, Montgomery, AL

Azusa StreetRiders Ministry World View

Let’s keep Bro Robert Frizzell in our prayers where he is working on establishing first time ever a new chapter for the Azusa StreetRiders  Ministry in Bangkok, Thailand.
20 million registered motorcycles more than all the cars, trucks and public transport put together.
WOW what A biker’s Sunday we could have there !

Think of the possibilities

I wanted to thank the UPCI Foreign Missions Department  especially Bro Bruce Howell, Bro Tom Harding (who BTW is an ASR memer), Bro Buckman, Bro Picar and many more in assisting the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry in facilitating sending funds to Bro Guzman the Azusa StreetRiders Coordinator for the PhilippInes.
This was done in memory of a great man of God, Bishop Ompad who went to be with the Lord earlier this year and a big supporter of the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry, Philippines.
The Azusa StreetRiders membership voted unanimously at our National Conference to send enough funds to purchase this bike in memory of Bishop Ompad The new motorcycle is to be given to a local “pioneering” pastor for the furtherance  of the Gospel in that region. This was money well spent and may God get the glory.

Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle in memory of Bishop Ompad

Azusa StreetRiders Ministry – Philippines 
Youth Rally
Azusa StreetRiders Philippines promoting this ministry to  apostolic youth simultaneously at two different  UPCI Youth Conventions in November for Section 2 Fishermail Quezon City (Bro Danilo Guzman) & Section 5 Queens Row Cavite City (Bro Dennis Elardo)

Queens Row Cavite City Youth Conference

Fishermail Quezon City Youth Conference Philippines

Cruzin for Christ 2018 Results

I am proud to submit this report from our Atlantic Canadian Chapter:

I’m FINALLY able to announce the results of the 2018 “Cruzin’ for Christ” Motorcycles for Missions Biker Rally. What once was $1000.00 in Canadian Funds (9years ago) now takes $1650.00 (Cdn) per unit. Inflation, monetary exchange rates & requests for more rugged units  to better withstand the conditions in which they’re being operated all add to this extra amount.

For 2018, we’ve provided:
1 motorcycle to Belize – In Memory of Bro Peter Wright
1 motorcycle to Liberia – In memory of Sis Jessie Williams
1 motorcycle to Senegal – in memory of Rev Clinton Mercer
1 motorcycle to Benin – in memory of Sis Vivian Williams
1 motorcycle to Cameroon – in memory of Rev Clinton Mercer
1 motorcycle to Tanzania – in memory of Bro Carvell Hanscom
1motorcycle to Sierra Leone – in memory of Sis Geraldine Hanscom
1 motorcycle to Ghana – in memory of Sis Vivian Johnson

I also have an outstanding support network which helped to contribute to the success of this year’s ride.
“It takes a team to send a motorcycle.”

Dave McLeod / Atlantic Canada Chapter

And if that was not enough I received this information earlier today:

I just finished a conversation with a gentleman who asks if it’s too late to contribute $$$$.00 and add another motorcycle to the 2018 allocation. So the totals should be 9 for 2018 and 47 since we started doing this nine years ago… / Dave



What is our Focus, what is our mission field?

From time to time we need to stop and make a self-examination of the direction were going in. This applies to individuals and I feel especially leadership. For me this occurred after a discussion with a brother who felt “I had lost focus in what ASR is all about” Well I must say I was taken back by the statement and instead of allowing my pride to  lash out I instead took the statement to heart. I certainly did not want to overlook the obvious, did I miss a directional change in this ministry and was unaware? Maybe I miss the mark on what I felt the Lord Jesus Christ put in my heart for direction of this ministry. After gnawing on it for a while. I did the only thing left to do; I took it to Jesus in prayer. I am now thankful there is nothing wrong with examining one’s self on occasion if your true to yourself it can either correct your direction or confirm you have “Stayed the Course”.

After prayer (and a little more gnawing) I feel the Lord confirmed what I had already felt since taking this position. Our main focus is souls and our mission field is everyone. This is not in the ASR bylaws or on any document associated with ASR it’s a direct mandate from Jesus Christ

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 15:15

As Christians Baptized in the Name of Jesus, filled with the Holy Ghost, living an overcoming life we are even more pressed to fulfill this directive to the best of our ability. Brother Luke put it like this.

For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. Like 12:48

Hello that’s you and I. The funny thing is I look at the members of this ministry, many are doing just that. They are giving back, doing all they know and do to reach the lost. So I feel our focus and mission field are evident and we are pursuing  these goals set forth by the word of God.

I have also observed greater awareness for outreach in our events. I see members becoming bolder in their approach in reaching souls one on one. We have had a steady increase in membership. We had record offering for Motorcycle for missionaries. Events now seem to have family, friends and acquaintances, as it should be. Let me say as many of you know, you reach more people through friendship than any other form of outreach available to us.

The blessing for ASR is that Jesus Christ has facilitated us the opportunity to take it a step further by allowing to use something we enjoy doing and using it as a medium to not only be available to reach everyone as directed but to the motorcycle community at large. Have you all not prayed for folks that were not in a leather cut or chaps in a gas station, restaurant or rest stop that noticed your back patch, sure you have that’s the “everyone” I am speaking about. Do we also not reach out to those souls of the biker community from all walks of life under the same circumstance, of course we have. You see our mission field is not limited ONLY to the MC’s of this world we go “way” beyond that, we have a greater mandate and an effective motorcycle ministry to fulfill God’s bidding.

“Iron Sharpeneth iron: so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend” Proverbs 27:17

Fellowship is another aspect of out ministry. Sometimes it’ a blessing just for a chance to get out and ride with brethren of like faith and you know what, there is nothing wrong with that either. This allows us to bind together and allow me to encourage you if this is the case always be ready for an opportunity to be a witness. This is “our” ministry; this is our focus, reach lost souls, this is our mission field along with and of course including all of the biker community. I have tried to express myself that whatever we put our hands to do with respect to an event we do it first to the best of our ability starting with prayer and also with an planned opportunity to reach for the lost. I have seen that happening in event after event that I have attended this year. Some have seen had more fruit than others don’t forget it’s our job to sow the seed no one I know has ever filled anyone with the Holy Ghost other than Jesus Christ

This ministry is not perfect and some things we do (in Leadership) I know rubs some people the wrong way. I get it. You know I don’t try to focus on the negative I like to observe the positive strives that were achieving now. After prayer, after searching my soul to see if we were in fact fulfilling that which Azusa StreetRiders was set out to do I feel that we are working at that mandate Jesus Christ assigned to each and every one of us. Were doing the best we know to do reaching souls with the resources we have. Is there more we could do well yes and those days are coming so press yourselves even the more to figure out what else can we do to be even more effective.


More on the New Disaster Relief Ministry of Azusa StreetRiders

I am posting this on behalf of Sis Amber Holland & Bro Steven Belrose

In 2017, the Texas coast was faced with the worst storm in the last 10 years. As we all prepared for the typical, seasonal hurricane, we soon realized we were way over our head, that we could never be prepared enough for what was going on around us. As we started to prepare for the absolute worst, it rapidly became apparent that this was going to be a devastating hurricane. As the winds blew and the rain squalled, many stayed and withstood the storm. We watched as our homes and property were torn to pieces. It soon became apparent that help was going to be needed on ever corner. it was laid upon the hearts of a few members what we could provide and do in the rescue of countless stranded families. The lord allowed a few of us to come together to aid our fellow man in their time of need. Boats were brought in and countless volunteers worked around the clock to reach stranded families and neighbors to bring them to a safe haven. At the end of our rescue attempts, the idea was tossed into the air about being able to do this as a group in the future. Little did we know, that the idea would be revisited, and would be seriously considered to become reality on a national level.

So now we would like to introduce to our ASR brother and sisters, the approval and full blessing of the national organization of ASR, the Azusa StreetRiders Emergency Response Team!!! We have been given full authority and power to form and organize regional emergency response teams throughout the United States and our other world wide chapters. For now, we are looking for those who want to go above and beyond just riding two wheels. We are looking for those that have the time and energy to be able to reach out beyond our local communities and touch a soul who needs help far beyond their own control. If you have a desire for an outreach ministry far beyond the norm, then this is the team you’re looking for…

Our idea is to set up regional teams throughout the United States to start with. From there, we will be in touch with our overseas chapters to set up coordinators to help set up teams within their areas. We are also looking into training organizations and facilities to help us prepare ourselves better incase certifications are necessary.

All of this is going to take some time to set up and organize. What started out as a whimsical idea and said in jest, has now turned into reality. We are proud to be apart of an organization who would support volunteers that are willing to give of themselves and time to be the angel in the hour of need to those that have been devastated. We hate the idea of any catastrophic event happening to anyone in any area of the world, Whether it be family or business, sinner or saint.

God has called each of us to sometimes bare the load of our brothers. In the Bible, we remember the story of where Cain slew his brother Able. The lord came to Cain and asked,  where is your brother? His reply was, “Am I my brothers keeper?” That story rings true today. Sometimes the load my be to much for one man to carry or try to recover from. That is where the ASR Emergency Response Team will step in and try to help make the load lighter.

Anyone interested finding out more information, please feel free to contact me anytime night or day. You can contact Amber Holland anytime through Facebook, Email, Text or Call.

You can contact me @ (936)465-8477

Email: amberaah@yahoo.com