As the holiday season is upon us we want to be a blessing to others as the Lord has blessed us. I know we collect our motorcycles for missionaries offering at the National Rally but what if we gave a little bit extra to our missionaries during this time of giving? Think about the blessing it would be to have enough funds to purchase a motorcycle before the National Rally? If every member would donate 10.00 (that’s about the cost of 1 lunch or a couple cups of coffee) we would have a portion of the goal amount of 20,000 for 2020. Here are some pictures of past recipients of our motorcycles.  We are a part of spreading the gospel around the world when we give to support our missionaries as they ride into the back roads and villages that can only be reached by foot or by the motorcycles we donate. Donations can be given by card at or by sending a check to Azusa StreetRiders P.O. Box 188 Warren, OH 44482.
Thank you and may the Lord bless you,
Sis Laureen Theodore
ASR International Treasurer
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Laureen Theodore
Laureen Theodore serves as elected Treasurer of Azusa StreetRiders International.
Laureen Theodore

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