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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ I pray everyone had a blessed holiday with family and friends. Now that we have geared down on 2018 and revving up for 2019 I wanted to take a moment and once again attempt to set the pace for the following year. We have many events going up on the calendar already so allow me to encourage you to register your event as early as you can.

Which brings me to another point I feel it’s the desire of this board, for us as a ministry, to get booths on the ground and do what we can to reach souls. When an ASR chapter hosts an event and has lost souls (riders) not associated with the apostolic message that is the first step to fulfilling the commission handed down to each and everyone of us  by our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to encourage you that when you do plan an event that we keep in the back of our minds the terms “outreach” and “lost souls” and the thought of eternity and how this applies to the core of this ministry. ASR can be that bridge to so many people all we need to do set the groundwork and allow Jesus Christ to do the rest.

I know there are those that have done events every year for many years and let’s be transparent, some with great results with respect to reaching out to lost souls and some a needed time of fellowship amongst a brethren both. In addition in 2018 there were several chapters for the first time stepped out in faith planned, sponsored and executed an event and the Lord blessed because lost souls were touched.

It’s not how many ASR members we get to an event that makes it successful it’s that one or two riders or lost souls whose hearts are touched maybe for the first time by our witness, that is what makes an event successful. On that note I want to encourage the membership of this ministry to support events of other chapter especially those that might be hosting for the first time as I know we already do.

It’s our job to sow the seeds, that’s all; none of us have ever saved anyone that part of the process is left up to the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition we may never know what seed that we sow at one of our events might affect someone for eternity so be encouraged that even though you don’t see the fruits of your labor right away that you have done the will of Jesus Christ by stepping out, in faith doing the best of your ability to witness to that one lost soul that Jesus Christ has orchestrated for you to be in the right place at the right time !

In order to do that we “all” need to be prepared through training and practical application, this is what this year’s BTSM is all about. True some ASR members are seasoned prayer warriors and some, well maybe your just staring out regardless all of us can use a “refresher course” when it comes to prayer. My experience is in an atmosphere like this the Lord will drop “nuggets” that we could walk away with that will make me that us a better prayer warrior.

We need to make the commitment to be in Myrtle Beach on March 1st let’s start off this year in prayer and supplication to the Lord so we can see lost souls saved and this ministry flourishing doing the work of the Lord. With the help of Bro Hurt I want, for myself, to kick off this year “hitting the ground running” and I feel this is the best way to achieve that.

In closing I want to say that I count it a privilege to service each and every one of you in this capacity, it’s been both a humbling experience and a challenge. Your current board and I have work hard in an attempt to take this ministry to a new level of excellence and that does not happen over night. However we are seeing some fruits not only our labor but the efforts of many within this ministry. Let’s keep up the good work until the Lord comes.

God Bless you all and let’s keep the rubber side down.

Bro Robert Thompson
President, Azusa StreetRiders International

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Robert Thompson serves as President of Azusa StreetRiders International, the Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

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