Culture of Caring

The end of another year is upon us.  Time surely has a way of quickly passing. There is still so much work to be done-so many souls still to be reached.
I am thankful for the ASR ministry and the outlet it provides to reach those that we may have never even encountered in other settings.
so many different types of people- battered, broken, depressed, empty and totally abandoned. But no matter the case, they ALL have one thing in common- they need to know Jesus!   We are here to show them the love and compassion of Christ. People are searching for something, they are hungry in these perilous times we are living. We need to show them a love far more than they have ever felt. Only Jesus can fill their loneliness, emptiness, desperate need in their lives. Let our lights shine in this dark and gloomy world that they can see Jesus through our daily living. We may be the only bible that some ever see.
Let’s unite in prayer for the lost and hurting!
We also need to be in prayer for the upcoming election and our president.
The devil is on a rampage to destroy and we must bind every stronghold

Please join in prayer and fasting for the following needs:

Rev. Mike and Rev. Julie McGhghy
Aimers to Costa Rica


Bro. Fred Bealle -complete healing in body
Bro. Doug Solomon-brain tumor
Baby Rosie Gilbert -still in ICU (parents ASR members in New Haven, CT)
Bro. Tom Thompson-complete healing in body.
Sis.  Lydia Diaz-complete healing in body.
Bro. Delbert Hayes-chemo treatment

Chaplain Carman Hamby


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