Goodbye 2022 Goodbye !

2022 is now in our rear mirror and I am for one am already looking forward to another great year in 2023 for the Azusa StreetRiders ministry. Needless to say, it’s been a precarious year for many of and this ministry, some good and some bad however all in all we have been blessed and have been a blessing to so many. In this year we has seen soul saved, baptized in Jesus name for the first time and filled with the Holy Ghost, we have experienced people healed by the power of God and we have prayed for many, many sick and hurting people. We have ministered to those in need, including each other. We do all of this for the glory of God and it’s my prayer moving into this next year that we continue to do so.

We have lost a dear member this year whom was loved by many. Bro Norman (Roadkill) Knight. A long-standing active member of the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry. Bro Norm, you will be missed!

In 2022 we have again broken our own record for Motorcycles for Missionaries fundraising this year with a total offering being $31,625.00. I would like to thank each and every one of our members and supporters that gave so much that so many can be blessed. Only in eternity will we know the effect of what has been done this year by this ministry. I would also like to thank Bro Chuck Austin and Bro Terry Metheny, their respective chapters and all those that supported Motorcycles of Missionaries by purchasing raffle tickets. Between the two drawings they were able to raise $11,460.00. That was a Great Idea guys.  I know that Justin Lehman and Bro Clarence Earp also thank you. Bro Tom Thompson thank you for giving Bro Earp the Harley Softtail, just in case there was anyone unaware Bro Tom actually won the drawing for the Bike and gave Bro Clarence Earp his winnings, very generous act on Bro Tom’s part.

Recipients this year of a motorcycles for missionaries is as follows:

UPCI Global Missions:

Africa Region – $16,650
Zimbabwe – Missionary Mike Long
3 motorcycles needed at $1,600/each = $4,800

South Africa – Missionary Nicky Sisco
3 motorcycles needed at $1,500/each = $4,500

Democratic Republic Of Congo – Missionary Nicky Sisco
2 motorcycles needed at $1,600/each = $4,800

TOGO – Missionary Ken Cantrell
3 motorcycles needed at $850/each = $2,550

Asia Region – $5,500
Golden Triangle (Myanmar)
– These bikes are purchased new in Thailand and brought across the border to Myanmar.
Missionary: Lynden Shalm, Golden Triangle; Supervising Pastor and Main Contact:  G.T. Robert
1 motorcycle needed at $1,700 (Honda 125cc)
2 motorcycles needed at $1,900 each = $3,800 (Honda 150cc) = Total:  $5,500

$23,865 total gift and a love offering of $1,715 for the UPCI Global Missions Department

ALJC World Missions Department

South Africa
Bro Randy Watts – $4,000

Bro Mark Naimy – $2.600

$6,600 total gift plus a love offering of $600 for the ALJC Foreign Missions Department

Our “Bind the Strongman” Prayer Conference is all set for March 3rd and Bro Theodore has done an excellent job promoting our first event of 2023. Let me encourage everyone to be a part of this kickoff event I know for some it may be a long distance to get to one of the “Bind the Strongman’s” posted location that we have. If that’s the case join with others in your local area, set this time aside for prayer perhaps at your local church or in your home. The location doesn’t matter it’s the participation that makes the difference.

Moving forward I just want to say that I would really like to see 2023 to be a banner year for our ministry. There’s no doubt that the Lord is coming soon and all of us need to be about our fathers work and that work is to spread the gospel to every man, woman and child that we come in contact with. I would ask as I have in the past any Azusa StreetRiders event scheduled in 2023 that we build in some kind of an outreach in order to witness to lost souls. They don’t necessarily have to be bikers all they have to be is loss or discouraged. We reach for the lost and always have a kind word of encouragement for those who have little or no hope, this is what were about, this is Azusa StreetRiders Ministry.

In addition, I would like us to look inward to those within and associated with this ministry that need this fellowship, need our words of encouragement and strength that comes when “iron sharpens iron”. I will be transparent there have been times when my discouragement has faded because of a “good word” from a fellow Azusa StreetRider member. A brother or sister that through his/her personal ministry the Lord moved upon just to call me, out of the blue with a word of encouragement and advise, especially this year especially right now. This ministry is unique, our membership is unique and I have had a hard time finding a ministry quite like this anywhere “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people… “Yes let’s reach the lost, encourage the downtrodden but also let’s be a blessing and an encouragement to each other and the Bible teaches that right along with Acts 2:38 Let’s not seek the whole world and lose one of our own …..

In closing I wish to extend a safe and Happy New Years to all of you may the Lord Bless and keep you and yours. Keep the Faith, Stay the Course, look up he’s coming soon!


2023 National Rally – Maryville, TN

I wanted to present a tentative schedule in order to wet your appetite for the 2023 Azusa StreetRiders National Rally held this year at FAC Maryville, TN
Music by none other than our own apostolic recording artist Pastor Mark Condon

Wednesday, August 2nd:

Midweek service followed by food and fellowship in the FAC Pavilion Center at the rear of the church.

Thursday, August 3rd:
“Tail of the Dragon” & “Cherohala Skyway”
Lunch will be served

Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycles for Missionaries service speaker Bro Bruce HowellDinner at the FAC Pavilion Center

Thursday Night Speaker:
Bro Bruce Howell –
UPCI Director of Global Missions & former missionary to El Salvador

  • Thursday’s Ride

Friday, August 5th:
Destination TBA at this time

Lunch will be served

Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry Friday night Evangelistic & Outreach service speaker

Pastor Kenny Carpenter

Dinner in the Pavilion Center

Friday Night  speaker:
Pastor Kenny Carpenter –
ALJC General Superintendent & FAC Pastor  Maryville, TN

Saturday, August 6th:
Azusa StreetRiders annual members meeting
Lunch immediately following
Afternoon ride

Times, hotels, costs and other information to follow.

Welcome Now Members and a Couple of Older Ones

I need to apologize to brother and sister Zerbe from the Solid Rock Worship Center Chapter in Cedar Springs, MI They had a  couple of members  join back in September and for some reason I missed them in our welcoming New Members message so at this time I would like to welcome Bro D. Kevin Willis and Bro Chance Willis to the Azusa StreetRiders from Traverse City Michigan.
Welcome (Old) Members were glad to have you part of the greatest apostolic motorcycle ministry anywhere.

Going forward if anyone has pictures of the patch ceremony or even pictures of our new members please send them and we will do our best to get them posted on the Rumblins.


Welcome New Members for September 2022

I also want to thank all our ASR State coordinators for the great job that they’re doing in facilitating these new members we appreciate your hard work

Bro Phillip & Sis Natasha Farley
Rushville, IN
Pastor Darryl Cooper
Family Worship Center

Bro Mark Gerwig
Bloomington, IN
Pastor Mickey Smith
Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

Bro Joshua & Brandy Mose
Hobart, IN
Pastor Jonathan Barley
First Church

Bro Colton & Sis Macy George
Valparaiso, IN
Pastor David Stovall
The Rock Church

Bro Paul & Sis Rebecca Pullen
Crown Point, IN
The Rock Church
Pastor David Stovell

Bro Joshua & Sis Dubran Stinson
Doyline, LA
Pastor Ryan Dean

Rev Sonya Lewis
Fredericktown , MO
Pastor Joseph Stevens
New Hope Apostolic Ministries

Bro Booker Ramsey
Toledo, OH
Pastor Kris Dillingham
First Apostolic Church

Welcome New Members

Let’s take a moment and WELCOME all our newest members to the Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry.

Correction from August’s Posting

Bro Mario Roguski
Lowell, IN
Apostolics of Lowell
Pastor Lawrence Simnick

Bro William & Sis Ruth Gill
Birimfield. OH
First Apostolic Church of Tallmadge
Pastor Kenneth Bulgrin

Thank You for your Service

I want to take just a moment and thank Pastor Randy Hennigan from Price, Texas and Brother Tom Thompson from New Straitsville Ohio for many  years of service to this ministry. Most people don’t know what it takes to be on this board there are times where we fight like brothers and sisters do and there are other times where all we can do is  cry and hug each others neck. The board is like a family probably like many of your families but at the end of the day we all know who we serve and why we do what we do. For His Glory not ours so again to the both of you Thank You for your sacrifice, time and money that you put towards this ministry, only time will tell on the other side of glory as to what effect all of this will be to the kingdom of God.

Keep The Faith, Stay the Course !


National Road Captain – Applications Now Being Accepted

The Azusa StreetRiders Board is now accepting applications for our National Road Captain. This is an assigned position for a period of at least one year to be renewed or changed next year at our National Rally in Maryville, TN.

Please email your application along with why you feel your the right person for the job to We would hope to have an announcement by October 1st.

Also included for the first time is an outline of what the board is looking for in a Road Caption. This is ONLY an outline so if there are items on this list that you do not feel qualified for please do not be discouraged and send the application anyway.  We only wish to express that going forward these positions assigned by the Board should require some kind of a qualification process.


The following is a “suggested” list of requirements for the National Road Captain and Chapter Road Captain to consider when applying.

> Valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement (If Required within your State).

> Valid motorcycle insurance for the motorcycle you participate with.

> A member of the ASR Ministry for a least 1 year

> Complete a MSF sponsored Advanced Riders Safety Course within one year.

> Complete a Basic First Aid Course within one year. (American Red Cross Preferred)

> Road Captain will operate their motorcycle in a safe manner

> If you observe a ride participant with a motorcycle or is operating a motorcycle that could present a safety hazard to the rider or any ride participant, you will direct that individual to correct his/her equipment and/or behavior immediately.

> Do not challenge the rider of a motorcycle by  yourself; try to contact the an officer of that Chapter or member. If they are not available at least get another rider to help you. They are your witnesses.

> Treat all ride participants with the same respect that you would expect to be treated.


ROAD CAPTAIN REQUIREMENTS The following is a list of requirements that all Road Captains are expected to accomplish throughout the calendar year in order to maintain their status as either as the National Road Captain or Chapter Road Captain for the ASR Ministry.

> Attend in at least 2 or more Chapter rides.

> Attend at least 1/2 of all Road Captain Meetings.

> Attend at least 1/2 of all your local Chapter Meetings.

> Assist in at least 25% of an advertised Pre-rides.

> Assist in at least 50% of Chapter rides requiring a Road Captain support.

> Although it is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged that RC’s mentor/assist the local chapter Road Captain on the rides that require RC support. The intent is to assure that National Road Captain and local Chapter Road Captains have an opportunity to learn good group riding skills.

> Report to local chapter President or presiding board member at each event, at the appointed time.

> Go to your assignment which could include any of the following and possibly some not listed. 1.) Help with set-up of things.

2.) Crowd control.

3.) Traffic control.

4.) Watch for safety issues, both on motorcycles and participants.

5.) Help insure that participants have an enjoyable and positive event

6.) Any other request from the chapter / event coordinator or president to promote a good event

> Stay at your assignment until you are replaced or released from the assignment.






All Hands on Deck

Thank you Bro Harding for providing us with this years recipients for our Motorcycles for Missionary 2022 Offering.
Azusa StreetRiders Members were a little short of our goal for this year but I know we can do it. We have raised so far $11,082.72 for 2022 and we need $27,400 to completely fill the ALL the requests presented to Bro Harding. See below for more details for those motorcycles requested:

Here are the submissions from the UPCI Global Missions Missionaries. These are always vetted through the Regional Director before coming to me. These are the only two regions that responded.

Bro Tom Harding
Azusa StreetRiders International coordinator.
UPCI Global Missions Department, Executive Assistance

Africa Region:
Zimbabwe – Missionary Mike Long
3 motorcycles needed at $1,600/each = $4,800
South Africa – Missionary Nicky Sisco
3 motorcycles needed at $1,500/each = $4,500
Democratic Republic Of Congo – Missionary Nicky Sisco
2 motorcycles needed at $1,600/each = $4,800
TOGO – Missionary Ken Cantrell
3 motorcycles needed at $850/each = $2,550
Asia Region:
Golden Triangle (Myanmar) – These bikes are purchased new in Thailand and brought across the border to Myanmar.
Missionary: Lynden Shalm, Golden Triangle; Supervising Pastor and Main Contact: G.T. Robert
1 motorcycle needed at $1,700 (Honda 125cc)
2 motorcycles needed at $1,900 each = $3,800 (Honda 150cc)

Total: $5,500

For the ALJC Missionary’s are as follows:
Bro Naime – Philippines – $1,500 (We have already sent funds earlier this year for $1,500 he has requested 2x bikes)
Bro Watts – South Africa – $1,750
Bro Grimh – East Africa – $1,800

We need to pull together to make up this deficit by the time our annual business in Warren, OH. I know we can do it!


Keep the Faith and Stay the Course.

Robert Thompson
President Azusa StreetRiders International
The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ

2022 National’s Motorcycle Raffle

Bro Terry Metheny has acquired on behalf of the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry a 2003 Harley Davidson 100th anniversary Fat Boy that has been donated for Motorcycles for Misionary. Just under 5600 miles with a street value of about $6500.
We will be auctioning up to 100 tickets at $100 each. Once they are sold the Raffle will be closed. Any or more information call Bro Terry @ 574-202-0294.