Exciting Summer

Well going to start this out with retirement is Awesome especially being in Azusa Streetriders. This summer for me has not been dull for a moment. Seeing the countryside and traveling for ASR Ministry, Outreaching, Sharing the Good News God’s Word, Shining the light. First trip the month of April Myrtle Beach,S.C. The Pilgrimage riding over the mountains, seeing the ocean, walking the beach. Seeing God move and Antonio get baptized in Jesus Name. Then Month of May : We took a ride to Toledo, Ohio meet up with some new faces and had fellowship.  Month of June Zanesville, Ohio Around 75 bikers drove to Heartbeats handed booties did outreach there. God moved and a baptism took place. People are hungry for truth and being right with Jesus. So Excited for this it gives me Joy unspeakable full of Glory. Hallelujah.Month of July N.E. Indiana New Haven, Indiana Beautiful Church meet more of God’s Chosen People and Awesome food and fellowship and Outreach. August National ASR Rally Maryville, Tennessee. Thank all those who were apart of this Rally and me being voted in for the New Treasurer for ASR.I will say it will be a learning experience for me and I want to thank God for all what Sister Theodore has done in past and for her helping and showing me the in’s and outs for this position. Looking forward in meeting and talking to more people in ASR. While here we did get to ride the tail of the dragon and believe me I said a few prayers going thru it. Wooster Biker Weekend was exciting,Great Ride, Great Fellowship and Food. I love my ASR Family. September Cedar Springs, Michigan and excited to announce we have a chapter now called Mid-Michigan Chapter. ASR Ministry is growing and I’m thankful. Awesome turnout, Great Weather. Then weekend after got the privilege to go to UPCI General Conference in Indapolis, Indiana and got to work the Azusa Streetriders Booth with the founder Brother Fred Beall. We meet alot people and was able to share the Goodness of God . Heard some great testimonies and prayed with people and have several asked about our Ministry. I can say if we do our part God is faithful to do His and His Blessings are overwhelming and overflowing. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more in future for Azusa Streetriders.

Cynthie Zerbe
International Treasure
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Michael Theodore is married to Laureen, and both are devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Michael serves the Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry as both National Road Captain and as Ohio District Coordinator. He is passionate not only about riding, but also using motorcycles as a witnessing tool to affect souls for the Lord Jesus.

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