ASR Ride Waivers & Annual Liability Letter

Greetings in the name that is above every name, Jesus!
I remember seeing a sign at a motorcyle event that read, “It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that matters”. I’ve not forgotten that statement. It absolutely matters how we embark on this spiritual journey. A few journey checkpoints come to mind; we must keep/guard our hearts with all diligence, seek wisdom while on this journey, stay connected with others, and worship Jesus only while on this journey.

Just as imperative, is how we embark upon the physical journey of carrying out the everyday functions of our ASR ministries. We must be responsible in each or our ASR activities. ASR leadership has provided us with two tools to assist us in being responsible. We are introducing the ASR Ride Waiver and the Annual Liability Letter. These forms are intended to increase your chapter/group protection from liability in case of any accident or injury during the ride.

The ASR Ride Waiver is expected to be put into use by all ARS chapters where non ASR members are participating in the ride. Suggested use: Download from the ASR website and print it out, and have all guest riders and passengers sign it before the ride.

The ASR Annual Liability Letter is expected to be signed by ASR members on an annual basis before any riding event takes place with the local chapter. Suggested use: At the beginning of each year, download from the ASR website and print it out, have all ASR members sign the form before any event.

Each Chapter president should ensure the forms are collected and filed for safekeeping.

Please be safe this year as riding weather is fast approaching. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the ASR Board of Directors or myself. Blessings!

Mike Markham

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Mike Markham is a one-God, Jesus-name Apostolic. He serves as National Road Captain for the Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle ministry (appointed in 2020 at the ASR national rally).

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