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What a Wonderful time we had at the 2020 ASR Rally!
The rally was held July 29 through August 1 In beautiful Nashville, Indiana. We appreciate all the hard work and planning that went into this event. We had 40 plus bikes and many vehicles. I know it took much preparation to plan the routes for the rides, restaurants big enough to hold everyone and to work with the local church for our services.
Our first meeting for the Chaplains was held this year and Bro. Mark Hardin did a fantastic job with this very informative meeting. I heard so many words of help and how to be compassionate in ways I hadn’t thought of. How, sometimes, just be there. Sit quietly, doing nothing, just a presence. Sis. Theodore, Bro. Perry and Bro. Hennigan did an amazing job and was very informative!
The Pentecostals of Nashville were AMAZING! They worked with a big smile for all the riders.
Thank you to each of them and to Bro. Dupree for his leadership and involvement!
Wednesday night was a great tent singing with the spirit of God moving all around! What a glorious time of praise and fellowship.
Thursday Night we had Bro Scotty Grimh, Missionary to East Africa. What a blessing he was. I thank God for the money raised to bless him with 6 motorcycles. The service was so powerful and the presence of the lord was mighty! Souls were blessed beyond measure.
Bro Grimh even hung around and joined our ride Friday.
We had a beautiful ride Friday and a delicious lunch served by Sis Bubbly and crew❤️ Friday night service was a blow out! How mighty is our God? Bro. Doughty from Mattoon, Ill did a fantastic job!
We closed out Saturday with the annual business meeting and lunch. It is always so sad to have to say goodbye to everyone. One day, and I don’t believe it will be long, we will never have to leave one another again.
During this week together, you could not only see the love, But feel the unity and love among our Azusa Streetriders. Some of us only see each other once a year, but there is a love between everyone constantly. It is so comforting to know we have brothers and sisters in Christ that carries us in prayer and love.
We sure missed Bro. and Sis. Bealle this year! Our prayers for them continuously!

Rev. Mike and Rev. Julie McGhghy-Aimers to Costa Rica

Rev. mark Markham, Turning Point Fellowship, Clinton, Al.
Rev. Johnny Carr, Apostolic Church of Tatum, Tatum, TX.


Bro. Fred Bealle-complete healing in body
Bro. Tom Thompson-complete healing in body
Sis. Lydia Diaz-complete healing in body
Bro. Delbert Hayes- chemo treatment
Bro. Scott Culver-recovering from finger amputation
Sis. Serena Weber- recovering from Covid-19
Bro. Robert Eades-recovering from Covid-19
Bro. David Pierces’ wife-recovering from Covid19
Bro and Sis Sell-recovering from Covid-19

Jon and Serena Weber’s daughter
Krysta Markham’s father
Joe Endicott’s mother
Lisa Endicott’s mother
Doug Solomon’s father
Anthony Stoney’s father

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