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Hello my name is Scott E. Culver and I have been nominated for Vice-President for the Azusa Street Riders (ASR) motorcycle ministry.


I retired from the U.S. Navy as Chief Petty Officer after serving for nearly 22 years as a Chief Hospital Corpsman. During my time serving this great Nation, both during times of peace and at war, I learned how to serve the needs of people.  Some of the few notable assignments I experienced included leading medical departments on four nuclear class submarines and a seven state region for the U.S. Marine Corps as Regimental Corpsman providing medical services for deployments of Marines to South West Asia (e.g. Iraq and Afghanistan). While serving on active duty the Lord continued to put the revelation of His Word into my spirit as I began this great journey to apostolic faith.  In this, I became a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) where I experienced the joys of ministering the Gospel while associating with others who ride motorcycles coming from different denominations of Christian faith. After joining CMA and involved with different state chapters, I assumed multiple positions from Road Captain up through chapter Vice President.  When stationed in Norfolk, VA, I was instrumental in establishing a new chapter for CMA in Suffolk, VA which grew to over 30 members during a short three month period before being transferred to Kansas City, MO.


As a first generation apostolic, I received the full revelation of Jesus Christ which led me to be baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. My brother, Rev. A. Lea Culver (G-OH) was instrumental in discipling me and my family teaching Bible studies and other Spiritual conversation.  In 2011, Lea Culver baptized me and my family in the Name of Jesus Christ at Life Church, Pastored by Rev. Stan Gleason (O-MO).   My influence in this great and fantastic apostolic message continues to come from Lea Culver, Pastor Gleason, Pastor Ken Dillingham and others that have faithfully supported me and my family as we became grounded in the church.


Soon after being established in the church I received permission from Pastor Gleason to join ASR where I continued my passion of motorcycle ministry and reaching those that others are unable to reach. Soon after joining ASR I was instrumental in establishing a new chapter (MOKAN Chapter) based out of Life Church in Kansas City, MO which grew to ten members. Since establishing the MOKAN chapter I served as President and later was appointed by the National board as the State Coordinator for Missouri. After receiving the appointment as State Coordinator I led the startup of several new chapters established throughout the Missouri District adding many new members to join this wonderful and successful motorcycle ministry.


My ministry development continues to evolve by teaching bible studies and discipling people to Christ, and with the completion of three semesters at Purpose Institute.



Motorcycle Ministry Positions Held:


CMA Chapter Road Captain (Washington) 1997-2004

CMA Chapter Vice President (Virginia) 2005-2007

ASR Chapter President MOKAN (Missouri) 2014-2017

ASR National Retention Committee 2016 (One year assignment)

ASR National Committee Member 2016-2017

ASR State Coordinator (Missouri)  2015-2017



Motorcycle Ministry Leadership Accomplishments

Christian Motorcycle Association

  • Held key positions including Road Captain and President
  • Established new startup chapters
  • Established new members; over 50
  • Coordinated regional rallies and rides


Azusa Street Riders

  • Held key positions at local Chapter, District and National levels
  • Established new startup chapters, three in Missouri
  • Established new members, up to 30 in Missouri
  • Serves on National Committees
  • Coordinated and led chapter rides


If elected; as a member of the Board I will continue to seek the Lord first and follow the by-laws of ASR when serving with members of the National Committee. I will use my broad experience established in over 22 years of service to the U.S. Navy and our great Nation and years of progressive motorcycle ministry leadership to help guide ASR to new levels of ministry and growth.



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Anthony Storey
Rev. Anthony Storey is a licensed minister with the UPCI and has been a member of the Azusa StreetRiders since 2007. He resides in Pleasureville, Kentucky with his wife, Victoria.
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