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I received this email today after posting the one from Missionary Mark Namie concerning the sitution in the Philippines . Our Brothers and Sisters are in dyer need of help.

Contact me via  email and I will do whatever I can do to help facilitate your offering and no amount is to small.

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus!
I just want to update about the ASR Philippines..

The Taal Volcano eruption
The volcano erupted again on the afternoon of January 12, 2020, 43 years after the 1977 eruption, many of people reside within the volcano perimeter 12km danger zone lost their home/ livelyhood are affected, churches are destroyed, but by the grace of God no casualties on the ASR members. All ASR memebers contributed to raised fund to buy essentials goods so we can give it to our brethren in need to ease their situation.
UPCPI General conference in Davao.
A group of ASR (pastor & non-Pastor) attended the conference and being tap to help in crown control and assisting VIP personnel, we had a chance to meet & greet the ASR member from Luzon, Visayas, & Mindano for the first time. 4 new member join the ASR 3 are UPC pastor & 1 non pastor. The conference is successfull and we recieved spiritual blessings from the lectures & preachings.

The crisis of the COVID 19 Pandemic.
March 17, 2020, the President of the Philippines announced that the whole NCR will be under the Enhance Community Quarantine due to the rapid spread of the deadly virus, many people was lock down & no one is allowed to go out except to those have quarantine pass given by the Local Gov’t.. only 1 pass per family, schools /office/malls are closed and mass gathering is prohibited including the church services. in the first week of ECQ implementation ASR riders are still allowed to go out, so we are able to distribute relief to our church members who are affected since many of them are no work no pay, but as weeks go by many of the ASR members is now struggling to survive, food from the government are delayed for a week, so I try to help to distribute goods together with bro Bernie Gavero ( ASR Vice Pres)we are now on the 7th week of the lock down and we are now also in the struggilng situation, but still ASR Ph officers are doing our best to help. Please pray for the ASR Phils members & brethren for God’s provision.

Being a 3rd world economy country, 1 month without income will be a struggle.. I believed US and some countries on 1st world economy can still survive in our current situation. Im now appealing to all ASR members world wide under the 1st world economy.. a cent will help to ease the needy – ASR Philippines ..
God bless every one and stay Safe in Jesus name.
In Christ,
Rodante de Guzman
ASR Philippine Coordinator
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