One Hand On The Throttle, One Hand Held Out

Outreach is not an uncommon word. Many of our churches do outreach. There are community events throughout each year dedicated to reaching the community around them.  Many of our ASR chapters facilitate Biker Weekends, with an outreach oriented goal of purposely making an impact on the souls in their immediate area of influence.

I fell in love with ASR, not because of being able to ride with others of like faith, but because of the unity of the Spirit, and the goal to reach the lost. We are unified in our mission, to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Out of curiosity, I decided to google the definition of outreach. There were 2 definitions found in the search.

  1.  noun; an organization’s involvement with or activity in the community
  2. verb: reach further than

When I read those definitions, something stirred in my spirit. I know that most of our outreach has been the noun version, to get involved with activity in our local community. I am not throwing stones, or trying to criticize the efforts and willingness to serve our communities. It is still needed!

But, as I read the definition of outreach in verb form, I began to understand that there is a shift that needs to take place. We are accustomed to being involved in our community. The church world in general has outreach in noun form down to a science. But, I believe God is calling us beyond what we’re accustomed to. I believe it is time to shift to the verb form of outreach, and begin to reach further!

Further than the world!

Further than addiction!

Further than idolatry!

Further than routine!

Further than our comfort zone!

We are being called to deeper waters, and to reach further than any other program, ministry, or endeavor has ever reached before!


Although riding with both hands on the handlebars is always recommended for safety reasons, there are times when only one hand is on the bars. Whether you are resting the other hand, taking a drink of water, or giving hand signals, there are moments when you have one hand on the throttle, and the other hand free.

However, the hour we live in, and the condition of the world around us, demands that we, as Apostolic bikers, filled with His Spirit, washed in His blood, wearing the Azusa Street Riders back patch, spiritually ride one handed throughout this world. One hand on the throttle, and one hand reaching out into the dismal darkness.

There are countless souls holding out their hand, hoping someone will come by in time, to pull them out of the fire. There are opportunities all around us. God forbid, that we get so focused on being so in tune with the ride, and seeing the scenery, that we roar past the dying souls lying in the gutter of sin and despair. It’s time to reach with everything in you! Lean out, grab a soul, and pull them to safety!

Jeremiah Hayes
Azusa StreetRiders International

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Jeremiah Hayes joined ASR in 2017. He was elected Vice President in 2022, and is currently serving as International President.

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