Mark Hardin bio

Mark Hardin bio:

It is with great appreciation that I submit this not so short bio for our ASR constituents to consider for the upcoming elections. I’m a country boy at heart and not much for politicking. It shows the growth of this organization that we have multiple candidates capable of carrying on the vision of this ministry.

I’m a third generation Apostolic minister. My grandfather and dad both exampled a love and concern for souls…in both the physical and spiritual needs. My grandpa came out of the world during the prohibition days. He made his own brew back in them hills of southern Indiana and never backed down from a fight. When he came to the Lord, at a brush harbor revival, he fought for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Clarence Hardin left an example of miracles, signs, and wonders for me to believe in.

My dad followed suit by starting or reviving several churches from Indiana to South Dakota, Louisiana to Illinois. No matter the challenge his example taught me to persevere and hold to Truth. He cared for the soul, disregarding race or social status.

I briefly mention these men because it is their combined example that has provided me a heritage of serving others. When I signed up with ASR it was after 2yrs of meeting some of the leadership. I had started several interest based outreach programs, such as “Christian Trail Rides”. If I could get them to ride a horse with me long enough, I could share the Gospel with them. As I heard the heartbeat for souls coming from those I met (and I already rode a bike with a group of neighbors), I was all in. I never dreamt of moving into any further leadership role other than wearing a patch and leading people to Christ by what it represents…this Acts 2 message.

Coming out of High School, I didn’t know what I wanted to be or do, so I had the opportunity to travel with a band called David and the Giants as sound man and roadie. That “gig” led me to Bible College in Houston TX, then came home to a 30yr carrier in the printing industry, with management, sales, and business development experiences. All along, serving in our local church in just about every capacity except pastor. I had a life change in 2010 when the company I worked so hard for was bought out by another and they let our whole sales staff go. I knew the Lord was in it, but it was still a painful separation. I then determined to move more full time into the ministry, which has led to writing a book, “Cultivating a Culture of Caring” and beginning to evangelize when the doors open.

I am a principled individual that finds my strengths in organizational skills. I’m a softer spoken evangelist that believes if the Spirit moves it, nothing will be able to stand in front of it. I’m on a hunt to find the same keys that the Book of Acts Church had with God…not so that we can display power, but that God will speak to and through this earthen vessel to meet the needs of hurting people. If the lame walk, the dumb talk, and the blinded eyes are open then there will be no need for outreach. The lost will be coming to you. One thought I would leave with us…if the ASR Ministry can tap into the same Holy Ghost power that was given to our forefathers, then we can turn this world upside down by the power of the Holy Spirit. One would not need to doubt if he/she has received the Holy Ghost, for once a Holy Ghost filled ASR Member lays hands on them, they shall receive and It will evidence with speaking with other tongues…following closely behind…love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, kindness… It is our lacking that causes many to not receive. I’ve said it many times, “I have not arrived until my shadow heals the sick as it did in the book of Acts!” Wouldn’t it be appropriate that those who have been set free, and feel such freedom when the wind is blowing in our ears, that we would become Apostles of the Gospel to such a degree that we are called upon to bring revival to churches and whole communities…as they did in Acts when folks had not received the Holy Ghost, they called for delegates to come and lay hands on them that they would receive. That, my brothers and sisters is what we are called to do…in the jailhouse to the church house!

I pray that gives you a glimpse of who I am…my heartbeat…my dream for the ASR Ministry going forward. My old pastor told me many times, “Mark, don’t bring a problem if you don’t have a solution to offer. Go pray till God provides some direction and then bring the problem.” I’ve found that to be sound advise, and, it makes me pray before I do anything else.

I would close with this…we have great men and women already in leadership, and we have the same in the various candidates that have been nominated (nominated not running…I believe is the theme, so it makes it hard to commercialize and politic). So, whoever the body votes into any position, you will not hear me moan and groan…I will continue to win souls and grow this great outreach ministry to the best of my ability in the area in which I am contained.

God bless and keep you all…I look forward to seeing all of you in Texas!

Keep The Faith,mark

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Rev. Anthony Storey is a licensed minister with the UPCI and has been a member of the Azusa StreetRiders since 2007. He resides in Pleasureville, Kentucky with his wife, Victoria.

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