M4M Motorcycle Raffle/Donation

Following the lead of Bro. Terry Metheny and the Northern Indiana Chapter of ASR last year when they successfully raffled a motorcycle to raise funds for our Motorcycles for Missionaries program, the Myrtle Beach Chapter of ASR is raffling a totally refurbished bike this year.

Bro. Howard Ketron (President of MB Chapter) has been refurbishing and/or rebuilding Harley-Davidson motorcycles for many years and has sold over 100 in the process. He’s donating his time on the bike shown in the flyer and tickets are $20.00 each. We’ve already sold quite a few and if you’re interested, I ask that you send a text to me with your name, and how many tickets you’d like. We’ll reserve them awaiting receipt of your payment to made out to Azusa StreetRiders-Myrtle Beach and mailed to:

Fred Beall
3501 N. Kings Hwy., Suite 103-B
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.

Delivery options will be worked out with the winner. Any unsold tickets will be available at the National Rally.

Thank you for your on-going support for the Kingdom and God bless…

Fred Beall

Azusa StreetRiders Philippines


Azusa Street Riders
Victory Report
June 25, 2021
Evangelism and Community Pantry at UPC Jalajala Rizal under Pastor Lito Dela Cruz
At 5 AM, a team of ASR riders took off to Jalajala Rizal for Evangelism & Community Pantry Program. The team is composed of 13 riders and 2 ASR Ladies to support the activity.
The team arrived in the area around 9 in the morning, a safe and smooth travel by the protection of God.
We started at 9:30 AM with 45 adult attendees. The service was led by Bro Bernie G. (ASR VPres.), song number by Sis Lyn G., and testimony by Bro Ely V. (ASR Sec.). The music was also handled by ASR Musicians: drummer – Bro Estaniel S. (ASR Palar), bassist – Bro Gary T. (ASR Ballecer), and Bro Dante in guitar (ASR Sucat). Our preachers are Pastor Romualdo Cabarle of UPC Baras Rizal (ASR Rizal), Pastor Jade Salvaro of UPC Hugo Perez of Trece Cavite, Pastor Dennis Elardo of UPC Langkaan Dasma Cavite, and Evangelist Edwin Villacorte (ASR Makati). They are the powerful and anointed preachers of God.
During the preaching of the Word, the Holy Ghost moved, people were crying and clapping their hands. And as a result, 11 attendees decided to be baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God!! 11 souls added in the Kingdom of God!
After the baptism, we distributed food packs as part of the ASR activity.
At 2:30 PM, the team went back to Manila with our hearts rejoicing in the spirit of God.
Special thanks to the following ASR members who gave their unconditional support for the ministry.
Bro. Jun Fabro
Bro. Jeremiah Lazona
Pastor Jerb Ramos
Bro. Erick Padawang
Sis Yeng Gibas
God Bless you all!
TO GOD BE THE GLORY —                                                                                                           Jeremiah Manimtim Lazona

Omaha Chapter ASR Booth.

Omaha Chapter sets up first conference ASR Booth.

This is Bill Johnson and myself, David Showalter, at the Nebraska E-3 Conference. We received permission from the pastor and district superintendent to set up a Azusa StreetRiders table and to park Bro Johnson’s Harley beside the display. There has been interest and four applications for membership have been handed out. Bro Johnson has done a wonderful job setting it up and manning it, while I have been involved in other areas of the conference. It is the first ASR display ever at any of our district meetings but certainly won’t be the last.

Thank You Brother Johnson and Brother Showalter for your love of this ministry.

1st Michigan Biker Sunday

We are blessed to finally have a Biker Sunday in Michigan. It is May 23-24 in Cedar Springs. Asking as many as can put this on your calendar and help show support for Bro and Sis Zerbe, there is great growth potential in the state of Michigan and your support will be blessed! Thank you in advance!

East Texas Chapter

Like to take the time to welcome the new East Texas Chapter members
Thank you Clearance Erap Texas Coordinator for your hard work.
Welcome Johnny and Esther Carr, Mike And Vickie Powell, Jerald and Donna Varnell, and David Bethel.
Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for the East Texas Chapter in 2020.

Welcome New Members

Azusa StreetRiders Welcomes our newest Members

Bro David & Sis Stacey Doss
Jacksonville, IL
Harvest Temple Church
Rev Archie Beavers,Pastor

Bro Nicholas Helms
Greenback, TN
FAC Maryville
Rev Kenny Carpenter, Pastor
Maryville, TN

Bro Darrin Burkett
Maryville, TN
FAC Maryville
Rev Kenny Carpenter, Pastor
Maryville, TN

Rev David and Sis Heather Stovall
Toledo, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev David Stovall, Pstor
Toledo, IL

Bro Shawn & Sis Tammy Strader
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev David Stovall, Pastor
Toledo, IL

Sis Miranda Womack (Spouse Bro Mike)
Effingham, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev David Stovall, Pastor
Toledo, IL

Bro Sam & Sis Heather Elfakir
Toledo, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev David Stovall, Pastor
Toledo, IL

Bro Gary & Sis Jeri Beasley
Toledo, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev David Stovall, Pastor
Toledo, IL

Bro Greg & Sis Lisa Johnson
Toledo, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev David Stovall, Pastor
Toledo, IL

Bro Kevin & Sis Stephanie Jenkins
Neoga, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev David Stovall, Pastor
Toledo, IL

Bro Amar Elfakir
Toledo, IL
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev David Stovall, Pastor
Toledo, IL

Bro Philip Haston (Spouse Sis Katherine)
Deville, LA
Rev Lonnie Weidner
Ball, LA

Sis Katherine Haston (Spouse Bro Philip)
Deville, LA
Rev Lonnie Weidner
Ball, LA

Welcome These New Chapters to Azusa StreetRiders Ministry

  • Southwest Ohio Chapter
    • Brother Scott Culver – President
    • Todd Brown – Vise President
    • Mike McGhghy – Sec / Trea.
    • Julie McGhghy – Member (National Ladies Chaplin)
  • Larry Walker – Member – Road Captain

Azusa StreetRiders are very please to announce the establishment of the Azusa StreetRiders Philippines International Chapter to be known as from this day forth

  • ASR Philippines

Azusa StreetRiders Ministry would first like to Welcome the ASR Advisors and Pastors of the newly established ASR Philippines Chapter and Thank them for their support:

  • ASR Advisers
    • Bishop Celedonio C. Ompad
    • Rev. Gadiel C. Ompad
    • Rev Lorenzo Reyes
  • Members – Pastors
    • Pastor Romy Villanueva
    • Pastor Medel Zarsuelo
    • Pastor Brentson Bago
    • Pastor Marcos Prieto
  • Azusa Street Riders Philippines Officers
    • Rodante D. de Guzman
      • Chapter President
      • Philippeans Area Coordimator
    • Bernelito C. Gavero – Chapter Vice President
    • Eleazar Villaraza – Secretary
    • Dan Carlo M. Coloma – Treasurer
  • Philippines Chapter Road Crew
    • Danilo L. de Guzman – New Rider Mentor
    • Billie Joel C. Gavero – Sweeper/Marshal
    • Jacob Paniza – Sweeper/Marshal
  • Members
    • Virgilio Escobia
    • Federico L. Padawang
    • Jose G. Labong
    • Jose A. Padernos
    • Emmanuel A. Piedad
    • Erwin C. Bernardo
    • Alvin M. Godito
    • Danmark Joseph C. Labong
    • El John C. Labong
    • Julius C. Labong
    • Aldrin M. Arellano
    • Moises Alcontin
    • Harris Manzo
    • Joel Ampan
    • James Alvin R. Masilang
    • JirahRuire  M. Teja
    • Estaniel C. Soriano
Robert Thompson
President Azusa StreetRiders International
The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ

New Chapters/Members in 2016

Nearing the end of 2016 we need to reflect on our growth and how we are using this ministry to unite with one accord to reach the lost. We need to be available to new members for training and ideas on how to use our motorcycles to witness. If they don’t have a bike but were a biker we need to encourage them to be a part or continue to be a part of ASR by using their vehicles and putting ASR magnets on their doors.  We have had 88 new members sign up this year and I can’t wait to hear how many new souls they have brought to repentance by using the tools of this ministry.  We need to do whatever we can to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ and spread His amazing gospel throughout the world.

This is a list of the new chapters that have started this year:

Tuscarawas (OH) 04/16
Southern (IN) 08/16
Red Springs (NC) 09/16
Northwest (LA) 08/16
Hannibal (MO) 09/16
Evansville (IN) 05/16
Central (OK) 09/16
Cape Girardeau (MO) 01/16
Ball (LA) 05/16

Thank you for having a burden for souls!!!

Rev Lydia Diaz                                                                                                                         Treasurer–Azusa StreetRiders International