Motorcycle for Missionary Funds Hard At Work

If you can remember the Azusa StreetRiders raised $7,500.00 in out Missionary service Thursday night for Brother Scotty Grihm at our Annual Conference in Nashville, IN. I feel this is a great example of how Jesus takes the little that we give and multiplies it for his kingdom.
Here is an update from the field:

We bought it new for $1,175 and gave him n additional $100.The third bike we purchased went to Pastor Abraham our Regional Leader of the Kaikaluru region of Southern India.

Pastor Abraham coordinates all our conferences and events. He hosts our weekly online Bible School class in Kaikaluru, and he is a great support and encouragement to all our Pastors there. He has converted many trinitarian Pastors there who are now with us.


This 250 cc is a 2019 in like new condition, and we were able to get it for $1,150.


We also bought 2 motorcycles for East Africa that we gave out last in Kenya. (The last one was given at our monthly Pastors meeting today!)
These motorcycles are brand new 100cc TVC’. This is a very popular brand in Kenya.
The first one went to Bishop Rajab Watita. He was a muslim imam. I baptised him last fall. He is our Bishop in the Bungoma region of Western Kenya. He is doing a great work and has baptized several Pastors in Jesus name. I am working very closely with him. He is holding weekly Ministers conferences
and the motorcycle will be a tremendous blessing to him!
The 5th motorcycle was gifted to our Regional Leader Pastor Robert Barasa. He Pastors in Funyula, Kenya. We were able to build a new Church there last year. I don’t have pics yet, but they sent me this video of the dedication and presentation of the bike to Pastor Barasa! Hope you enjoy it

Welcome New Members in Octomer

Pastor Chad Akers
Shelburn, IN
Well of Life Pentecostal Church – Shelburn, IN
Pastor Chad Akers

Sis Jody Akers
Shelburn, IN
Well of Life Pentecostal Church – Shelburn, IN
Pastor Chad Akers

Bro Delbert Hayes & Sis Tina Hayes
Pinch, WV
Clendenin Pentecostal Church – Clendenin, WV
Pastor F.L. Walker

Pastor Bill Monk & Sis Chere’ Monk
Dunbar, WV
Clendenin Pentecostal Church – Clendenin, WV
Pastor Bill Monk

Sis Christina Scott (Wife of Bro David Scott)
Jefferson City, MO
Landmark Church – Jefferson City, MO
Pastor Scott Breedlove



Welcome New Members in September

Pastor Emory & Sis Tami Aldrick
Washington, IN
Victory Community Church – Washington IN
Pastor Emory (Pete) Aldrich

Bro Robert & Sis Angie Foster
Indianapolis, IN
Southwest Apostolic Church – Indianapolis, IN
Pastor James Young

Bro Roger & Sis Wanda White
Charleston, WV
Smithers Church of Jesus Christ – Smithers, WV
Pastor Ronald Price

Sis Kathy Roat
Cannelton, WV
Smithers Church of Jesus Christ – Smithers, WV
Pastor Ronald Price

Bro Hubert & Sis Andrea Harper
Charleston, WV
Smithers Church of Jesus Christ – Smithers, WV
Pastor Ronald Price

Bro John Fouch III
Wayne, WV
Apostolic Life Cathedral – Huntington, WV
Pastor Edwin S Harper

Bro Joe & Sis Casie Blake
Huntington, WV
Apostolic Life Cathedral – Huntington, WV
Pastor Edwin S Harper

This is what our Future Holds

I think we’re in good hands.

We have world changing students at Apostolic Christian Academy, Maryville, TN — Recently, in their Bible class they were asked to write an essay concerning idols in Paul’s day, compared to idols in 2020. Here is one response from an anointed young lady who lives a godly life:

“In the Bible days the people’s idols were shrines, golden images, and gods made out of stone. Today our idols could be our cell phones, tv shows, movies, music, sports, social media, or anything else we put before God. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the moment that we never think about the future. We can get so stirred up in worldly things that we never think about God.

God has called us to be a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and peculiar people!

We can’t let the things of this world overtake our lives. We need to stop worrying about how many followers we have, why he or she doesn’t like me, how many likes I have, and why I can’t play sorts like they can; we need to focus on what God has in store for our life and how we can fulfill the calling he’s placed upon us.

An idol is like an unhealthy food or drink, if you are constantly eating and drinking unhealthy things you are not going to be a very healthy person. When we constantly have idols in our lives it will develop an unhealthy relationship with God. It’s okay to have social media (if you use it in a good way), play sports or watch tv but it does not need to be all we’re concerned about.

Our relationship with God is the most important thing in our life. The Bible says that this world is not our home, we are just passing through. We need to live a life pleasing and acceptable unto the Lord and heading in the right direction. With idols in our way we won’t make it; Our focus needs to be on the path set before us, which is heaven.”
Reagan Stafford
Sophomore, ACA Maryville

2020 National Rally Offering for East Africa & India

It never fails to amaze me how much this membership loves to support Missionaries. In addition this is not determined by any organizational affiliation, ASR supports regardless, all they need to know is there is a need.

This year in our Thursday night Missionary service Bro Grimh preached from his heart and all of us were moved by his message. Bro Grimh didn’t ask for any special offering to be taken up on his behalf all he did was talk about his burden.

When presented with an opportunity to give during an unscheduled special offering the response was overwhelming and God moved on our hearts in that service, everyone stepped up to the plate and sacrificed. We were able to raise $7,200.00 for the work in East Africa.

I had a message from Bro Grimh just the other day who wasted no time getting those motorcycles into the field and in hands of pastors who were ready, willing and able to go out and spread the gospel, all they needed was the means to do so. I would like to share that massage from Bro Grimh:

1. Hey Bro Thompson. Were buying this bike for one of our Pastors in India. He’s Pastoring 4 Churches. It’s a 2018 Royale 350cc. Used but in great shape. They wanted $1450 for it but we talked them down to $1200. It goes for $2500

2. We have another 2018 same model we can get for the same price. Heres a pic of that one

3. Also getting prices from 2 more Bishops to get them each a bike! This is the pic Bishop Watita from Bungoma sent me. This is not a Boxer, it’s a TVS 100cc

4. He is at the shop in Bungoma now. We are buying 2 bikes

The mgr I’m working with. We have bought from him before. He gave us a good discount.

5. Just bought this one!

6. Just transferred the money to buy this one! These are sweet machines. Best motorcycles we have bought yet, and we got them for $1200 each.

7. Thank You for your Vision to see increase to the Kingdom of God! This is a Honda 125 cc. It is $1225 brand new off the showroom floor!

This is one of my Sons in the Gospel in India. He is our Bishop in Rajamundry area. He oversees several Churches there and hosts our weekly Bible School class online. Many new Pastors are coming to the Revelation of True Salvation under his Ministry. He is a very short man, but very well respected. I’m going to buy this motorcycle for him. He will be able to handle it very well!

This is our Bishop in the Rajamundry area. He’ll be getting the white Honda Together we are empowering some Very Good Men of God to Maximize their Effectiveness!!!

Thank you Bro Grimh for the opportunity to be a blessing to you and work you are so committed to.

New Azusa StreetRiders Officers & Area Coordinators

The Azusa StreetRiders board unanimously agreed and appointed the following at this year’s National Rally

Bro Michael Theodore – National Public Relations Coordinator
Bro Mike Markham – National Road Captain
Bro Bill Johnson – NE Area Coordinator
Bro David Scott – MO Area Coordinator
Bro Johnny Carr – East Texas Area Coordinator

The board also wishes to relay that these individuals carry the blessing of the board with them and would ask that all members adhere to authority extended to them in the execution of their offices.

Robert Thompson
President Azusa StreetRiders International
The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ



Rumblings Special Edition – July4th

Were going to be putting out a Special Edition of the Rumblings July 4th with all the pertinent information regarding the 2020 Azusa StreetRiders National Rally. In addition we will be posting the updated By-Laws for the membership review so everyone will have a copy. I would ask you read it so everyone’s prepared on Saturday August 1st for our open discussion on the changes we have proposed.

So Far we have had a good response as far as registration for the rally I would ask please that anyone that has not signed up and is going to please do so.  For many this will be thier first event of the year so let’s make it the biggest rally on record.

Welcome New Members – June 2020

Bro Marty & Sis Sarah Gross
Carrollton, IL
Bethlehem Tabernacle, Greenfield, IL
Pastor William King

Bro David & Sis Danielle High
Huntington, WV
Apostolic Life Center, Huntington, WV
Pastor Edwin Harper

Bro Richard & Sis Coward
Victoria, BC Canada
Cornerstone Church, Victoria, BC Canada
Pastor Jim Shew

Bro Marvin & Sis Cricket Williams
Idaho Falls, ID
Mountainview Christian Center, Idaho Falls, ID
Pastor Christopher Paolini

Bro Jeremy & Sis Clara Cole
Papillion, NE
The Church of Omaha, Omaha, NE
Pastor Myron Powell