Cruzin for Christ 2018 Results

I am proud to submit this report from our Atlantic Canadian Chapter:

I’m FINALLY able to announce the results of the 2018 “Cruzin’ for Christ” Motorcycles for Missions Biker Rally. What once was $1000.00 in Canadian Funds (9years ago) now takes $1650.00 (Cdn) per unit. Inflation, monetary exchange rates & requests for more rugged units  to better withstand the conditions in which they’re being operated all add to this extra amount.

For 2018, we’ve provided:
1 motorcycle to Belize – In Memory of Bro Peter Wright
1 motorcycle to Liberia – In memory of Sis Jessie Williams
1 motorcycle to Senegal – in memory of Rev Clinton Mercer
1 motorcycle to Benin – in memory of Sis Vivian Williams
1 motorcycle to Cameroon – in memory of Rev Clinton Mercer
1 motorcycle to Tanzania – in memory of Bro Carvell Hanscom
1motorcycle to Sierra Leone – in memory of Sis Geraldine Hanscom
1 motorcycle to Ghana – in memory of Sis Vivian Johnson

I also have an outstanding support network which helped to contribute to the success of this year’s ride.
“It takes a team to send a motorcycle.”

Dave McLeod / Atlantic Canada Chapter

And if that was not enough I received this information earlier today:

I just finished a conversation with a gentleman who asks if it’s too late to contribute $$$$.00 and add another motorcycle to the 2018 allocation. So the totals should be 9 for 2018 and 47 since we started doing this nine years ago… / Dave



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