First Northern Indiana Biker Week-end

Greetings in Jesus name to our ASR family!

We are honored to have been asked to give a summary of our 1st Annual Biker Sunday for the Northern Indiana Chapter.

We had 16 total bikes attending our Saturday ride, 12 of which traveled from out of town, to make our weekend such a success. We want to thank all that came from the bottom of our heart and say may God richly bless you. To those that reached out to us, that would have liked to have been here but couldn’t, we just want to say you were missed and we pray God blesses you as well.

We had a great time, good food and awesome fellowship. The weather couldn’t have been better for our Saturday ride.

On our way back we made an ice cream stop in South Whitley at Carole’s Corner where we were informed that they were closing but that they would remain open providing us with ice cream and floats. After she served us, she closed the stand and then came out to let us know that although the stand was closed. we were welcome to relax on the property as long as we liked

She then proceeded to tell us the story of her purpose and ministry with the ice cream stand. She always employed young people with the intent of teaching them responsibility, respect of people, hard work ethic, and to be a good person throughout life. After giving herself completely to the business and missing out on all family functions for the last 50 years she had finally felt God was releasing her from her duty and has decided to sell everything, retire and enjoy life for herself. At this time, Bro. Robert (Doc) Thompson asked her if she would allow us to pray with her that God will continue to bless and lead her. She responded that she would like that and appreciate it very much. We would like to give God the glory for providing this opportunity to show what ASR is all about.

We then headed back to the church and returned with a couple of hours to spare during which time the men enjoyed a great time in prayer where God showed up and blessed mightily, instigated and led by Bro Robert Thompson. Followed by a great meal prepared by the ladies and additional fellowship.

Biker Sunday service started with a wonderful move of the Holy Ghost in praise and worship followed by a very difficult message to bring to a church from a visiting minister, however Bro Mike (Grumpy) Markham obeyed the voice of God and delivered it in outstanding fashion feeding our hearts and minds and leaving us with so much to contemplate.

Followed by another great meal topped off with Pie and ice cream!!!

We want to give honor and thanks to all who so generously gave enabling us to not only meet but exceed our goal for Motorcycles for Missions

Last, but not least, we want to thank God for keeping His hand on all our ASR members as they traveled to their homes. We are looking forward to our next time of fellowship with each and everyone wherever it may be.

God Bless!

Northern Indiana Chapter

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