1st Annual Cortland Bike Blessing and Biker Sunday

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Brother Erick Smith, Abundant Life Church
Cortland, NY

Greetings and salutations in Jesus name, I have the blessing of seeing my mistakes that I can and plan on correcting for the 2nd Annual Bike blessing and Biker Sunday. Initially, I had had flyers printed up for outreach the day (they were printed approximately 2 months prior) before to the Bike blessing. I can see the need to have outreach started (ie., door to door canvassing) approximately 5-6 months out. I was successful in obtaining door prizes from our 2 local bike shops. Miller Motorworks and Finger Lake Harley Davidson, as well as ordering some additional door prizes. Overall it was warmly welcomed by those providing door prizes and allowing me to hang flyers in their establishments. Initial plans were outreach the day prior to the event, please folks start your outreach months prior. Contacting media sources would also get the event publicized even better and have more homes and businesses reached. Our very own ASR Road Captain was present and Rev. Joe Rapaglia preached the message on Sunday. Of course, we had Brother Norman Knight show up and is now in the process of becoming a full patch ASR member. My pastor, Pastor Brad Dutcher welcomed the opportunity to be Brother Norman’s pastor. Of course I want to thank Brother and Sister Medley for their supportive presence.

Unfortunately, due to dental work being done 2 days prior to Sunday, I had to miss the 1st Biker Sunday. But I am more encouraged because there will be one more ASR member here in NY. From the reports that Brother Theo gave, it was a very well received event and I am looking forward to even possibly getting my pastor to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation riders course and adding another rider to the NY ASR rolls. In hindsight, next year’s run will start earlier and on time (I think just talking to brothers in the Lord that ride overwhelmed me, since we are just starting). I would like to thank all my ASR brothers and sisters for their prayers of support. Next year if our Lord tarries, I am looking forward to seeing lost souls reached and saved by the word of God. One last item before I close this out is I promise I have no more wisdom teeth left to be pulled, lol. Thank You Lord Jesus for this opportunity to reach out to the lost and fellowship with brother riders.

Brother Erick Smith
Abundant Life Church (UPCI)
Cortland, NY

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