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One of the main goals of this current board and myself personally as president has always been to keep the vision of Bro & Sis Beall for the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry alive and well. In continual discussions with the Beall’s I feel we have met and exceeded their heart’s desire in the direction and where this ministry is today. In order to continue with that thread this past week the board, Bro Markham & Bro Earp met in Price, TX for our annual planning session in order to seek the Lord’s direction for this ministry. Also Thank You Bro Hardin for your unselfish service to our ministry, this man is a great asset to this ministry and I for one am glad he is on our team. We spent many hours discussing a variety of issues in order to bring us, what we hope is to the next level in our ministry for the remainder of this year and going into 2022.

First allow me to say to me it is an honor and a privilege to be a member of the Azusa StreetRiders. This is a ministry and we must hold ourselves to a higher standard because were at the front lines in God’s work. This is NO time to deviate from the mandate God has given us, both as a child of God and as a member of the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry of which both mandates are the same:

“And he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15

 Thankfully I feel we do just that, I have seen this ministry in action and were anointed and effective in the things we put our hands to. Unfortunately I am not satisfied where were at. Don’t take me wrong I am highly pleased in what we have achieved as a ministry and in the direction were heading but it’s weighing on my mind knowing there is so much more we need to do. The fact is the Lord is coming soon and I want to see as many as the Lord would call to make it into heaven. Folks our time is short.

Therefor going forward the board will be presenting to the membership additional suggestions to the bylaws to help streamline the goals we have set forth. In addition we are developing the means to provide better flow of information for area coordinators, Chaplain’s and local chapters, thanks to Bro Joseph. We also are going to tweak the way in which Azusa StreetRiders Ministry promote events. Starting now Azusa StreetRiders chapters have available to them the full extent of our social media presence on what were calling “Sanctioned Events”

To have an “Sanctioned Event” regardless of the agenda were asking for the following:

  1. Coordinate the event details with Bro Theodore who is the Azusa StreetRiders Event Coordinator so he can be attuned to the details and therefor promote the event to it’s full extent and to assure that the information presented is accurate and current.
  2. The most important new aspect to our events is going to be the newly appointed Event Outreach Coordinator, Bro Clarence Earp. Bro Earp will contact each individual hosting a ride to see what he or she has built into the event for outreach. He is there as a tool to be used to assist with any questions or suggestions you might have.
  3. Contact Bro Markham the Azusa StreetRiders Safety Officer to assure that each event has the correct safety protocols, procures & documentation in order to minimum our exposure in the event something ever happens. I think we all can see the reasoning behind this precaution. I know this only becomes important after someone gets hurt, so let’s not be a victim here OK. (If applicable)

Note: If you’re doing a local chapter ride, just some of the guy’s getting together and do not feel this is pertinent to your particular ride or event there is no need to go to this extent. Its there is you need it.

Let me say this and I hope I ruffle a few feathers here to the point we all go down in prayer to seek the face of the Lord as to what he wants out of us. Folk’s it’s not about the ride, the beautiful scenery or the fellowship. It’s about souls and I feel we need to get into the habit to ride less and minister more. To build into each event the intent to set aside time for one purpose reaching souls. Therefor the board asked Bro Earp to work with Bro Theodore and Bro Markham in order to develop this part of our ministry into a driving force.

There are other goals that were working towards and over the next few months with your permission I would like to share them with you. This ministry for me and I know for many, many of y’all is our heartthrob. This ministry keeps many of us tethered to the church, to each other for the opportunity to minister. For me it has made me a better man of God and I pray it has done the same for my brother’s and sisters of the Azusa StreetRiders.

There is no loss of vision here and when this board was entrusted with this responsibility all of us committed ourselves to keep the faith and stay the course, we are unified to the end. The Buck stops at our desk. In completing two days of prayer and intense leadership planning the result is a clear and decisive direction which again is right in line with the goals and aspirations laid down by our founders, Bro & Sis Beall. We all feel the membership expects the best and that is what we have given.

We appreciate your prayers in our endeavor and that has helped us in the decisions we needed to make. At this point we as a ministry are reaching for the next rung in the ladder before us. We are climbing onto higher uncharted ground here. I feel the membership with be pleased in our direction, some of which will be put into effect immediately, some we’ll be discussing over the next couple of months and some presented at our National Rally.

Fear not my brothers and sisters our primary goal as “The Apostolic” motorcycle ministry of Jesus Christ has not changed were here to reach the lost and do our part that the Lord has entrusted to us, to save lost souls, to minister to the sick, to pray for the discouraged and position ourselves so our pastor’s can count on us. Anything other than that, well we’ll become just a “riding club”.

Sorry not on our watch.

Robert Thompson
President Azusa StreetRiders International
The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ

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Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson serves as President of Azusa StreetRiders International, the Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.
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