Fall Motorcycle Riding

Fall is here crisper air and falling leaves are the telltale signs that summer is over and fall is here. Before you have to worry about snow and ice, you may need to prepare for wet roads and slippery leaves littering your favorite stretch of road.

Riding your motorcycle in autumn means being prepared for fluctuating temperatures and getting caught in the rain now and then.
Make sure you are wearing adaptable gear, such as a riding jacket with a removable liner and a helmet with close able vents, so that you can adjust to the temperature at various times of day. You may want to consider keeping rain gear with you as well.

Fallen leaves can obscure the surface of the road. Be careful when riding over and through leaves, as they may be covering potholes or imperfections in the road, and wet leaves may affect your wheels’ traction.

You’ll also need to keep your eyes out for wildlife, because some animals become more active during the fall as they are migrating or looking for food before the long winter. At this time of year, for example, deer can be particularly active at dawn and dusk — so keep your eyes peeled and use extra caution. So be prepared so you can enjoy your fall time ride and take in some beautiful scenery. This is my favorite time of year to ride.

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Michael Theodore is married to Laureen, and both are devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Michael serves the Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry as both National Road Captain and as Ohio District Coordinator. He is passionate not only about riding, but also using motorcycles as a witnessing tool to affect souls for the Lord Jesus.

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