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2016 is going to be a very different year for me and the Ashtubla chapter. For years I was blessed to just be able to ride anywhere just about at any given time. Was able to go to any type of event. Just pack up the bike and ride. This year I will be basically stuck in Ohio and just concentrating on Ohio for ASR. I would really like to see someone from Ohio help out and step up this year. I just went back to work in a totally new field started a new career and have no vacation time to use this year. Also my wife and I are taking care of my parents who are 92 & 91 with medical needs. So I will not have the freedom to ride anywhere far. I was really looking forward to meeting and riding to new and different ASR events this year. I gave it a lot of thought whether to stay semi retired or go back to work part time or full time. I sent my resume to our county prison. But the Lord had another plan for me. Some how my resume wound up at my new employment.  North East Ohio Community Alternative Program  (NEOCAP) which is a Community Based Corrections Facility that  provide residential substance abuse treatment and programming. NEOCAP’S MISSION is to provide a viable sentencing option to the Common Pleas Courts of the five member counties here and protect the public safety by providing an intensive, highly structured treatment program in a secure facility. NEOCAP provides an environment where change through learning new behavior can occur to enable residents to return to their communities as productive members of society.
In stead of working with hardcore prisoners. I am working with lesser offense Inmates which we call residents. I know the Lord moved my resume and the hearts of my supervisors. Because this place was not hiring at the time and you have to have a degree in this field or worked in it. Which I have  zero experience in this field or a degree in this field. I intrigued them by scoring extremely high on a test after my first two interviews.They liked that and said We can teach you. You have what it takes and what we need here. I have to take a six program class and six two hour tests which I have to pass on all six test to be certified in this field. I have successfully passed my first one. My second test is this Friday. Please pray that I complete and pass the entire program.
I know this is where I’m supposed to be. The Lord is already opening doors here at my work place praise God. This job will not keep me from missing any church praise God. Just missing out on meeting new ASR members and riding to new events.
Michael Theodore
National Road captain
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Michael Theodore

Michael Theodore

ASR Ohio District Coordinator and National Road Captain at Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry
Michael Theodore is married to Laureen, and both are devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Michael serves the Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry as both National Road Captain and as Ohio District Coordinator. He is passionate not only about riding, but also using motorcycles as a witnessing tool to affect souls for the Lord Jesus.
Michael Theodore

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  1. Often the will of the Lord doesn’t align with what we thought things would be like. Let the Lord use you my friend. ASR is just one facet of the “God envisioned” ministry of Michael Theodore! Being a child of God is all about witnessing and winning souls, whatever way that can be done. Look at me. I only rode a motorcycle a half dozen times in 2015. The year before, I rode a half dozen times a week. This I can say though, I have never felt so in tune with the Spirit. I hope to incorporate more riding into my life and ministry, but the Lord knows what’s best. Like you, I’m going to let him lead me where he will. Be a blessing and be richly blessed my friend.

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