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In 2013 Bro Mark Naimy’s Missionary to the  Philippians was presented with three motorcycles through our Motorcycles for Missionary program to be put to work there to save souls. The bikes we gave them have been instrumental in saving souls. I the opportunity to talk to Bro Naimy the other day and we now have an opportunity being presented to us to save souls in a different way.

I received this from Bro Naimy and felt compelled to reach out to the Azusa StreetRiders members and friends to ask that we do whatever we can to be a blessing to souls in the Philippines. I also know it’s been difficult for many of us over the last six to eight weeks but take what we have been through and multiply it ten fold and imagine what it’s like in a third world country. No offering is to small so all I can ask is do what you can do.

From the pen of Bro Naimy

In recent days, I’ve heard several of my American friends make light-hearted comments about the weight they have gained during the corona virus lockdowns.

While I fully understand and appreciate that struggle, this illustrates one of the big differences between the situation in the United States and that in underdeveloped nations.

Though being out of work has caused inconveniences for everyone, and true hardship for some, most Americans are finding ways to get through this multi-week period without income.  Our government has provided cash assistance. Many people have at least some savings they can tap into.  And in a crunch, most of us can use a credit card to buy groceries.  But, it isn’t that way in many parts of the world outside of the USA.

Most workers in the Philippines earn the equivalent of $5-10 per day, in normal times.  Now, with almost everybody out of work, and government assistance being scarce to non-existant, many people, including some of our members, are going hungry.

If the situation doesn’t improve soon, people will literally begin starving to death.

We have been doing everything we can to get cash assistance to our churches in the Philippines so they can purchase and distribute food to their members and to folks in their communities, but much more is needed.

I realize everyone is feeling “the pinch” right now, but if there ever was a time for sacrificial giving, it is now, when people are in great need.

God bless you for caring!

Philippines for Christ
Missionaries Mark & Debra Naimy
Help us get food to those in need.
Many people in underdeveloped countries are going hungry right now, due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Philippines for Christ has already distributed thousands of dollars worth of food to truly needy people.

Help us reach more!

Watch this short video to learn more.

Donate here.


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