prayer and fasting

Praise the Lord!!

we are 5 weeks away from Bind the Strongman all night prayer service.. This year it will be held in Clarksburg WV. March 3rd and 4th. I hope to see many of ya’ll there.

as we get into full swing with events in 2017, I want to challenge you to spend time in prayer. We must be ready to take HIS WORD to individuals that need HIM. we can not do that successfully if we have not taken care of ourselves first. Prayer, Fasting is a must! We all have struggles and when we are in those valleys we must keep on walking with HIM. I would like us all to put some time a side for prayer and fasting this month. prayer for each other, pray for the ASR, pray for the lost and pray for our country..

when we arrive  in Clarksburg for BTSM Prayer service, we will be ready for what God has in stored for us this year.. each year there is an awesome move of God and this year will be know different, so we must prepare.

If you are struggling now, just remember:

If there were 1000 steps between you and God today, I want to assure you, that God would take 999 of them. He leaves it to you to take that 1 step towards HIM.. An old Chinese proverb says that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Will you take it today?


God Bless

Anthony Storey

Azusa StreetRiders

National President

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