Come Join Us At

Feb 21 – 23, 2019
First Cathedral Church
Bloomfield, CT

We will be setting up a ASR Booth at this event.

2019 ASR Events

It is that time to copy or print or mark in your calendars our ASR events for 2019
We will be adding to this list as new ASR events come in and are scheduled.

February 21-23:  WinterFire; Bloomfield, Connecticut

March 1-2:  Bind The Strong Man; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

March 14-17: Daytona Beach Bike Week; Daytona, Florida

March 30:  Bike & Car Show, Host is Central Louisiana Chapter; Ball, Louisiana

March 31: Biker Sunday, Host North West Louisiana Chapter and The Pentecostals of Bossier City; Bossier City, Louisiana

May 5: 1st Annual Cortland, New York Biker Sunday and Bike Blessing; Cortland, NY

May 11: 7th Annual Sword Run; Clarksburg, WV

May 25-26: Rolling Thunder; Washington, DC (This will be the last Rolling Thunder)

June 8: Cruise In & Ride; Jacksonville, Illinois

June 9: New Straightsville, Ohio Biker Sunday, Hocking Hills Chapter; New Straightsville, OH

July 7: 10th Annual Biker Sunday in Memory of Michael T. Theodore Jr., Ashtabula Chapter; Jefferson, Ohio

July 31 – August 3: ASR National Rally; Maryville, TN

Sept 11-14: Azusa StreetRiders 2nd Annual Fall Retreat; Galveston, Texas

Sept 21-22: 2nd Annual Biker Sunday; Clendenin, WV

Sept 23-28: UPCI General Conference; Indianapolis, Indiana

Michael Theodore
National Road Captain


Novice Rider Heading For The Highway

How much riding experience should a novice rider have before taking their motorcycle out on the highway?
Interstate, or ”controlled access.” highways present a few challenges to the novice rider. as well as some advantages. The main advantage is that. aside from the entrance and exit ramps, there are no intersections. As a result. there are no oncoming vehicles that may turn left across your path: there are no vehicles on cross streets running stop lights or stop signs; there are no vehicles backing out of driveways or rushing out of parking lots at the last moment. And if there are HOV lanes – which, per federal law, riders can use nationwide even when riding solo-you may find them to be the most lightly traveled lanes on the highway.
However, typical highway speeds and a large number of traffic lanes may be intimidating. Lane changes can be perilous, whether you are the one making them or you are dealing with other vehicles switching lanes Motorists might not use turn signals or look over their shoulders in advance of a change, or might not provide a large space cushion in front of you when they pull in.
Your keen situational awareness and sharp reflexes will be tested. I always tell new riders practice, practice, practice. Yes that means first staying in a parking lot practicing all your maneuvers. This also means higher speeds and braking and practice swerving. This is very important to learn how to control your bike in a parking lot from slow speeds to high speeds. By doing this you will see that everything happens faster on the highways. And now you will have developed skills in learning how to maneuver your bike while scanning and evaluating traffic situations.
On-ramps and off-ramps can present their own challenges. When entering the highway, it is best to accelerate and match the speed of traffic when possible in order to merge properly. Precise shifting skills are very helpful here. Off-ramps will vary in length and radius. Good visual assessment of the ramp plus good judgement in braking and cornering are essential. Riding twisty roads can help develop these skills. With well-honed riding skills and an arsenal of risk-management strategies, you can safely venture onto the interstate highway.
But your first time should not be during rush hour, when you would have to deal with tired, impatient drivers doing their stop-and-go,frequent-lane-change maneuvers. If you are not comfortable maintaining highway speeds, you may present a hazard to other motorists. Consider sticking to surface streets until you have logged in sufficient miles and gained an adequate level of confidence.
As always keep the contact patch between the lines.

Michael Theodore
National Road Captain

2019 ASR Events

We will be adding to this list as new ASR events come in and are scheduled.

Febuary 21-23: WinterFire 2019; Bloomfield, Connecticut

March 1-2: Bind The Strong Man; Myrtle Beach, SC

March 14-17: Daytona Beach Bike Week; Daytona, Florida

May 5: 1st Annual Cortland New York Biker Sunday and Bike Blessing; Cortland, NY

May 11: Sword Run; Clarksburg, WV

May 25-26: Rolling Thunder; Washington, DC (NOTE: This will be the last Rolling Thunder)

June 9: New Straightsville Ohio Biker Sunday, Hocking Hills Chapter; New Straightsville, OH

July 7: 10th Annual Biker Sunday in memory of Michael T. Theodore Jr.; Jefferson, Ohio

July 31 – August 3:  ASR National Rally; Maryville, TN

Sept 23-28: UPCI General Conference; Indiana

Sept 11-14: ASR North Texas Chapter 2nd Annual Fall Retreat; Galveston, TX

Michael Theodore National Road Captain





Winter Fire Febuary 21-23

Feb 21 – 23, 2019
First Cathedral Church
Bloomfield, CT

We will be setting up an ASR Booth at this event.

Michael Theodore National Road Captain

State Watch


The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program, housed within the state Department of Driver Services, has received a grant for more than $84,000 from the Governor’s office of highway safety for efforts to reduce the number of motorcycles fatalities in the state. The GMSP promotes state and national safety initiatives through its outreach coordinator,who researches, and helps maintain a voice at industry events, local schools and colleges, regional meetings, festivals and other public events. The program also regulates motorcycle training for new riders and experienced riders.


The Pierce County Council passed an ordinance in November allowing ATV’s to operate on several roadways to encourage tourism, bring economic benefit to the community and improve recreational opportunities for county residents. The sheriff planned to launch an educational program about the change, which becomes effective on Jan 1, 2019

Michael Theodore National Road Captain

2019 Bind The Strong Man

Happy New Year and Greetings in the name of Jesus: WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP WITH BIND THE STRONG MAN 2019 !!! Everything is in motion for Bind The Strong Man 2019 . Many of you have shared the flyers on social media and I encourage you to continue to do so. Please help keep this event at the top of your page. You never know who will see it and decide to attend. Our church seats about 250 and we’d love to have full capacity for a powerful all – night move of God! Remember the dates and location… Friday nigh t, March 1, 2019 from 8:00 PM until Saturday March 2, 2019 at 7:00 AM. Christian Life Center 124 April Gray Lane Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 I’ve had several inquiries about the name, Bind The Strong Man . It comes from Mark 3:27 where Jesus says, “ No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house. ” Before studying the scripture, I had a misconception about its meaning. As with all scripture, it must be read in context of surrounding scripture to gain understanding… The “strong man” is Satan and the “house” is his domain. The “goods” are what he possesses — in this case, a blind and mute man whom Jesus releases from the power of a demon (Matthew 3:22). Jesus cannot use Sat an’s power to cast out the demon because He needs to bind Satan in order to free the man. This is what we strive for and what we hope to better understand after Bro. Hurt’s teachings at the BTSM 2019! Remember, t he public is invited and each of you is encouraged to attend and bring guests. There is no charge ! We encourage all ASR Members to attend and bring their spouses. Chaplains, BTSM 2019 will be especially helpful to you! If we expect to see changes in our lives and the lives of those for whom we pray , we need to know more about prayer and how to become a true Prayer Warrior ! Fasting sets the foundation for this event! Personally, I will be doing at least a 3 – day (possibly longer) water – only fast the weekend before BTSM 2019. Please join me as there is power in numbers and let me know you ’r e participating so I can pray for you during this time. Towards the middle of February, I’ll be posting more on the two ASR Face book pages (ASR Friends and ASR Members Only) to remind you, but go ahead and mentally prepare for fasting now …it helps! The response for funding help for BTSM 2109 from the ASR membership has been fantastic! Although BTSM is a “nationally sanctioned” ASR event, it is still fully funded by the local chapter of ASR and/or the local church. For this reason and due to the anticipated expenses, we’re asking any ASR member and/or ASR supporter for donations (fully t ax deductible) . 100% of the funds will be used for direct expenses for the event to include, airfare, meals and an honorarium for Bro. Hurt, plus snacks for the all – night event and breakfast Saturday morning for all attendees . If funds are received above t he expenses incurred, the excess funds will go to Motorcycles for Missionaries. Please help… Any donation amount is appreciated ! Please prayerfully consider contributing. The best way to donate is to mail a check to me that’s made out to CLC of Myrtle Beach . Mark on the check for 2019 BTSM . Fred Beall 3501 North Kings Highway, Suite 103 – B Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 PLEASE RESPOND PROMPTLY SO WE CAN GET FUNDING OUT OF THE WAY AND CONCENTRATE ON PLANNING

Fred Beall

Happy New Year 2019

As we go into a new year. Let this be one of the best ASR years. Get involved this is all about souls. This is the year for an out pouring through our outreach. May the Lord truly bless each and everyone of you.

Michael Theodore
National Road Captain

State Watch

The state Senate passed legislation aimed at decreasing driving by imposing up to a $100 fine on offenders in addition to the standard fine established for the moving violation they are cited for. H.B 95 makes distracted driving a secondary offense. Drivers must be pulled over first for a moving violation before they can be cited for the offense. Under the bill,distractions include, but are not limited to,texting,reading,using tablet or smart phone features or applying cosmetics. In lieu of paying the additional fine, offenders may choose to complete a distracted driving safety course.

Motorcycle Ohio, the state’s rider training program, has become part of the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The agency previously was part of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Official’s said the program will continue with “business as usual”.

There is a new bill to allow motorcyclist to ride on the shoulders of the road became law without the signature of the Governor. Who initially vowed to veto it. In Hawaii, a bill that passes the Legislature, but goes unsigned by the governor or is not vetoed becomes law. The state Department of Transportation will determine the areas in which motorcyclist may use the shoulders to navigate around slowed or stopped traffic. The zones designated for shoulder riding must have at least two lanes in each direction and have shoulders that allow safe passing.

New Jersey
S.1400 was introduced which would allow the operator of a motorcycle. motorized bicycle or bicycle to proceed through an intersection on a malfunctioning steady red light if the operator comes to a full and complete stop at the intersection for two complete cycles or for two minutes, whichever is shorter. The rider would then treat the signal as a stop sign.

The state’s Sunset Commission is considering a transfer of the motorcycle safety program from the department of Public Safety to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, saying it is a “more appropriate, non-law-enforcement agency”. The commission “found the motorcycle safety training and driver license programs have not been administered well at DPS.”

Michael Theodore                                                                                                                      National Road Captain


(My Evening Ride)
I saw you standing over by
the highway fence with wires high
waiting for the moment when
you felt it right to jump, and then…
because I had my eye on you
I know you had me sighted too.
So then I slowed as caution wills;
It’s dangerous riding in these hills.
when sun has set and darkness falls
and trees close in like curtained walls.
Then two eyes were shining bright
as lit up by my bike’s headlight.
Though I’m warned, I have no fear
especially of a single deer,
but then I see more eyes appear
and begin to wonder why I’m here
and then they jump and start toward me;
not just one, but two… then three.
I’m nervous now but stay my course
while thinking this just might get worse.
So I crank her open to get past
the first and second, third and last
still several yards before the road
a different story had I slowed.
But now I slow and wipe my brow
I’m down the road and past them now.
One thing’s sure as I think back
remembering that buck and his big rack.
If we’d locked horns as thought we might
I wouldn’t have made it through the night.
Marvin Wallace